"We are living on the brink of the apocalypse, but the world is asleep..."

Joel C. Rosenberg


August 17th, 2016

Seattle, Washington

Key Arena


With James away, Abel can play…I think to myself as I make way through the backstage area. James may or may not like the idea, especially with how things went earlier tonight with that faggot Ace Marshall. I wish James would cut me loose so I could end that piece of shit. I think I hate him much more than James does. But right now, I am on a mission. Looking for someone to set them straight for James’ sake. I have always protected him and that isn’t going to stop anytime soon. And the person I am looking for, likes to open her cunt mouth and talk shit about James.

I am not going to have it.

I walk past a few of the stagehands and they lean against the walls with their eyes down at the ground. I can sense their fear and it brings a smile to my face, but I want to sense the fear of someone else. They are stagehands. My prey is much more than that, though I shouldn’t label her my prey, as I promised James I wouldn’t hurt her. Her…the bitch that led James on and broke his heart. Her, the bitch that pretended to care for James only to avoid him at any and all costs. I take a left then I see her, the bitch known as Amy Chastaine.

I step back into the opposite hallway and peak around the corner. Just seeing her gets my blood boiling. I want to taste her flesh. Seeing her muscular legs and toned arms, I just imagine the fight she’d put up if I were to attack her and have my way with her. It is something I have thought about many, many times. While James isn’t paying attention to her, I am seeing myself following her to her hotel. I see myself keeping my distance, staying within the shadows as she occasionally turns to see if anyone is following her. And right before she gets to her hotel, I race up and grab her before shoving her into an alleyway. I threaten her by pulling out a switchblade, pressing it to her throat. I tell her that if she screams then I will slice her from her pussy to her asshole before carving up her spinal cord. I then see myself forcing her down onto her stomach and I quickly pounce on top of her, keeping the knife at her throat.

In my vision, I see myself as I reach down and slide down her underwear, enjoying it while she struggles, feeling the warmth of her tears as they splash onto my hand. I see myself telling her to stop or I am going to slice her open right here and now. She stops squirming while still crying. I then force myself inside of her, keeping the knife at her throat with one hand and the other hand covering her mouth. I thrust hard and fast, getting more and more turned on by her muffled screams and cries. I keep going until I cum inside of Amy and before I pull out, I tell her that she is nothing but a waste now so I slit her throat. I then climb to my feet and stare down at her while she rolls around, clutching at her throat, trying to keep it together, trying to stop the bleeding. Seeing her struggling as her skin slowly turns lifeless, just as her eyes widen then go blank.

I see the smile on James’ face, as I feel it there now as I watch Amy step back inside of her locker room. I assume she remembered she left the light on. As soon as she takes a step inside, I spring into action, shoving her into the locker room and slamming the door behind me. I then listen for the click as I lock the door as I say, my voice raspy, “Finally…we are…alone…at last…” I hiss, looking at her, as Amy keeps her back to me.

She slowly turns around, backing away at the same time, obviously scared. "What do you want?"

I grin a little bit, “I feel that you’ve been a naughty…little…shit and we need to talk about that. I need you to do something for me first. I need you to admit to being a naughty little shit, trying to stir up trouble for James. Once you do that, we can move forward and figure out some sort of punishment for you. What do you say?”

Amy seems confused, shaking her head. Dumb bitch. "What... what are you talking about, James? I haven't done anything to you." She's still slowly backing away, incrementally increasing the distance between us.

I roll my eyes, “You haven’t done anything wrong to me. That is correct, but James…you’ve wronged him and I hope you don’t think that I’m going to let you get away with it. Telling someone like fucking Ace about me grabbing your arm and threatening you. You said it was James, blaming him for what I did. Now, please…admit that you’ve done this so we can move forward, Amy. Or…I will force you to…” I say, letting out a sigh, “I promised James that I wouldn’t hurt you, but in times like these, sometimes you have to do what is necessary. I am sure James would agree.”

"You're not making any sense... you are James..." Her backward progress is stopped by her legs hitting a bench. She nearly trips over it but catches her balance. It seems being trapped between the bench and me doubled her fear. This pleases me.

I exhale, feeling myself grow agitated, “Oh, child…I am most certainly am not. But I guess it would be appropriate for me to introduce myself then maybe you can admit to your wrong doing as you won’t be talking with a total stranger,” I clear my throat, “The person who has left you a few love letters, that is me. Not James. As he showed you, we have different handwriting. I am the one who has met with you and grabbed you, leaving a little bruise on your arm. James had nothing to do with that. The one who has been going around hurting people such as your dear David Miller and your bff Ace…that’s me. I am James’ anger, his rage, his unrelenting furious desire to cripple people like Ace…you can call me…” I take a bow, before slowly looking up at Amy, “…Abel.”

Comprehension comes over her face, and that fear goes up just a little. "My gods, you are crazy... what do you want with me? I wouldn't have said anything to anybody if you'd just leave me alone…”

Hearing her call me…well James…crazy almost sends me over the edge. I think about how easy it would be to maim her right here and now, but I remind myself of my promise. I step forward a little bit, placing my hands behind my back, “Amy, to call someone crazy without truly knowing a goddamn thing about them…it just seems like high school gossip wouldn’t you agree?” I pause for a moment as if I am waiting for her to reply but, “I couldn't care less if you agree. If being crazy means that someone stands by while others take everything that this someone has worked very hard for then yes. If someone gets led on by a woman he feels connected to, only for her to pursue someone else then yeah maybe James is crazy. But you see, if James is crazy then it is because of the world around him. You stand there and pass judgement when you truly have no idea what you are talking about. People like you…” I say, looking her up and down in disgust, “They deserve to be hurt…”

Amy finds it in herself to get past the fear for a second or two and actually scoff at me. Crossing her arms, she looks angry now. "Are you kidding me? All of this because I wouldn't go on a date? How fucking fragile are you? Him, whatever."

