August 19th, 2015 Royal Farms Arena Baltimore, Maryland

That’s it, Merrick look at them. Go ahead, you fucking moron! That is it…do what I want you to do my little puppet. Oh, oh, oh…swing and a miss….those little fuckers come in handy. I mean, I am paying them to do my bidding. I have to say that I am proud of them for actually following through with my plan. Okay, Merrick…look at me…LOOK AT ME!!! There ya go, you fucking piece of goddamn garbage. Gotta get in position, eyes locked on target, ready, aim, FIRE!!! Boom and the sound of the bell ringing is music to my ears. Did I lose another match? Yeah, sure. Wins, losses, fuck it. That has slowly become my motto especially when I’m able to make the winner look like a loser. Merrick drops down before me and my entourage, my henchmen as the commentating so uncreatively calls them slide into the ring and begin to beat the ever loving dog shit out of Merrick, tearing him apart like starving dogs fighting over scraps. But even dogs have a leader, the alpha male and that is me. I want the biggest piece. I want to get the best shot in, so I dive in on the fun, joining in on the attack, landing a few hard shots to the face. I glance at the entrance ramp using my peripheral vision to see if HE is coming yet or not. He isn’t, so I encourage my boys to continue the beating.

I get some more shots in, lefts and rights. I curse Merrick and I laugh in his face. I laugh so hard that some saliva shoots from my mouth onto his face. I want him to know exactly what I think of him. I want him to know that I cannot stand him, that I hate him almost as much as I hate Oleska Drachewych and Tommy Valentine. The crowd continues to boo and the bell continues to ring, like that shit is going to stop me. I mean, really? I never understood why the bell rings when someone is getting the hell beat of him by a gang of motherfuckers sick of his shit, so as in this situation unfolding before the viewing public. The referees never really have control and that is something I have always noticed. It makes little moments like this amusing as fuck to me. I motion for my “henchmen” to move out of the way as I slowly climb to my feet, lifting Merrick up every inch of the way when all of a sudden I hear the crowd beginning to roar. I know what it means. HE is on HIS way. I move Merrick’s head to the side and I see him racing down the ramp. The big hero, Tommy Valentine is coming to save the day. I see he brought some pipe with him. Oh the amusement!!! I tell myself that I can stand here and fight with him now, on his terms or I can wait it out and fight him on mine. Tommy gets closer and I choose option B, sliding out of the ring.

Tommy and I have a bit of a stare down, with the tension building between us. I like it. I enjoy it. WHAT A RUSH!!! The crowd boos me somewhat as I back away, leaving one of my “henchmen” in the trenches, but oh well. He didn’t have to stay behind. He will get over it and lick his wounds later. I shout some words, spewing them in Tommy’s direction, letting him know that his ass is mine; that he isn’t going to ruin anything for me. And those statements are true on both accounts. Tommy and I will find ourselves in the middle of the ring, one on one sooner or later and I am going to kick his ass. And he hasn’t ruined anything for me. Sure, he won at Rise to Greatness, pinning me, one, two, and three. Congrats! But he didn’t shut me up like he promised. It happens to those heroes of the SCW. They say they are going to put us bad guys down and shut us up for good, showcasing their manly muscles and speaking in their deep voices, but it is all cartoon shit. Tommy will realize it before this is all said and done.

I make my way to the back, earning the eyes and ire of several other SCW superstars who I don’t give a fuck about, just like I don’t give a fuck about the SCW crew members staring at me, shaking their heads. They wish they could do what I do, getting paid what I do. They wish they were me, but they know that it’ll never happen. I enter my locker room, with my “henchmen”, carrying our fallen soldier. Once inside, I close and lock the door. I am not being cowardly like I am sure many would assume. No, I am being smart. I wouldn’t put it past Merrick to break into my locker room to try and start shit that he will inevitably not be able to finish. I then sit down and I clasp my hands together, telling myself that I am not going to do anything else but wait. I won’t be attacking Tommy or Merrick, or anyone else for that matter. I opened the show. I made my impact. I did what I set out to do. Now, all I need to do is wait, because I am going to do some talking. I wait and I listen to the show, ignoring most of it because it is all pointless bullshit that doesn’t concern me. Once I discover that the show is off-air, I continue to wait. I want to make sure the rest of the locker room is cleared out and out of the arena, along with the crew members, before I make my move.

