If you were to ask James Evans how he felt about his chances going into Final Level, where he will be competing alongside Jake Starr against three other teams, he would kindly tell you to fuck off. James, when it comes to his wrestling career, he is in a mindset that he has never been in before. James used to question himself, and his abilities, wondering why he was never getting the opportunities that others were being afforded. James no longer see it that way. James no longer questions himself or his abilities, because he knows that he is just that damn good, a lot better than most of the SCW roster. He knows that the powers that be are blind as fucking bats. At one point, James had the image of ripping Drachewych’s eyes out of his skull and bringing them closer to his face, just so Drachewych could see and notice James. James knew that would be too extreme but it was the thought that counted.

James likes his chance this Sunday and there is no doubt in his mind that he will not walk out as one half of the newly crowned SCW World Tag Team Champions with Starr. But James is not confident because he is associated with Starr. No, because James has told himself and anyone else that he will not be in the shadow of someone else that he teams with. James dealt with that while working with the Chosen when he first started with the SCW. It is the reason James does not play well with others, something that Jake Starr realized leading up to Rise to Greatness earlier this year. James even warned Jake as well as the viewing audience of this. People may not have paid him attention but when James struck, the world realized it needed to be on alert.

It is a lesson that Jake Starr learned and has not forgotten.

Just as there is a lesson the SCW needs to learn, which is simple. James Evans is not going anywhere and while he is here, James will not be here to play. James has had enough of the bullshit and the politics and the favoritism. James has no issue in hurting anyone and everyone, ending careers if he has to. That is the James Evans way. James knows that he is an angry young man, but he is also intelligent and persistent. James once ran out and fought blindly. That has come and gone. James will still run out and fight, but he goes in with a real purpose, and a clearer mind. The SCW isn’t used to that. Members of the locker room have called James an idiot, a moron, a little boy. Well, they are mistaken to say the least. James Evans is here. He is far from being an idiot or a moron. He is no little boy. He is a man that is slowly taking the SCW universe by storm.

James has a plan and it will all make sense when the time comes. James will strike and when he does, the SCW will be shaken to its core and beyond. James Evans isn’t Blood Grove or Monarchy. James can and will do as one person what they have done as a group. James will do it without Jake Starr, as in the end, James knows he doesn’t need Starr.

All James needs is James…


I see myself at a young age standing in the backyard of my childhood home. My dad is with me, finally staying at home for awhile. At least I hope that I he is at this time. I don’t like not having my dad around. We are standing in the backyard, behind a white shed that he uses for stuff, but I am not allowed to go in there. No one is allowed to go in there, not even my mom. My dad is kneeling down on one knee, and he is pointing ahead of me at what he is calling a target. To me, it looks like a man’s body on a piece of paper. There are a few dashes and lines going across the paper, as well as up and down, with a circle on the man’s chest and on his forehead. My dad is telling me that at some point in my life I may find a man coming at me, trying to hurt me, or even worse, trying to kill me. My dad tells me that in a situation like that I will have to defend myself or else I will get hurt or die. My father asks me if I want that to happen. I shake my head no.

My father then takes something out from the back of his pants and hands it to me. I look down at it and I see that it is a gun, like James Bond uses all of the time to kill the bad guys. I smile at it as I run my fingers over it, the silver part of it is shining really bright. It is like I can see the sun in it. My dad tells me to open my hand so I do. He places the gun in my hand then takes his hand and wraps it around mine. He then uses his finger and presses it against mine, as we press against the trigger. My dad tells me to look at the end of the gun, which he tells me is called the barrel. I look down the barrel and then my dad tells me to look at the target, especially the circle on the man’s chest, so I do. My father then tells me that I need to line the barrel of the gun up with the circle and then I need to pull the trigger. I line it up just as my dad tells me to but I don’t pull the trigger.

I tell my dad that I can’t. I tell him that I am scared. My dad’s hand squeezes mine really hard, as he starts talking to me in an angry voice. My father tells me that I cannot be scared especially if someone is trying to kill me. My father tells me that he knows for a fact that there will come a time in my life when I will have to shoot someone, that I will have to protect myself. I tell him that I can’t and he begins to tell me over and over and over again that I can do it. That I will have to do it. He tells me to pull the trigger. To pull the trigger. Pull it he says. Pull it he screams. He shouts over and over, getting louder and louder each time before I finally pull the trigger, yelling and screaming after each shot. I shoot three times, before I drop down to my knees and look down at the ground. My father tells me that I did really good, especially for my first time. He tells me that I shot the paper man right in the heart which is a kill shot. My father tells me that it is important that when I shoot, I only have to do it once. He tells me that I need to make sure I take out my enemy as quickly as possible when time comes.