“Oh,” I say, “Getting feisty now, I see. Well, I would like you to know that I enjoy my victims having some fight in them. It makes things a lot more fun. But to answer your question,” I say taking another stop closer, which causes her confidence to fade some, “It is much more than that. You see, James and I wanted you. James wanted to see if there was a true connection and give things a shot. I, on the other hand…I wanted to fuck you and beat you. Just something about you. I think it’d be fun to get my pleasure off of your pain, Amy. James was hurt but he would have let it go and accepted being friends with you. But with me, it just made me want to hurt you plain and simple. You see, the only reason I haven’t hurt you right here and now is because James made me promise not to hurt you. There is a part of him that cares for you still. As it is with that faggot, Ace…you should be counting your lucky stars that James still has a little bit of heart left.”

"You're insane." Amy's trying to cover the fear with more anger, but I know better. She steps sideways along the bench to try to get away from me. "You're lying, he doesn't care about me, you just want me to let my guard down. No. No! Either do something to me or go away, but stop threatening me!" At the end of the bench now, she tries to get around me, but...

I step forward, with just inches between us. I glare at her, “You think I’m threatening you? Far from it. You call me insane again then something will happen to you. That isn’t a threat. It is a goddamn promise, Amy. And if you call James a liar once again, be it here or on fucking Twitter then something will happen to you,” I say, shoving her back. She looks up at me, partly fuming, partly fearful, “Now do I make myself…” I pause, leaning down a bit to where we are almost face to face, “…Clear?”

Turning her head away, the anger gone and the fear back in full force, she can't even look me in the eyes as she nods her understanding. "Yes... clear."

“Good," I say as I lean back, standing up tall and straight with a smirk on my face, “I am going to take that as your willingness to admit that you have in fact, brought harm to James and that you have wronged him. And now that we are at that point, it is time to decide what your punishment should be,” I take a few steps back and begin pacing back and forth in a mocking manner, “If I had my way Amy, I would have my way with you and leave you lying in a pool of your own piss and blood. But as I’ve mentioned before, I made a promise. So in order to keep that promise, you will be punished in another way. Next week, James and I have a match against your boy toy, David Miller. He is going to be hurt, Amy. He will be hurt badly and he will be used as a message to you and what your future could look like if you decide to cross James and I again.”

With one last bit of defiance, Amy actually gives me a smirk, cold though. "Good luck with that. Apparently you're not the only one around here capable of taking someone out."

I let out a chuckle, “That may be true, Amy but just remember that not all of us are dumb enough to get caught, heh-heh…” I then begin to slowly back away, keeping my eyes locked with hers, feeding off of her terror, “You will suffer through others Amy. You brought this upon yourself. Remember that. David will hurt because of what you’ve done. If you decide to run your mouth again, someone else will be hurt because of you. It could be the lovely Bree or even your…precious…children. I’d love to introduce myself to them…” She glares at me, trying to mask the fear with anger, as I grin, “Remember that as well…” I say before opening the door.

As I am stepping outside of the locker room, I hear her shout, “"Leave Bree and my kids alone!" I begin messing with the door again, slowly opening it only to quickly slam it shut, just to toy with Amy further, and then…

I open my eyes with a jolt at the loud banging noise coming from behind. I blink a few more times to get a better sense of where I am. I realize that I am in the backstage area. I turn around to find myself not outside of my locker but that of Amy Chastaine. I try to remember why I’m here but nothing clicks. I then turn and look down the hallway to find Abel turning a corner.

I race after him. It doesn’t take long to reach him and when I do, I quickly find my hands around Abel’s collar, “What did you do, Abel? Did you hurt her? I told you not to hurt her…”

Abel stares back at me, calm as he says, “I did nothing James, now let me go. We can talk about this in your locker room…Don’t want people to think you’re crazier than they already do…do you?” I then let go of him and he adjusts his shirt before walking towards my locker room. I watch as he walks away, trying to overcome the feeling overtaking me.

The feeling of powerlessness…

“What did you do, Abel…” I say as we return to my locker room. I close the door behind me as he turns to face me, “If you didn’t hurt her then tell me what you did.”

He sighs, “James, I did you a favor. That cunt went around telling Ace what was going on. She said that you hurt her. I wanted her to know that you didn’t do a damn thing and that she needed to be punished. I told her that we would punish her by hurting Miller next week. And I said that if she kept her stupid shit up then she’d have to deal with me.”

I take a step back, not sure if I should be pissed off anymore or not. I let out a sigh as well, “You really are trying to protect me, aren’t you?

Abel shrugs, “Yes, James. I always have. You didn’t deserve the hurt the world brought upon you. That is why I took those hits for you when you were growing up. That is why I will take the blame for you against people such as Amy.”

“So,” I start, cracking a grin, “You introduced yourself to her? I kind of wish I was present when that happened. How did that turn out?”

Abel lets out a laugh, “She was shaking. I could see the fear in her eyes. Hell, I could fucking smell it. It was beautiful, James. Pure beauty as its finest.”