Once I begin to move, I move quickly, walking alone, before I reach my destination. I see the name on the door:

“O. Drachewych”

I stand here, smirking as my mind conjures up all of the things that I want to do to the old gimp. I see myself beating him with his cane before shoving it up his rectum. I see me planting him on the mat with various wrestling moves. I see me placing him in a submission and I imagine the sound of him screaming in agony and begging me to stop. It gives me a tingly feeling, like a lightning bolt just struck the tip of my dick. I shake it all off before grabbing a hold of the door handle, twisting it and pushing the door open. No sooner than I step one foot inside of the room, I am being escorted right back out. I begin struggling, trying fight against the boss man’s security team, but my struggles are of no avail and then I hear him speak,”Please tell me that you honestly didn’t think that you, especially you, could just walk into my office like we were best pals. I would hope that you aren’t that dense, James. But then again, I have been wrong before. When I have to deal with assholes like you, who make threats on my life, I make sure to keep security around, even after the rest of the locker room is long gone.”

I have to admit that I can’t blame the old fuck. I really dislike him and if you know me, or knew me before, you would make no mistake in thinking that I care or cared for Oleska Drachewych. I wouldn’t piss on fire to put him out because yeah…fuck him. I know that I am not going to get anywhere fighting with the security guys who are probably on more steroids than half of the SCW roster, especially the females. I mean, how else would they be able to beat men who aren’t pussies like David Helms or Tommy Valentine? Think about it. I decide to use my words, hoping that my words will intrigue the man I claim to have lost his creative edge,”I am not here to hurt you in any way, shape, or form old man. I’m here to talk about making you some money. I am here to talk business. I want to talk about having a match with Merrick Wiseman. So what do ya say? Can we have a chat or are you going to have your dogs dry hump my legs in the hallway?”

There is a pause in the conversation, which instantly tells me that the O man is intrigued by it at least. I tell myself that is indeed good. I want Olek to love this idea, because if he books it, then it means I will be able to beat the shit out of Merrick Wiseman and end our little feud once and for all, so I can focus on Tommy Valentine. I want to put all of my focus and attention on Tommy Boy, because I am going to end things once and for all between he and I. I am going to erase any doubt that he is the better man. A few more moments pass until the boss man finally responds,”You can come in James, but my security team will be in the room as well. Just because you say you don’t want to cause me harm now doesn’t mean I trust you. I know that there is no love lost between you and I, so come in, sit down, say what you have to say then be prepared to leave. I have other things to deal with.”

I scoff, “Oh I’m sure. You have to worry about keeping the focus on David Helms or Syren or Reagan Street. Let’s not forget about Kelcey Wallace and all of her perfections, as well as Rayvn Taylor. You have to think of ways to keep the focus on them so they can soak even more television time and drive people to suicide,”The words escape my mouth as the dogs let me go and I begin to step into his office. As I finish speaking, I can tell that I have raised the ire of the boss, as he glares at me and seems more annoyed than anything else. Like I said fuck him, but I will play along, because I am here to talk business and to get things rolling for myself, so I put my hands up in surrender, releasing a sigh as well, before speaking once more, “I’m sorry. I got a little worked up over your boys manhandling me. I didn’t bring my entourage with me, so I thought we would be on even playing fields. Either way, we’re here now. Let’s talk.”

Drachewych motions for me to take a seat, which I do. Once I am settled, he and I lock eyes, as a smirk appears on his face. Drachewych leans forward, placing his hands on the desk as he continues to smirk, probably gaining a small amount of satisfaction over the fact that I just apologized to him. Desperate times call for desperate measures, I guess ,”Alright, James let’s talk and let’s make it quick. I’ll start. You and Merrick just had a match, where you blatantly hit him with a low blow then you and your goons ganged up on him. Thank goodness Tommy showed up when he did. But after saying all of that, I have to ask you why you think I would book another match between the two of you. A part of me feels like suspending you until you can decide to grow a set and fight matches on your own, like you used to when you were more about going out there and giving the fans a show, instead of having your head up your ass.”

I smirk at the thought of hitting Wiseman with a low blow and watching as his ass got handed to him before I joined in on the festivities. I also smirk at the thought of Drachewych just made Tommy Boy out to be a saving grace or some shit. I smirk at the thought because deep down it makes me want to fucking vomit. I want to fucking vomit at Drachewych’s mention of my dark days where I competed for the fans and wanted to respect everyone and just tear it up in the ring. I shake my head a few times, trying to ward off the sickness. After it passes, I finally respond, “Well, I know you don’t like me which is okay because the feeling is definitely mutual, O. But I have an issue with Merrick and I want to settle it. And this may sound or come off cliché, but I want the match to be inside of the steel cage. You can even make it to where no one can get in or out of the cage to make sure there is a decisive winner. I mean, just think about it. James Evans versus Merrick Wiseman inside of the cage. That will draw ratings and attendance, which will bring you what you value most. Money…”

“I will admit that I like the idea, James, especially the part where no one can get in or out, because of the fact your little goons have been running amuck in all of your matches since you showed up for the Best of the Best tournament.”