I then feel my father’s hand press down on my shoulder and before I know it, I am on my feet, turned towards him, the gun in my hand, my finger on the trigger, my eyes on the barrel and my target.

I am staring right at my father…

And then I wake up. When my eyes open and I sit up in the bed, I quickly wish I was asleep again, because in my dream, I knew what was going to happen. What I see before me, my future is uncertain. Sanders is standing in my bedroom, with two of his top guys, Anton and Rodriguez. I knew Anton in school way back when. Rodriguez went to school with us, but he and I never really spoke. I take a few moments to gather my composure, before locking eyes with Sanders, “What the fuck man? Why are you here?”

Sanders cracks a grin, “I am your saving grace. You needed someone to wake you up. You seemed like you were having a bad dream.”

I shrug, “It’s not any worse than reality. But seriously why are you here? You could have just fucking called me man.”

Sanders shakes his head before taking a seat on the edge of my bed, “No, James. I wanted to talk to you in person. You see, tonight you are working for me. You are going to go with Anton and Rodriguez to meet with a potential business partner, who will do what you said Dirk could do, which is to expand.”

“Who are we meeting?”

Sanders chuckles somewhat before looking over at Anton and Rodriguez, telling them to wait outside. I wait and listen for their footsteps followed by the opening and closing of my front door. I then look at Sanders, “Do they know about me, Sanders? Is that what this is? Are you sending me out there for your boys to fucking kill me? If that’s the case then spare me the suspense and just do it already.”

He shakes his head, combing his hair back on the sides of his head, “No, James. No one knows about you and my source. No one will know about you unless you don’t do what I ask. I am sending you to this deal because I want you…being you…to smooth it over and make the deal happen. I need to expand.”

I look down and release a sigh, feeling a little bit of relief, but the little voice in the back of my head tells me to not trust Sanders. This is one of those times where I know that little voice is right. I return my gaze to that of Sanders, as I repeat my question from earlier, “Who are we meeting?”

Sanders smirks, which gives me a terrible feeling in my stomach.


I am driving in my car, down the freeway with one hand on the wheel, the other hand gripping my cell phone as I address Briggs, “He told me that he wants me to smooth over a deal to help him expand his business. He wants to use me as some sort of insurance policy. If I fuck up or do anything to double cross him, he will expose me and sooner or later I will have my head on a goddamn swivel, Briggs. I’m not sure if that is getting through to you.”

“This is actually a good opportunity here, James. You can go in and meet with these people. You can gather intel as well off of them. We won’t use it until after we bust Sanders, so no worries about that. And I know you want out, but we’ve been through this. Help us get rid of Sanders and you’re out. Just help us close this case on that son of a bitch,” Briggs says, his words bringing me no sort of comfort whatsoever.

I reach a stop light and I close my eyes, shaking my head from side to side, rubbing my forehead against the steering wheel, but then I hear Briggs’ voice once again, “James…Are you there?”

I open my eyes and lift my head just as the light turns green. I step down on the gas just as I respond, “Yeah I’m here. Alright, Briggs…tell me what I have to do. That is the only way I will get anything that I want, and all I want is to be out of this bullshit. So you tell me, right now…what I can do in order to move this shit along.”

Briggs replies, “Well you are going with his two main guys, Anton and Rodriguez. You know the two of them from your past. The best thing that I can think of James…the best play I think that we have is for you to get them on your side, have them sway more towards you than with Sanders. The reason behind that is because it will give you leverage if it ever comes down between you and Sanders. Does that make sense?”

I get a quick image of me bitch slapping the hell out of Briggs, before the words burst from my tongue, “You want me to try and brown nose these guys who have always been friends with Sanders, to get them on my side, to get them to sympathize with me? And why would it come down to Sanders and I? If anything, it better come down to you and Sanders. I want no part of a shootout. I already have enough fucking blood on my hands.”

I hear Briggs sigh. I know that he is getting frustrated, but I say fuck him. I am the one sticking my neck on the line. He releases his sigh and it is followed by a brief silence, before he finally says, “I think it’s our best option at this point James. If you can think of something else then I am open to suggestion.”