I nod my head, “Well as long as you didn’t hurt her like I asked then all is well.”

Abel’s cheeriness fades, “What about Miller? I hope you’re not planning on taking it easy on him, are you? Just because I put the fear of God in Amy…that doesn’t mean we don’t have a reputation to uphold. Miller needs to suffer next week. I hope you understand that.”

I smirk, “I wouldn’t have it any other way, Abel but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that my focus wasn’t elsewhere. I have wanted to destroy Miller ever since I came back to this company, but now that I have that,” I say, glancing over the SCW Championship as it rests on the bench in my locker room. I then return my gaze to Abel, “But now that I have it, I know that there are those who want it just as well. Syren. Ace Marshall. I have Syren in a few weeks. Ace is already trying to get back at me just in case you didn’t see that earlier tonight.”

Abel nods, “I saw and it makes me want to ask…why did you hesitate?”

I look at him curiously, “What do you mean…why did I hesitate?”

Abel stares back at me, his eyes and voice stern, “You know exactly what I mean, James. There’s no reason to play dumb. You were a killer when you faced Ace. Don’t slip and lose this killer instinct we both know that is embedded in you.”

I let out a sigh as I remember when I sat at the announcing table with those hacks as I watched Ace face Syren in the main event of Breakdown. I remember Abel urging to get up and attack both of them. He was urging me to at least go after Syren, to injure her in some way, but I didn’t move for the longest time. I wanted to lean over and sink my teeth into Knots’ throat every single time he tried to talk to me. I was going to make a move at some point, I just didn’t know when. I was waiting for the right moment despite the fact that Abel kept urging, trying to push me. I remember seeing him beside me, yelling at me as he motioned for me to move from my seat and get into the ring. I also remember when I did finally go after Syren, taking out Ace first to let him know that I hadn’t forgotten about him, I knew what I wanted to do. But then as I stood on the top rope, I remember….I scoff now, knowing that Abel is right. I hesitated. I should have just lifted Syren up quickly and leapt off of the top rope but I didn’t. I stopped myself.

I lower my gaze from Abel’s, sensing his disappointment as well as my own, “I don’t know what happened. I don’t know why I hesitated. It’s not like I have feelings for her or anything. We’ve never had any sort of contact other than one or two tag matches we’ve been involved in. Other than that, nothing.”

“So,” Abel begins, “You have no real reason to hurt her. Other than the fact that she wants your championship. The one thing you’ve worked so hard for. The one thing that you nearly killed a man for. If you ask me that is reason enough to want to hurt anyone.”

I nod, taking a seat on the bench, grabbing the SCW Championship and placing it in my lap, “I did want to hurt her but I stopped. I am not sure why, Abel. I am not sure if it is because she’s never wronged me personally or if my mind isn’t into the match that is looming ahead.”

Abel shakes his head, clearly in frustration, “You’re kidding me, right? She’s never wronged you? This is someone you’ve claimed that has held you back, keeping you from what you hold in your hands right now. I know I’ve heard you say it on multiple occasions. Have you forgotten that, James?”

I look down at the title. Abel is right. I worked my ass off to get to the main event. I went through hell in every match I was involved in, fighting tooth and nail. The fact that I am sitting here wondering why I didn’t just finish Syren off frustrates me. She was above me on the totem pole of success for years. I wanted to cripple all of them up there, dancing around in the main event, taking it all for themselves. Thinking about it, I feel myself become angry, ready to walk out of my locker room and go find her, Ace and whoever else is around so I can make up the mistake I made earlier. The thought of going into the parking garage and waiting underneath their vehicles, looking for the opportunity to slice their Achilles’ tendons.

Abel speaks, breaking my concentration, “You’ve not become complacent have you?”

I look at him, letting him see the anger that seems to have returned, the anger that I lost when preparing to take a leap of faith with Syren, “Why would you ask me that?”

“I think you know why I asked you that, James. Like you said, you’re not sure why you stopped, but the fact remains that you stopped. Hell, you stopped with Ace when you could have broken his fucking neck. I told you could do it next time, but I know that didn’t sit well with you then just as it doesn’t sit well with you now. You want to hurt someone. You have that blood thirst. You just don’t know how to quench it,” Abel says, hissing through his smile.

“I do know how to quench it, Abel…” I say, with my voice trailing off as soon as the words exit my mouth.

Abel puts his fangs away, “But you’re afraid to do so?”

“You think I’m complacent. You think I’m afraid. What is it, Abel? Do you not have faith in me anymore? If that’s the case, you can come out and say it,” I shout, climbing to my feet, draping the SCW Championship over my shoulder in the process. I walk over and stare at my reflection in the mirror, seeing the belt. Seeing it causes the feeling of powerlessness that I’ve felt since I found myself outside of Amy’s locker room, to slightly fade.

Abel steps just slightly behind me, staring at the belt as he leans over my shoulder, “You don’t want to lose that, do you?” I say nothing. I just shake my head as he continues, “I am sure you know that you have to be willing to do anything to keep it, James. Are you willing to do anything to keep it?”

I quickly turn, locking eyes with him, “You should know better than to ask me that.”

He puts his hands up in surrender, “James, I am just making sure you’ve not taken your eyes off the prize. Winning that belt was the prize, but there is still so much work to be done.”

“Like what?” I ask.

“You have to be willing to quench that blood thirst. Are you?”

This time there is no hesitation as I fire back, “Yes.”