I smirk, as I think about the Best of the Best tournament. That was the night this little feud between Merrick and I began. He cost me a match against that piece of nigger trash, Gable Winchester, “Yeah well, they have a purpose. They watch my back, O and I appreciate all that they do. I can admit that, just as I can admit that I am surprised to hear you say that you like an idea of mine. It’s like…you actually listened to something I said for once. That’s a complete shocker. But that is neither here nor there. The big question is whether or not you will actually book the match.”

I stare at my boss man in the eyes as he stares back at me. I would be lying if I said that I don’t want to knock the shit out of him and beat his ass all over his office. There is just something about him that irritates me. Oh yeah, it’s the fact that he has never given me the respect that I so rightfully deserve, the respect that I have earned. You’d think I would have gotten over it by now, but I think that I won’t be satisfied until I beat his ass. He smirks then responds, “Well, James as I said…I can admit that I like the idea of putting the two of you inside the cage so you two can beat the hell out of one another. But you see James, while the idea of getting big ratings and bringing in more revenue for the SCW, I just don’t trust you. Your word doesn’t really mean much to me since you’ve become what you’ve become, not to mention the fact that you have made threats like I said earlier.”

“So….what are you telling me? I’ll be honest here boss. I don’t like you and I more than likely never will. I have made threats. I want to hurt you. I want to face you inside of the ring. I would gladly take you over Merrick inside of the cage so I can beat on you and beat on you. I hope that one day you discover your sack and accept the challenge I made months ago. But until then, I am content with facing Merrick and beating him. I’d gladly take you, Merrick and Tommy in the ring at the same time. I think it would be fun. It’d tickle my fancy. But, as I said, I am content with facing Merrick.”

Drachewych sighs and shakes his head, chuckling a little bit before replying, “James, you sure have a way with words. I mean just hearing all of that…it makes me want to give in and give you exactly what you want, but I’m not going to give in. So, all I am going to say is that I will take your request into consideration. You’ll know my answer soon enough.”

I release a sigh upon hearing his words. I feel my fingers clench into fists that want to collide with his face and drive through his skull. I take a moment to clear my head, before slowly rising to my feet, my eyes never leaving him. When I am almost standing straight, Drachewych looks and locks eyes with me, before speaking again, “Can I help you, James? Will there be anything else?”

“It just seems like I have heard that same shit from you before in the past. I do believe I have. It’s like it is Total War from last year all over again. You know…when I came to you, letting you know that I was willing and able to fight for you, to fight for this company against New Eden. You said that you would come find me if you needed me. I came to you personally. You didn’t have to come find me. You overlooked me then, picking that Frost bitch over me! And now you’re overlooking me once again!”I feel the blood pumping like battery acid through my veins as the anger rises inside of me. Drachewych’s security members begin to move closer towards me, but then I throw my hands up in surrender. I take a few deep breaths, before shaking my head and chuckling. I am looking down while I grow calmer and calmer. Once I am calm, I look up and lock eyes with Drachewych one last time, and I speak, “You may overlook me now and not give two shits about me, but sooner or later, you won’t be able to overlook me. Sooner or later, you will have no choice but to care about me and what I’ve done for this company. For what I have always tried to do for you…”

“That is enough, James! Get the hell out of my office!”

Our eyes remain locked, but I don’t say anything, as I slowly begin to back away from his desk, not taking my eyes off of him, the man I feel to be my greatest foe. I continue moving backwards until Drachewych becomes nothing but a blur. I sigh once more, before turning and heading back towards my locker room. Along the way, I curse myself under my breath, telling myself that I should not have lost it like I did. I tell myself that if I had just faked the smile and kissed his ass, Drachewych would have more than likely gone through with it. But then I shake my head, telling myself that Drachewych and I have never seen eye to eye, knowing that he would have given me hell either way. The man gets under my skin like no one else, not Merrick Wiseman, not Tommy Valentine, not even Rachel fucking Foxx. No one gets to me like he does. No one makes me want to commit murder like Oleska Drachewych does.