I reach another stop light and I just sit still for a few moments. My frustration surfaces as I shake my head and grit my teeth before hitting the steering wheel with my left palm. I curse the entire situation and everyone involved under my breath before bringing the phone back to my face as I state, “Alright fine, Briggs. I will do it your way. I don’t really have a lot of fucking options so if this is the best we can do then this is it. I’ll do my best to make it work.”

Briggs replies, “That’s good James. Keep your head right and your mind sharp and focused. If you do that then you’ll be home free in no time. This will all be over before you know it.”

I catch a glimpse of the reflection of my eyes in the rearview mirror. I can see in them as my eyes give it away. I know that this will never be over. I decide to give Briggs the satisfaction, “Well, let’s just hope you’re right about that, Briggs.”

My statement is followed by another brief silence. A few moments pass before Briggs’ voice is banging in my eardrum, “So who did Sanders say that you were meeting with? Who is the name of this player or organization he is hoping to help him expand.”

I pull into the parking lot where I am supposed to meet Anton and Rodriguez. I park on the backside, away from the rest of the vehicles parked outside of the convenience store, “Mtn. Grocery” and I put the car in park. I release a sigh of my own before responding, “It’s a group I’ve never fucking heard of so I doubt that you have. I am sure you can pull up information on them so be sure to do that. The name Sanders mentioned was Mammon.”

There is another brief silence before, “Mammon? Hmm…I have no clue who or what that is, but I will definitely start digging up anything and everything that I can find on that one. Has he said anything else about it?”

“Nope…” I look over and I see Anton’s car, a black Cadillac, pulling into the parking lot, “Alright Briggs, they’re here. Wish me luck. Hopefully I will be able to give you something. Make sure you can do the fucking same,” I exclaim into the phone, before hanging up. I get out of my car and walk towards the Cadi as it rolls towards me, slowly. I don’t know what to expect when I lock eyes with Anton.

He is an African American, but killer through and through. He was always in trouble in school, which is why we grew apart. He stares at me, the same cold stare he gave me when we first met. Even now it gives me chills. He speaks, his voice raspy, “Get in…” The words resonate in my mind and follow directions. I climb into the backseat and we pull out of the parking lot, heading to a place where only Anton knows. A place Sanders himself more than likely picked out.

I tell myself to be careful. To be alert.

To grow eyes in the back of my head.


“So what do you guys know about this fucker, Mammon?” I shout from the backseat of the car. It has been a drive filled with silence. I like silence but not when I may or may not be headed towards my actual death. I don’t trust Sanders as far as I can fucking throw him.

Anton is the first to speak. He looks at me through the mirror, our eyes locked, “I know nothing from nothing, James. This is going to be your show tonight so don’t fuck it up. That is the only thing that I know.”

Rodriguez pipes up, “Yeah that sounds like all that I know too, dog.”

I run my hands over my face, remembering Briggs’ words. Get them on my side. I swallow the bitter pill, knowing that it will be a lot harder than Briggs or even I can imagine, “So, seriously what the hell have you guys been up to? I know you and me, Rodriguez, didn’t talk much in school if at all. But you and I, Anton, we go way back. Like I am pretty sure it was elementary school that we met.”

Anton cuts me off, “That was a long time. Things have changed. So sit back and shut the fuck up. Get your mind right and get it focused on this shit. If this deal doesn’t go down, it’s going to be my ass that gets beat. Not yours.”

After hearing that, I feel like I have an opening. I lean forward in my seat, placing my chin on my hands as I form a bridge with my arms, “Is that so? I figured it would be my ass on the line to be honest here. I need to get in good with Sanders so that he keeps me around. I figured you two were fucking solid.”

Anton lets out a sigh, and shakes his head, “You see that’s where you’re wrong. You’re Sanders’ golden boy. Me and Rodriguez…we are low on the totem pole. We are sent here to do this and that, but that is about the extent of it.”

I tell myself that there is a slight chance that Sanders told me the truth, in that no one knows that I have been working with Briggs, “Well damn man. I feel like shit now. I feel like I came out of nowhere and took your spots. Are you guys well taken care of? I mean be honest. This is between the three of us. Sanders doesn’t have to know shit.”

Rodriguez replies, “We get by alright. But yeah, man a little extra sure as fuck would be nice. I don’t see it happening. It’s like making fucking minimum wage…”

Anton cuts him off, “Man shut the fuck up,” He then looks at me, “And you need to follow suit motherfucker. You don’t need to worry about us. It’s not like you’re going to do anything to help us out. We know where we stand and we leave it at that. And why are you asking all of these fucking questions? I don’t trust you, James. Just remember that.”