Abel smirks as he responds, “Show me…”

I close my eyes for a few moments, knowing full and well what Abel means when he says to show him that I want something. To quench my blood thirst, the thirst he and I share, I know that it will result in bodies being broken and battered. Careers possibly ended. Lives shortened as I have done with Ace. As I could have done…should have done…with Syren. With my eyes closed, Abel’s confrontation with Amy begins to play out in my mind, as if Abel is showing me. It makes me feel like I was actually there, in complete control. I hear Amy’s voice and I see her fear. I feel it in my bones now as it continues. Feeling this brings me a sense of joy, just as I am sure it did with Abel. I hear his promise to punish her through hurting David Miller, which is something that I have wanted to do for quite some time. Hurting Miller as well as Syren, I tell myself, will show Abel that I am more than ready to quench our blood thirst. It grows stronger, especially when I am not able to step in between the ropes and inflict pain upon someone. Tonight did nothing but make me, as well as Abel, want more.

The SCW locker room reminds me of home. Home is New York City, a place that I have grown to loathe over the years. There is just something about it that I absolutely despise. I don’t think it boils down to just one thing, but a plethora of things. An abundance of hate if you will. 9/11 brought the city as well as many other cities together, in unison. It takes tragedy to bring this moronic world together. Walking the streets of this city, I wish that there were more planes that crashed, leveling all of these buildings, killing all of these people, crushing those in the streets. I wish Hurricane Sandy flooded the streets and wiped anyone and everyone, anything and everything, out.

Ace and Syren…they have never really liked one another, but it takes someone like me, a violent storm to wreck the lives of those who compete under the SCW banner to come together. They can unify but my presence will still be felt. That is something that they fail to realize. I am here to bring fear and panic, to make them feel pain, to step through those ropes and feel terror running their veins, to have their blood run cold as soon as my music hits. This is what Abel wants. This is what I need, I tell myself.


August 18th, 2016

Seattle, Washington

Rock Box (Night Club) 1AM


After sneaking in with a crowd of highly intoxicated frat boy wannabes, I step into this club called Rock Box, my the hood of my jacket pulled up and sunglasses on, doing my best to keep my face hidden. I walk through the main entrance with Abel walking inside beside me. We take a moment or two to take in the entire landscape. It seems to be a mixture of things. Japanese themed. There is karaoke as I see a few drunk women on the stage, giving it their all, trying their best to have a good time and maintain their balance. I say, “Easy targets…” as I look over at Abel, who glares at them, like me, with disgust as he nods his head.

“That would be easy. Way too easy, James. I think we need something that would be more challenging. That Syren bitch, she is going to be a challenge. You need that. If you need any extra motivation, all you need to do is look at this as an exercise…something to prepare you for your upcoming opponent…” Abel says, as we turn our heads from left to right, continuing to survey the scene.

Clubbers running around, dancing in sunglasses and masks, their smiles, their laughter, their good time…it disgusts me. It gives me the urge to go to my trunk, grab my Uzi before returning and laying waste to everyone I see. It would give American news broadcasts another story to tell and sale in order to get a big boost in ratings. I think this as a smile forms on my face before something catches my attention. I lean forward, my hands gripping the railing leading to the steps before the dance floor, trying to get a closer look. I think I see Ace Marshall and Syren, which causes the urge to grab my Uzi to increase but then I lean back as I realize it isn’t them, which returns my sense of disappointment.

Abel leans forward, “You need to get focused, James.”

I nod, “I know. I just thought I saw Ace and Syren. I was ready to kill them, especially Ace. Syren, I would maim but nothing too serious. I’d rather embarrass her in the ring where it’d hurt her the most.”

Abel replies, “Understandable but tonight, we are going to finally play. We’re going to see what you’re made of, James. Ace and Syren…they should be far from your mind right now. We’re on a mission here.”

I say nothing. I just look out at the crowd. Plenty of drunk people, especially the trio singing some sort of Japanese punk song. They butcher it more than they probably butcher the English language I think to myself as I continue to gauge the club. I see private rooms as well, people coming in and out of them. I tap Abel on the shoulder and he turns to me, before I eye the rooms and motion to head over there. He nods. I tell myself that it is time to meet a new friend.

As I head towards the private room, I see a guy passed out, the side of his face resting in a plate of food, a mask resting beside him. I reach down, taking the mask before slipping it on while placing my sunglasses over the mask, keeping my hood up. I watch as a few girls storm out of one of the private rooms as the DJ starts up some music to make up for the horrible shit that has been blaring through the speakers since I walked in. I watch as the head towards the dance floor, giggling with excitement.

I look over at Abel and say, “Like lambs being led to the slaughter…They just don’t realize it. It’s sad, isn’t it?” I finish speaking, returning my gaze to the girls. Four of them. They form a little circle in the middle of the dance floor, doing their best to move to the music which hasn’t improved at all. It is nothing but noise, which I’d like to contribute to with a spray of bullets as well as a nice addition of bloodshed. Abel speaks, preventing me from entertaining the thought even more, “No, it isn’t sad. These people, this scum…they don’t deserve to live. They want to enjoy themselves without taking a real look at the world around them. They celebrate while others suffer.”

I reply, my voice muffled by the mask, “Don’t I celebrate?”