I tell myself to use it as fuel just in case the old fuck gives me the match against Merrick Wiseman. If he does book, I can use that anger to motivate me and push me through the match, especially if it is inside of a steel cage. I know that I am going to have anything and everything in the tank if I am going to make it out in one fucking piece. I reach my locker room and I slam the door. The sound of it startles my henchmen, as they all turn and stare at me. I am looking down at the floor, but I can feel their eyes on me. I slowly walk over to the area where my gym bag lies. I unzip the bag and I begin to take out my clothes as the crew wanted to go out drinking after the show. I told them that they did pretty well earlier in the night so I would treat them. While I am removing my clothes, I am trying to slow my mind and place it at ease, telling myself that the match is going to be made. I tell myself that I will be able to beat Merrick Wiseman lifeless in the center of the ring, that I will be able to use the steel of the cage to break his body before finishing him and closing the book on our feud. I tell myself that I may have spoken up against Oleska, but that won’t change his mind. I tell myself that I am going to have to remember to keep my cool, to maintain control.

That I have to have control.

That I need to be in control.

That I am…in control.

August 25th, 2015 Evans Estates New York City, New York

“Did you see the news, James?”My agent, Rick Banner walks into my study as I stare out at the world in front of me, while enjoying a glass of Jack and Coke on the rocks. He comes to the side of me, an eagerness to please in his eyes. I admit that it takes away from his terrible looking beard and his cheap clothing and cologne. I take another sip then turn and look at him full on, as I have a feeling that I know what news it is that Rick is referring to. I have been waiting for nearly a week to get a response from Drachewych. I am pretty sure Rick is delivering a yes or no. He thinks he is doing me a great deal of service, but he is nothing more than my little bitch errand boy. Just like with Hal and the rest of my entourage, I use Rick to my benefit.

”No, Rick I haven’t seen the news. I’ve been sitting around playing with myself, or having girls play with me while I drink for the most part. Oh yeah and I have been to the gym a time or three to stay in tip top shape. So….what news have you brought me?” All of that is true by the way. I am in great shape, so if I don’t have a match to prepare for then I will just drink and fuck until my heart’s content. It is sort of a ritual of mine that I have been doing for years now. It works quite well for me.

Rick smirks before he begins to speak, “They have approved of your match with Merrick Wiseman. They signed it today, so you’ll be facing him in the steel cage, just as you asked,”Rick continues to gleam as he delivers the news. I continue to drinking my beverage, letting out a sigh as I bring the glass from my lips, letting the whiskey burn my throat all the way down into my insides. It is a satisfying feeling. I look at Rick, and his gleam has faded. He is no longer smirking. His face spells concern, “Are you alright James? You don’t seem to be happy or thrilled or anything really. I figured you’d be stoked about this in all honesty.”

I slowly climb to my feet, placing my glass on the edge of my desk. I rub my hand over the hard oak before looking at Rick and smirking myself, “Oh no, Rick. I am very pleased. I received what I asked for. But you see, I am feeling a certain way about all of this. You see, Drachewych is a shapeshifting snake of a weasel. I can’t help but get the feeling that he has something up his fucking sleeve. I wouldn’t put it passed the old gimp to have a plan worked out against me.”

Rick looks at me, the confusion still painted on his face, “Why would he have a plan worked out against you, James? That sounds a little…paranoid, don’t cha think? He is giving you what you asked for. You should be happy about that. From what you’ve said in the past, the old bastard has never done anything you’ve asked of him. You should feel like you’ve achieved some sort of victory here.”

I look at Rick and I admit to myself that there is a chance that Rick is right, that I should feel an ounce of victory in all of this. My mind takes me back to Total War of last year. I asked, I begged, I pleaded for Drachewych to send me out into the main event because I wanted to fight for the company against an evil that was trying to destroy it. He didn’t and I felt…unappreciated, like I wasn’t needed or cared for. My mind wanders back to Apocalypse of last year, around a year ago. It was the night I won the Underground Championship. It should have been a night for me to celebrate, but it wasn’t as my match wasn’t even shown on the pay per view. It was cut from the main show and turned into a dark match. Once again, I felt unappreciated, as if I didn’t matter. I snap back to reality and I sigh, before responding, “You’re probably right, Rick but you see…I just can’t. I want to feel like I won something in my little war with Drachewych, but the thing of it is this. It will always grow into something more. It will always seem or feel like he is one step ahead of me. He signed this match, a match I requested, but he will have Valentine come out there and lock us in the cage after I destroy Wiseman. He will allow Tommy to attack me when I could be in no condition to fight. I wouldn’t put it passed that old faggot…”

“I am going to be honest here James and you have always asked that of me, so here goes. I believe that you’re defeating yourself. You are letting Drachewych get inside of your head when we both know that you are more than capable of beating his ass. In all fairness, you’ve challenged him to a match but he has been dodging you for months. You know it. I know it. I am sure everyone knows it so you’ve got no reason to think he’s one step ahead of you. He’s one step to the left or right of you, dodging you and running away like a coward,”His words echo in my ears as I turn away and look at the outside world once more. I smirk, quietly admitting to myself that it feels good knowing I have those on my side.

After a few moments pass, I turn from the window and I make my way out of my study, the smirk still on my face. Before I complete my exit, I stop in the doorway and I slightly turn my head to the right before speaking to Rick, “I appreciate your honesty, Rick. I respect honesty more than anything else, because it is such a rarity in this world. Thank you for delivering the news and being loyal. That will not go unrewarded my friend. But for now, be sure to show yourself out. Pick a girl if you need to. I am sure this house is littered with leftovers,” With that, I walk out of the room and make my way down through the corridor before heading to the basement where I train. I call it the “War Room”. Once inside the “Room” I find one of my entourage, my second in command I guess you could say, Hal standing outside of the ring while Lance and Wayne go at it in the ring. Once they all take notice that I am standing amongst them, they all turn and lock eyes on me, as I stand in the center of the “Room”. I smirk not only at them, but at the situation we are all in. I know that each of these men would take a bat, chair shot, kick to the nuts, anything and everything for me. I know that they are loyal until the very fucking end and that they would take a bat, chair, barbed wire, anything and everything in order to showcase their loyalty to me. I see them as nothing but dogs which is a real tragedy, but fuck it. For now, it’s just the way I’m wired, “Oh don’t mind me boys. I’m here to talk business with Hal, so Lance…Wayne…as you were…” I finish speaking and Hal and I lock eyes, before I motion for him to follow me. I head over to the far left side of the “Room” and I grab a bottled water out of the cooler. I twist the cap and chug some of it, as Hal reaches me and stands by my side.

“What’s up, James? Have we heard anything yet about the match you proposed? If we got good news then I want to make sure everyone is in tip top shape.”

I crack a grin before downing the rest of my water. I toss the bottle to the side somewhere in the distance of the “Room”, before responding, “The match came through and I will be facing that fuck Wiseman in the cage. I am going in there to break that son of a bitch and leave him lying. But, I want to be perfectly clear about something, Hal. Are you with me?I lock eyes with Hal. He nods then I continue to speak, “Alright, good. I am going out there alone. I told the old fucker that I would go into the match without any of you and I gave my word that none of you would interfere. I want to stand by that.”

“Are you sure about that, James? I’m not saying you can’t fight on your own, but I wouldn’t put it passed that Lone Ranger wannabe to try and handcuff your ass to the cage so he beat on you. I think the man is a pussy, James. He wears a fucking mask for crying out loud.”

I close my eyes and nod my head, listening to what Hal has to say. I admit to myself that it Hal is probably right and I wouldn’t put it passed Merrick either to handcuff me to the cage or some shit. But, I tell myself, if that happens, I will have to deal with it. I open my eyes and sigh once again before responding, “If that happens Hal then I will find a way to deal with it. I am going to have be smarter than Merrick. And that is what I will do. I will fight smarter, not harder. My father once told me that there can and will be someone to back you into a corner. Someone who will think that they have you right where they want you. He told me that when that happens, you are not to start fighting and lashing out desperately. My father said that showed you to be weak. My dad said that in order to get out of a situation like that you would have to use your brain and beat your opponent at his own game.”

Hal looks at me, curiosity in his eyes, as he replies, “I like the sound of that James, but how do you propose you go about beating that fuck at his own game?”

I smirk, “Simple, Hal. Merrick, along with the rest of the fucking world are going to expect me to walk out with you guys. He is going to expect all of you to be around the cage, or hiding underneath the ring or some shit like that. So the fact that I am going against the grain, going against what’s expected of me, he will be thrown off of his game. He will be looking over his shoulder and when that happens, I will be like Lennox Lewis with Mike Tyson. I will let him spend all that he has in the first half of the match, and then I will just dance around him and eat him alive. I will fight him and I will beat him like no one expects me to. It will be a gigantic and metaphoric “fuck you” to all of them.”

“And what about us? Is there anything you want us to do? You know we all have your back, James, so anything you want or need, we have you covered. Kent took a shot for you from Tommy the last time you fought Merrick just in case you needed reminding.”