He shakes his head no, “James you’ve suffered. You’ve earned the right to celebrate. Now go, make them suffer…” I look at him and nod before leaving him on the steps as I enter the dance floor. I walk up to the four girls, trying to pick out which one I want to make suffer more. I am looking for the one that isn’t as drunk because as Abel said, I need a challenge. I edge closer and then I see her, so I insert myself into the middle of their group, locking eyes with her. I can sense their uncertainty but then I let her see my smile before I begin to dance, trying to blend in. It takes a few moments but she finally joins me, rubbing her body against mine. Her friends cheer her on as she grinds her ass against me. I run my hands all over her body which is actually pretty impressive. I can tell that she does what she can to look the way Victoria’s Secret typically tells women how to look. We dance through a few songs before she motions for me to bring my ear closer so I do, “Would you like to come back to our little room over there?” She says, pointing over towards the private room they emerged from. I look over at the room then look back at her and nod my head yes. She then takes me by the hand and leads me away from the dance floor. Once inside, she closes the door behind us and takes a seat, leaning back, laughing.

“Oh man, I am having so much fun. Wooooo….” She shouts.

“I’d say so,” I begin, “Sounds like you’re celebrating.”

“Maybe so. What makes you think that?”

I grin, as I work to be as charming as possible, “Well with your…woooo” I say, chuckling a bit, “It seems like you had a lot on your plate before tonight. Maybe now, not so much. So tell me, am I right or am I right?”

She nods, “You’re right. I just got out a shitty relationship. Biggest waste of time. I can’t believe I wasted five years of my life with some asshole. But now I’m single and ready to mingle.”

“You’re sure you’re not just saying that? I know girls can be assholes too. They play just as much as men do. You just don’t hear about it as often,” I say, trying to hide the humor I find in it. I am seeing Kennedy in some capacity and I am more than likely going to sleep with this girl or at least make out with her before I quench my thirst for blood as Abel has labeled it.

She giggles a bit more, “Oh definitely not. I am good girl. I am totally innocent.”

I grin once more, “Tell it to the judge,” I say before laughing, causing her to laugh as well.

“So what’s your name?” She asks, her laughter dying down.

I shake my head, “I’m not telling you that. I don’t know if you can be trusted. You claim to be innocent but I’ve learned that those who say they are…usually aren’t.”

She rolls her eyes, “Well, you trusted me enough to dance with me, didn’t you?”

I shrug my shoulders, titling my head from side to side, “Okay, you got me. I did trust you but that was because we were in a room full of people. Now that you have me alone, not so much. I should probably get out of here before something bad happens,” I say, jokingly of course as I stand up. She places a hand right above my knee and I look down at her as we lock eyes.

She says, “Stay…” I nod and return to my seat. She inches closer, “Thank you…It’s just nice to be able to talk to someone and have them talk back, keeping the conversation fucking going. I mean, am I right?”

“I’m typically a man of few words. I like to let my actions speak for me,” I say as I press my hand down on hers. This brings a smile to her face, “But I understand. Conversation, human interaction, it is all dying. Social media is the new norm. And it seems society pressures everyone to sign up for a Twitter account or even Facebook. It is all a big joke.”

She nods before leaning over to the table before us, grabbing a bottle of Tequila. She pours herself a shot and offers me one. I decline. I watch as she downs her shot before meeting my gaze, “Fuck society. I just want to live my life and not be pressured to do anything. Like I love being able to go out with my friends and have fun. And if I wanted to, I’d like to make out with some random guy.”

I lean a little closer, keeping my eyes locked with hers, “What’s stopping you?”

She leans closer as well, “Tell me your name.”

I smirk, “Show me yours and I’ll show you mine.”

She smiles, “Meredith…”

“Well, Meredith,” I begin but she leans all the way and kisses me. I kiss her back. The next thing I know she is sitting on my lap. Her hands are groping my chest before they go for my face, trying to remove my mask but I grab them and bring them back down.

And then I hear, “Don’t lose focus, James. Remember why you are here…” I look over and I see Abel standing in the doorway of the private room. He slowly walks over and takes a seat next to me before leaning over and whispering in my ear, “Quench…your…blood…thirst, James…stop stalling…” The words enter my mind and I grab Meredith and push her off of me before climbing to my feet.

Meredith looks up at me, “What the hell is your problem?”

I shake my head, “Sorry, sorry. I just…” I let out a sigh and let my arms dangle at my sides, “I don’t know if I want to be a rebound. That’s all. You’re very beautiful and I find myself strongly attracted to you…that’s why I went up to you on the dance floor, but I just don’t think I can do this.”

“Why not?”

“Yeah why not, James?” I hear Abel ask, almost taunting me and mocking her.

I feel a gleeful energy surge through my body as I respond, taking a cue from Abel and mock Meredith as I say, “It’s because you…you’re a slut. You’re just going to go out and make out with some random guy. You just got out a relationship for crying out loud. You probably would have fucked me if I pulled my dick out. Jesus Christ, you need to have more self-respect than that. Hell, that’s probably why your relationship ended anyways. You’re nothing more than a whore and I’m sure your ex found about it. I am sure he got to the point where he couldn’t handle it anymore.”

Abel gets up from his seat and begins to dance around me, cackling out loud as he cheers me on, “Preach it my son, preach it. Let the truth slip off of your silver tongue you little devil you…”

I drop down to one knee, so that Meredith and I are eye level before I continue to speak, “You see, Meredith…you probably missed out on a great relationship. Now you are destined to be alone for the rest of your life, minus a few one night stands and some throwaway boyfriends. But outside of that, you’ve cursed yourself to end up an old lady with twelve fucking cats running around pissing and shitting everywhere. No one will come see you because they won’t be able to stand the smell and it’d be hard for them to not look at you in complete and utter disgust…” Before I can finish speaking, Meredith reaches up and slaps me across the face, knocking my sunglasses, and almost the mask, off. I readjust the mask, smirking, “Take comfort in this Meredith. The truth was bound to come out sooner or later. And as they say…the truth hurts…” I take a step or two back, staring down at her as it seems to begin soaking in. I drop down and grab my sunglasses, keeping my eyes on her, drinking in her sadness.

Abel walks behind me, “So…” He starts, “When are you going to start beating the shit out of her? Strangle her. Kick her teeth down her fucking throat. Do something. Anything. She hit you for fucks sake. You need to return the favor…” He goes off on a tirade but I do nothing. I just observe as I rise to my feet, never taking my eyes off of Meredith.

“Meredith,” I ask, “Did I hurt you?”

She says nothing. I take a step closer. She doesn’t move as I continue to speak, “I am only telling you what you needed to hear, Meredith. You can hate me for it but so be it. I’ve been hated for a lot less. It is something that I can live with. I don’t know if you can live with the truth however. And if that’s the case then you only have a few options. You could change your ways and actually prove both of us wrong. I don’t see that really happening because like you said, you want to be able to enjoy life. Enjoy it but sooner or later, you won’t be able to enjoy it due to the loneliness and the emptiness you’re going to inevitably feel. You can go that route and just deal with it, or you could do yourself as well as those who care for you…a favor. The broken shell you’ll become will hinder their lives. Why put them…or yourself…through it?”

Meredith responds, not looking at me, “How can you say something like that to someone you don’t even know? How could you be so fucking cold and inhumane?”

I chuckle, “In our brief time together Meredith, I learned all I would ever need to know about you. If being truthful makes me cold then so be it. This world is a dark and cold place. Just as the truth is cold and dark most of the time. It is never what we want, yet it is what we need. I could have done far worse Meredith, but I didn’t. If that makes me inhumane then that is fine. I’d rather be the farthest away from being like you in any way. Not just you but just about everyone.”

“I couldn’t live like that…I’d rather feel something…”

I cut her off, “I do feel something, Meredith. I am not completely numb. I am not some emotionless robot. No I feel and what I feel is disgust.”

She buries her face in her hands, finally beginning to sob. Her sobs are nearly drowned out by the music but when she lifts her head up, I can see the tears on her cheeks, “Why do you feel disgust? Especially to me when we just met? I don’t understand. I’ve never wronged you.”

I lean forward, getting closer to her face, feeling the anger and disgust piling up within, “Because you are weak, Meredith. You are crying now just because I called you a whore and gave you my prediction of your future. I have no idea what will happen to you but you allowed yourself to believe it. You are easily manipulated. Just as I manipulated you into giving me your name. You thought that I was into you when I was far from it. You jumped into my lap just because I seemed to flirt with you. You have no self-respect. I am sure I could have fucked you fairly easy, but that wouldn’t be a challenge and that is why I came here tonight. That is why I selected you out of everyone…”

Meredith looks at me confused, “Selected? Selected me for what? What the fuck do you mean challenge?”

Abel and I share a laugh, “You need to calm down,” I say as I watch her begin to edge her way around the booth, going towards the opposite, placing distance between she and I. It isn’t much as I could lunge at her and have my hands around her throat in no time. I am sure that would make Abel happy and I am sure I’d get pleasure from it as well but I want something more. She stops, her eyes darting from me to the door and back to me, “I’m not going to hurt you, Meredith. I selected you to see what I could do to you mentally. You are easy to break my dear. You will exit this room and you will pretend to have a good time but you will remember this night, especially after you spread your legs for some poor sap only to wake up to an empty side of the bed.”

“I’m not going to be like you say, you fucking asshole.”

I crack a grin, “And there is a chance that you won’t be, but seeing you as the weakling that you are, I highly doubt it. I bet you’ll choose option C and do everyone a favor. I’ll be watching the news on the look out for you…” I say as I back towards the room door, “Goodnight and good luck, Meredith. Choose wisely…”I say before disappearing out of the room and into the crowd. I turn after a few moments to see Meredith talking to one of the bouncers. He begins to motion for a few others to come over and they do. By the time he finishes giving out his orders, I am outside and in a cab, driving far away.


August 19th, 2016

Seattle, Washington

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport


Seated in a booth within the Mountain Room bar, my eyes are glued to the television. It is on the news and I see a news report referring to Meredith. The report states she was found in a private room at the Rock Box and right now, the police are ruling it a suicide as there were no signs of a struggle. Footage is shown of me walking into the room with her and walking out. My face isn’t seen, only the mask and sunglasses, with my hood pulled over my head. It also shows her following me out of the room and talking to the bouncers.

The report goes onto state that it appeared Meredith’s deal was via self mutilation as there was a broken bottle with blood on it lying next to her body. I say nothing, as I take a swig of my beer. Abel looks at the TV as well, before letting out a sigh, “Last night did not go as I envisioned it, James.”

I smirk, “And what is that, Abel? What did you envision?”

He keeps his eyes directed at the TV screen as he replies, “I saw us going out and attacking someone. Actually ending their life. If I were in control I would have followed her to her car or her hotel. Either way, when I got her alone, I would have wrapped my hands around her throat and squeezed until there was nothing left.”

I shrug, “I’m sorry to disappoint you, Abel. But had I done that then I would have to worry about cops. They would be searching for evidence, trying to find a suspect. If I had made a mistake then I would have surely been found and we would be sitting in a jail cell. I wouldn’t be here, watching the news and drinking a beer. Besides, I think what I did last night was much more fulfilling than killing someone.”