I nod my head and crack a grin. Once again, knowing that I have those who are loyal to me and willing to fight for me and stand by my side, it pleases me. “Oh I remember, Hal. Don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten that and I will be using you guys but I want you to do something else for me while I am wiping the ring mat with Merrick’s uncharismatic carcass. I want you to be on the look-out for Drachewych, as well as that piece of fucking shit Tommy Valentine. I want all of you, and I don’t mean just you, Kent, Wayne and Lance. I mean all of you. I want ALL of you to be on point and keep your guard up, especially when the bell rings and the match is over. I have no doubt in my mind that Tommy will run out and try to fight for me and get some sort of upper fucking hand. I want you guys to hide behind the fucking curtains, in the stands, anywhere and everywhere if need be, as long as you don’t interfere in my match. Once my match is over and done with, then it is all fair game. Destroy anyone and everyone if need be. Am I clear?” Hal nods, looking me in the eyes, letting me know that he will take care of everything before walking back towards the rest of the group. I stand against the wall, telling myself that I do need to fight Merrick on my own. I know that I can beat him straight up but it is time for everyone else to realize it too. They all want to make me out to be some sort of coward because I show up for matches with an entourage in tow. I don’t need anyone to get anything done. I can do it all on my own. I have done it before and I can do it again. Everyone else just needs a not so friendly reminder…


-Promo- Versus Merrick Wiseman Wednesday Night Breakdown

I sit in my study. The outside world is covered in black as night has fallen and all is quiet in the house. The city of New York is alive and dancing like wildfire. To the side of me, I have a fire going just for the hell of it. Just something about it makes me feel empowered. The camcorder rests not too far from me either. In between my fingertips is not a drink or a cigarette, as people typically see wrestlers holding. I am not drinking the scotch like I’m CHBK. I am not smoking a cigarette like I am David Helms before he became pussy whipped. Nope, I am being James Evans, toking on a joint. It has been awhile since I’ve smoked weed, but it is like it and I haven’t missed a beat. We are old friends. I take a few tokes, before holding it in for a few moments, before exhaling it out into the shape of a circle. The smoke starts to float away but I lean forward and quickly inhale it back in. I hold it yet again and close my eyes while my lips form a smile. I reach out, grab the remote, open my eyes and lean forward, exhaling as I press play and begin to speak, “Last week got a little interesting didn’t it? The world found out that I was going to be facing Merrick Wiseman in a steel cage on the go-home show before Apocalypse. Well, yeah Merrick. I saw your little promo and it was cute. It truly was. You came out with all of that gusto, spouting off like you were the second coming of Christ. But you see, I asked for this match. I wanted this match because I am sick of you. I am tired of you. I dislike you for more reasons than I have the time to list more than likely. But that is basically the gist of it. I strongly dislike you. You can even chalk it up to hate really. But I will get to you shortly. Another interesting moment last week was when I came out to the ring after Tommy Valentine beat Rachel Foxx. I went out there and everyone knew why. I want to go on record and state that I don’t hate Tommy as much as I hate Merrick, but I hate him nonetheless. He pinned me at Rise to Greatness. He laid me out before the big event. He tried to lay me out when my boys and I were sticking the boots to Wiseman. I grew tired of having him come out and try to show me up. Oh no, it wasn’t going to happen again. Tommy, you don’t get to win every time you decide to show up and step into the ring. I hate to break it to you, but when I get the chance to break your face, I am going to take it and that was evident last week. But I found myself in the ring with Rachel Foxx as well. Tommy, that woman has a special place in my heart. You’re not too far from her either, as I hate her more than I hate anyone else other than Drachewych himself. I wanted to beat the hell out of her just for spite, but then big Matt Auclair showed up and I knew that he would do some damage. I found it interesting to be in the ring with three of my biggest rivals of my career at one time. It would have been something to go toe to toe with Auclair for the hell of it and let him know that any time he wants to put that Underground title on the line against me, I will be there. I could have shown Rachel that despite the fact I have always walked away from our feuds as the winner, I’d love nothing more than leave her ass lying in a pool of her own blood. But they were nothing but entrees that night, Tommy. You are the main course.”

“I have made it clear for these last few months that I am hungry as ever. To be honest, I am sick of fucking saying that, just as I am sick of fucking talking about that I deserve this opportunity and that opportunity. I know that I do. I am tired of trying to convince people with words. I am going to have to go out and prove it in the ring more often, which Tommy and Merrick, why I told Drachewych that I would step into the cage this week on Breakdown without any member of my entourage and that they would not show their faces at any point during the course of the match. I KNOW that I can beat you Merrick without anyone’s help. I know that I can beat you as well Tommy without disqualifications or outside interference. Breakdown is not about proving those notions to anyone, because I have nothing to prove to anyone other than myself. I don’t have to prove shit to management. I don’t have to prove shit to the morons in the fucking stands or watching from the houses they received from low income housing. My boys will be in the back watching. And that is what I want you to do Tommy. I want you to watch as I walk out to the ring and step inside of it. I want you to watch as I stand there, calm, quiet and confident as the cage slowly descends around Merrick and I. And then I want you to watch as I straight up demolish him right before your very eyes. I am sick and tired of the both of you and I start to rid myself of any disease, any sickness at Breakdown. I am not going to say either of you are cancers to this industry, because you’re not. You are cancers to me. I do not care for either of you. I would not piss on fire to put either of you out. If you two were on your deathbeds, I would show up just so I could laugh in your faces,” I smirk as those thoughts pass through my mind and make their exit as words from my lips. I bring the joint to my lips and I take a few tokes off of it, closing my eyes as I lean my head back and blow the smoke upwards towards the heavens. I then lean my head back down, staring back at the camera and I continue speaking.

“Speaking of laughing in faces, that is exactly what I wanted to do to you Merrick. I listened to your promo…actually no I didn’t. I heard you wrote some shit in what you call your War Journal. Trying to reinvent yourself again, Merrick? So why did I want to laugh? Well, it is because you try so hard to convince the world that you’re not like me yet you are. I had a journal a few years ago, where I would submit my words to the SCW, so they could post them on the website so the fans as well as my opponents could see and read my thoughts on things. I know I am not the first nor the last to do so, Merrick so calm yourself. Stars such as Syren and Rayvn Taylor do it as well. And just in case you were wondering, just in case it didn’t dawn on you, I did compare you to Taylor, the woman you seem to hate more than anything else. She is to you what Rachel Foxx is to me. That is where you and I are alike in another way, Merrick. How else are we alike? Well, I would have gladly told you if I had a chance to see what you had to say before our match, but since you didn’t make the content available until right before our match, I had to wait until now to dive into this subject. You spoke of how I feel like I deserve this and that, yet you spent quite a bit of your diatribe talking about how you should get a shot against Red Rayne for the Adrenaline title, or how Rayvn has ducked you and not placed the United States title against you. You even counted how many title shots you have received in the last year or so. Something about that reminds me of someone else…oh yeah, it reminds me of me. I have gone record, spewing words about how I have only had a limited number of title shots while people Syren and Jake Starr seem to receive a never ending stream of title shots. But I guess it is okay for little old Merrick Wiseman to talk about it, but if I do, then it is blasphemous. It is this and it is that, but no one cares about it when I mention it. Apparently, you cared enough to mention it Merrick. Apparently, we are one in the same in the fact that upper management doesn’t care how often we mention title shots and opportunities. If no one listens to me, what makes you think they listen to you?”

I arch my eyebrow, as if Merrick is standing before me and I am allowing him a chance to let my words sink into his mind. A moment or two passes, and I return to speaking “I mean, Rayvn beat you and Jake Starr in a triple threat. She won the title from you. You two feuded for quite some time and she basically got the better of you at every turn. What else does she have to prove to you? You sound like me when it comes to Tommy. You sound bitter at the fact that she got the better of you, just as I am not happy about the fact that Tommy has seemingly gotten the better of me during each of our encounters except for one. Like your feud with Rayvn. The difference is that I don’t dwell on it for long periods of time. I lost the Underground title to him and I left the SCW. It dealt with my differences with Drachewych. Tommy beat me and that was it. I didn’t like it and I don’t like him, but you don’t hear me crying about it every five seconds. You want a match against Red Rayne and the Adrenaline title. Well you lost in the Shot of Adrenaline tournament, but you could also do something else. Something like you did with Blitzkrieg last week. Just go out into the ring and issue a challenge. It’s not that difficult, Merrick. But then again, maybe you are just too busy doing something that you love doing which is being the bitch…I mean dog…for the SCW. You can enjoy sitting in the back, doing their bidding in the name of all that is good, doing it for justice. I am not going to sit in the back and I am not going to sit around, letting them control me. I control me. I am in charge. I do what I want. And yes that means that I cheat. I have my entourage beat the shit out of people I don’t like. I do it because I like it despite what you may think or say, Merrick. I do it because I fucking can. I do it because I know fucktards such as yourself will run out to save that day. In terms of the phrase, I have bigger fish to fry, you have been one of those bigger fish. I know how to lure you out of your little hole and when that happens, I can play you like the toy that you are. I hate to break it to you, Merrick. I am in control over this situation, despite what you claim.”