Abel leans forward now, turning his head back at me, looking at me with confusion on his face, “And where did you come up with that logic, James?”

I take another swig of beer, “I got inside of Meredith’s head and look what happened. She took it upon herself to end her own life. I didn’t have to lift a damn finger. All I had to do was talk. It cut to her core. It got to her mentally. Just as what I did to Ace…it got to him mentally. Whether he admits it or not, he hasn’t been the same since. Meredith could have gone days trying to get over what I said, but in the end, it broke her down. It broke her down quickly.”

Abel shakes his head, “So what? You bad mouthed her and insulted her. Not everyone breaks that easily, James. You would know that more than most.”

I nod my head in agreement, “Yes but eventually the insults, the taunts…” I say, turning to Abel, “They all got to me and they pushed me beyond my brink. Instead of ending it all like Meredith, I let it push me to better myself. To become stronger up here…” I say, pointing to my head, “I feel free where as Meredith more than likely felt trapped, unable to keep her head above water. I have proven that I can swim with the sharks. I proved it to those in my life be it in the ring or outside of it. Meredith didn’t seem to have it in her.”

Abel leans back, rolling his eyes once more, “So what? Are you just going to talk your victims to death to quench your blood thirst? I don’t know about you but that sounds fucking boring.”

I continue watching as the news report shows paramedics pushing Meredith’s corpse out of the club and into the back of an ambulance. The news report states she was 23 and was a studying to be a psychologist. I chuckle at the mention of this before returning my attention back to Abel, “It may be boring to you but I think I enjoy knowing what sort of effect I can have on people long term.”

“What do you mean,” Abel asks.

“Look at Amy Chastaine. We…well you…have tormented her for awhile now. It has made her fearful and paranoid. Being around me…us…probably triggers something in her. Something from her past. It damages the psyche just a little bit each time. It could cause her to snap. It could cause her to remain paranoid for the rest of her life. Or even Ace. Like I said, I struck a chord in him with that video of his son and I. He went ballistic about it. Brought me so much amusement. Ace is worried about me and what I am capable of. He probably never thought he’d feel that way but he does. It is like he can’t have a thought without me passing through his mind.”

Abel smirks now, shaking his head, “Long term effects…”

I lift my beer up, saluting him, “Yes. That is how I want to hurt people, Abel. I don’t want to become complacent in any aspect of my life. The way I see it, if I start out doing this then I could work my way up to actually hurting some physically, killing them in the process. That way I never get bored.”

Abel nods, “I guess I can see your point, though you have to admit it would have been nice to hunt Meredith down before sending her to meet her maker.”

I shrug, “You could be right, Abel. I don’t know. I got off on watching her shrivel into nothing the more I talked to her. Deep down she knew I was right. She hated me for saying it to her but she hated herself because all that I was said…it was true.”

Silence surrounds us for a moment before Abel and I share a laugh. A few of the bar patrons look over at us, only seeing me. They give me strange looks. I can’t help but love it. Seeing something that is deemed abnormal such as a man laughing for no real reason all of a sudden…it throws them off. It takes them away from their ordinary boring lives where they sit in self-loathing. It turns their world upside down. It happened to me as a boy and I have never been the same since. Now I want the rest of the world to be the same way. They will all think that they are going mad, but as Norman Bates put it…we all go a little mad sometimes…

“So,” Abel speaks, breaking me from my trance, “Who do we go after next? Syren….”

I finish off my beer, “I don’t have to do anything really. I am already in Syren’s head. Others are doing it for me. Katelyn, Amy, and Ace…they are all telling her to watch out for me. I am sure she is playing it cool, pretending that I don’t bother her and that she isn’t afraid of me, but deep down, she knows that she is. I could have ended her career a few nights ago, meaning there would be no championship match between us. Meaning that there would be no more matches period. I would crippled her and her life would no longer have meaning, at least in her eyes.”

“So, you have someone else in mind?” He asks.

I place my beer bottle on the table and nod my head, “Yes I do. I am sure you’ll love it,” I reply before we get up and walk out of the bar, walking in total silence.


"V O I C E S"





I hear voices, Syren. Do you hear them? The voices that I hear are telling me that I am psychotic. They are telling me that I am a bad person. I am the devil. I am pure evil. And do you know what I do when I hear these things? I scoff at them. Because I am a bad person. I could be the devil. What they see as evil in my eyes, I see as my own personal salvation. I feel free. I can’t help but chuckle a little bit, just as I chuckled a little bit after driving Ace Marshall’s body through the barricade at Rise to Greatness. I chuckled as I choked him out in the middle of the ring. I chuckled to myself as I picked you up a few weeks ago and proceeded to do the same to you. Maybe chuckling over hurting others does make me psychotic. If so, I will wear that as a badge of honor, heh…

You heard voices as well. The words that came from Ace, Katelyn, and even Amy. They all warned you about me. But did you truly listen to them? You think that Reagan Helms and I are in the same league? Oh no. She has been nothing more than a spoiled brat who is throwing a temper tantrum because she can’t have her way. I know Ace told you that I was dangerous. Amy and Katelyn told you to watch your back. And they are right, Syren. You should watch yourself, because they spouted the spoken word of truth.

I am dangerous.