“What is it that you wrote last go round? Let me think…oh yeah you had the gall to say something along these lines…’ I could have overturned the match, James. I could have stopped the match cold when you took that chair. I could have appointed myself the winner. You could have done this because of the Watchdog program, which you stated screws someone like me over and over again because I cheat. Your word is law? Merrick, you are so full of shit. First off, saying that you could have changed the match outcome but you didn’t because Tommy pinned me is a nice way to say that you didn’t have it in you to be standing in the middle of the ring at the end of things. You were outside, trying to regain your composure while I was still doing battle. It is obvious that I can outlast you. And your program screws “villains” such as myself? Man, shut the fuck up! Your program is broken like any other law enforcement program. There are holes in those programs. Crimes still happen. You don’t prevent or change as much as you like to think. Just like you aren’t as important as you like to think. You compared me to a wrestling rebel from 1991 and that is why no one cares for me. Well, I guess you are a wrestling hero from the 1980s with your cartoon gimmick and all of that bullshit. It would be safe to say that I have more relevancy in this day and age than you do. Everyone can respect someone who has grown tired of dealing with the politics and being shit on by those in charge. How can anyone respect someone who claims to be frustrated with the politics yet still serves those politicians like you do? It shows that you have no balls, Merrick. You can play up your moral code, but I wipe my ass with that code. I fight to win and I will win by any means necessary. If that means I have to cheat so be it, but I hate to break it you. I don’t have to cheat to win. Don’t believe me? Ask Shilo Valiant. Ask Matt Hodges and James Exeter. I have won several matches cleanly, but I don’t have to remind you of what I’ve done in the past. I will just show you at Breakdown.”

I take a few more tokes of the joint, letting it hit my lungs as well as everything in my body and spirit. I feel calm. I feel good and confident. I feel in control. I shake my head, thinking about Merrick and all of the bullshit in his little journal. I think about how he waited to allow his shit to become available, using the words I came out and said against me, taking the cheap way out, making me wait two weeks to give a rebuttal. In my mind, he is one of the reasons the wrestling industry is dying. I stand by waiting until the last minute to say something back to your opponent takes away from the excitement wrestling, especially the SCW once had. I take another toke and hold it for a few moments, before slowly exhaling. I run my hand over my face, before looking back at the camera and continuing to speak once again.

“You can call me a rebel, Merrick. You can paint a picture of me as someone who is a coward, while having respect for Tommy Valentine. That makes me laugh. You may not come over to the dark side by giving into a Sith Lord as you put it, but you cheer on someone who turned to the dark side a few years ago, when Next Level joined forces with Dark Fantasy. Your morals aren’t so honorable now are they? Like the Watchdog program and other law programs, your logic has holes in it. Probably from all of those blanks you’ve been firing off, Sheriff. Me…I am the outlaw. I don’t shoot blanks. I break the rules while others apparently bend them. If you bend enough, shit breaks eventually. I am not one to try and prevent the inevitable, Merrick. I wasn’t trying to convince you to switch sides. I was just speaking truth, not nonsense like you seem to do. I have never been one to have an abundance of catchphrases, or come off outlandish. I like that to people like you, Merrick. You talk a lot of shit that has no purpose or reason for your matches. You went on and on about everything else going on in the SCW, making it seem like I wasn’t worth your time, like I was nothing more than afterthought. I am sure I wasn’t after I fucking handed you a win last go round, Merrick. I am sure you felt like you were something else, something important and worthy of having all of those imaginary fingers pointed at over the outcome of the Rise to Greatness main event. I am in the backstage area as well and I don’t think anyone is pointing fingers at you, or asking your thoughts about why things happened. I believe everyone is pointing at Monarchy. Get your head out of your ass, Merrick and focus on what you need to focus on. Your matches. Your feuds. Stay the fuck out of everyone else’s business. You’re like that annoying four year old you tattle tales on everyone. Wednesday you will meet me, your bully and I am going to beat you badly, Merrick. I am going to send you back into your hole where you should stay and avoid any sort of interaction with anyone. You can stay in your hole and think about how you should have never gotten involved in situations that did not concern you.”

“Remember, you brought this upon yourself my friend. You could have just stepped into the ring, learned, developed into an even better wrestler. You are good in the ring when the bell dings. You have proven you can get it done and that you can become a champion. You beat Jake Starr, something that I’ve never done. You shut him up for a split second. You beat Rayvn Taylor, something else I haven’t done, something not many people have done period. No one, not even me, can take that away from you. But you went another route. You have this Watchdog bullshit. Well, once I beat you and leave you for scraps…and then when Blitzkrieg finishes you off, you can become David Helms, with the Watchdog program as your Regan Street, as it will be the only thing to keep you relevant,”I finish speaking and I lean back in my chair, finishing off my joint with a few more tokes. I then drop it in the ashtray before grabbing the remote and turning the camera off. I get up from my seat and walk out of my study, feeling determined, feeling confident, feeling like nothing is going to slow me down. I tell myself that I am going to get everything that I feel I deserve and that I have earned. I tell myself the world is mine, as I step to the window in my living room, staring at the world outside. The moon shines down upon me and I smirk, telling myself that I deserve the spotlight and I will have it. I will have it all.