Not dangerous like your ex, David Helms. It is no gimmick. It is no nickname. It is truth. Ask him if you need to. I hurt him many times in the past. Not dangerous like Rachel Tatum or Daisy Lee. I wasn’t brainwashed. The man you see before you, the violence you see left in my wake, the wrath in my eyes…it had nothing to do with someone putting that idea in my head. It all comes from me, flows through me, lives within…ME!!! If there is one voice you need to listen to, Syren…it is mine.

Because I have heard your voice, as well as the voice of the suits in the back, the commentators up front, as well as the fans in the stands. They say that I should fear you. You’ve been World Champion twice. You’re one of the longest reigning Women’s and Tag Team Champion in this company’s decade plus history. I know of your accolades. I know you have faced the best and you have beaten the best.

I know about you, Syren. And maybe I should be afraid. Maybe I should be nervous. You have earned your place as one of the all time greats that this company, that this industry will ever see. Just knowing that should send me home so I can grab the SCW title and clutch it real tight like a Teddy Bear, while whispering to myself that everything will be alright. I will be honest with you, Syren. I would have done that a few years ago, when I was weak minded and still trying to find my place, still working to stand on my own two feet, when it was me against this whole damn industry. My back was always against the wall and while I would fight, I would have a hard time getting momentum on my side.

The voices holding me down back then are the same voices that tell me that Ace Marshall should have won. Even Ace himself said that I was too weak to finish the job. Hmmm…I find it funny that many people think that. They call me barbaric, but in the same breath they all state that I got lucky. Well, you see, that is where I beg to differ. Ace was lucky that he was able to take another breath after I left what was left of him in the ring. And you may think you’re lucky, Syren. Your fans are using their voice, stating that they are thrilled you are getting this opportunity, but deep down, they know just as you know, that this match could very well be…your last.


Like I said, this industry put my back against the wall and it beat me down like I was some sort of slave, beat me down like I was nothing more than some bum in the street, leaving me to die. But this industry made the same choice that I made when I faced Ace Marshall. This industry let me live. The only difference is that this industry figured I’d go home and cry like Reagan Helms seems to do when she can’t get the job done. I want Ace to be healthy so he can have another crack at me and that is when I will finish what I started.

Just as I aim to finish what I started a few weeks ago with you. Ace and Rayvn…they were there to stop me when I went to draw first blood, Syren. Next time, if they show their faces, they won’t be able to stop me because my back is no longer against the wall.

Because I have this…

The SCW World Heavyweight Championship…

With it, I feel power. I feel the strength. This belt and I…we are now one. I have grabbed hold of my destiny, by shaking this industry down to its very core. By grabbing hold of the flame, the foundations began to crack and split. Since I demolished Ace and captured this belt, nothing has been the same. This industry, this company, and even me…everything has changed. I no longer let the voices bother me. I know I am not the ideal champion. But I fulfilled my destiny in spite of those voices, Syren. Just as I will continue to fulfill it by vanquishing you.

As I said, a few years ago, if we were in this same predicament, I would have been shaking like a leaf, counting down the days until all of this, my reign as World Champion was over. I wouldn’t have backed down from the fight, but I would have been afraid the entire time, sweating bullets knowing that sooner or later, it would all be taken away. But you see, I do not fear you, Syren. Look at my hands…

…They’re steady…

…They do not shake…

I stand solid, on my own two feet, above this industry, knowing what I will be standing up against at Apocalypse. I will be going toe to toe with the Best Female Wrestler in the World. My championship will be on the line, my reign will be at stake as I take on one of the very best this industry has ever produced. Oh no, that doesn’t make me nervous. Knowing your accomplishments and your accolades, no that doesn’t make me “totally” jealous. That just lets me know what I have to do in order to defeat you, Syren.

I am not here to respect you. I am here to hurt you.

I hope you know that. This is going to be the fight of YOUR life. Your life, your career, will be on the line. Your loved ones will be worried sick for your well-being. Those new friends you’ve made recently because they fear for your safety, knowing you will be placed in the ring against ME...and your fan base, they will be on the edge of their seats, biting their nails, hoping that you make it through, not only with your health stable and your life intact. Those new friends, your loved ones, they will be ready to move. They will be ready to come out and distract me, to stop me from hurting you and walking out with this championship. I am coming to Apocalypse, to take away the burden you have become. A burden on your loved ones. A burden on Ace, Katelyn, and Amy. They worry for you but it hinders them. They want this to be all over. I will take your fan base, Syren as they will see that I am the best wrestler in the world and the world…I hold it in the palm of my hand right now.

I’m not ready to let it go.

So in order to keep it, to maintain my grasp, I will take you out. I'll cut your oh so soft skin on your face and watch blood pour from it. I will stomp onto your plastic chest until the ring is littered with the remnants of a silicone bombshell. I am going to stalk you, taking my time with you, as we have our war within the ring. I know it will be a war because of how good you are. You are a threat and that is why I will not pull any punches. That is why I am not going to give you time to breathe. You are going to be fighting for survival, Syren. I hope you understand that. It is not a line for you to use in order to gain sympathy points. It is fact.

Just because I won this title, it doesn’t mean that my hunger has died down. I want the flesh of you and the rest of the main event scene that has danced above me for so very long. I will feast upon you, Syren. I will devour you and your soul. You can run and you can hide, but I will find you. I will hunt you down until the ends of the Earth because that is how important holding this championship means to me, how much it has always meant to me.

So listen to those voices.

Listen to mine.

And then at Apocalypse, you can use your voice to utter the words…”No more…”

And then I will end your misery with my victory.