I smirk then lift my hands up in surrender as I slowly lean back in my seat, getting comfortable, as I now know what I can do in order to get them on my side. I can give them some extra cash on the down low. Money always takes center stage. Everyone seems to have a price.

We drive, as the sun slowly goes down over the horizon and we drive a little more. I turn back and see that we are leaving the city, which makes me worry a little bit, but I tell myself to stay calm, to just stay calm. Over and over again I am telling myself that nothing bad is going to happen. I tell myself that I have to make this deal go right. That is has to look good on my part. I also tell myself that I have to keep talking with Anton and Rodriguez because, while I hate to admit it, Briggs is right. What if it does come down to Sanders and I? What if I find myself with a gun pointed at my face and it is either do or die, take action or end up dead? The questions and scenarios begin to play out in my head as the drive continues. The only thing that snaps me back to reality is feeling as the car comes to an abrupt stop. I don’t even notice where we are as I hear Anton say, “We’re here.”

I look up and see that we are at some abandoned warehouse of course. There are boat docks surrounding us. As I am looking around, my eyes are drawn to the front of the car as a pair of lights flash a few times before us. I see Anton and Rodriguez looking at me before looking at one another and nodding. I watch as the two of them get out of the car. I slowly follow suit. The night air is cool and rushes around me as my feet finally touch ground. I walk towards the front of the car, joining Rodriguez and Anton as they stand in the light, before it dies out. I hear the sound of car doors opening, with three masked men getting out of the car. One of the masked men goes to the passenger door on the driver’s side, opening it. I then see a rather chunky fellow with glasses, and a gray three piece business suit step out. He nods at the masked man before they heads towards us. Anton looks at me and motions for me to make my move.

As I step forward, the masked men jerk and lift up guns, pointing them at me, swaying the barrels back and forth between Anton, Rodriguez and myself. The chunky guy lets out a cackle and I instantly know that I don’t like it. He then speaks, “You must be James.”

I slowly nod, “And you must be Mammon?”

My question is followed by another cackle, “Oh heavens no. I am merely an employer for Mammon. I am his second in command.”

I nod again, “Does second in command have another name or do I just call you second in command?”

He grins, “As of right now, you will not know my identity, James. We know all about you and Mr. Sanders, as well as your associates Anton and Rodriguez. My employer likes to know all there is to know about people he considers working with. My employer wants to expand his empire and he feels that by working with Mr. Sanders then he can do precisely that. He likes what he sees when he looks at all of you, so that is a good sign.”

I reply, “If he likes us so much then why are you guys holding guns on us right now? Doesn’t seem like your employer likes us too fucking much if you ask me.”

Second in command says, “It is merely a cautionary measure, James. We know that Anton and Rodriguez have killed many, many men for Sanders. We know that they would have a second’s hesitation to kill you, me, or any of my men if they felt the need to. We don’t want to give you any sort of advantage.”

I turn and look over my shoulder at Anton and Rodriguez, before looking back at the chunky suit, “Well what is the next move here? I have a feeling that your employer doesn’t want to waste time in figuring out whether he wants to work with us or kill us.”

He nods, “You are correct, James. My employer wants you and only you to come with us so we can discuss this deal. He doesn’t want it to be discussed among the ranks of the peasants you have with you.”

I cut him off, “Look asshole, don’t fucking talk about them like that. They are much more than peasants. If I go then they go too.”

He shakes his head, “James, there is no need to be like that. Besides, if you don’t comply then we will kill all of you right here, right now and move on, conducting our business elsewhere. Is that what you want? I’m sure Mr. Sanders would not like that very much.”

I look back at Anton and Rodriguez, nodding at them before looking back at the second in command, “How about you go fuck yourself? All of you actually. Just take turns fucking yourselves and each other. If we’re going to talk then we talk like men. I am not going anywhere with you or your gimps just so you can send my fucking head to Sanders.”

He sighs and lowers his head, slightly shaking it, “Very well then,” He then turns and looks at the masked men who nod at him. I see what is going to happen before it happens so I make my move, pulling out the gun I’ve had on me the entire time just in case I needed to fight for my life against Anton and Rodriguez. As the fat fuck said, it is just a cautionary measure. I shoot one of the masked men, in the chest. I don’t even watch to see if he falls as I am wrapping my arm around the chunky suit’s throat. I watch as Anton and Rodriguez pull out guns as well, pointing them at the other masked men, while I have mine pressed against the suit’s temple.

“Was that your plan? Were you going to bully us into agreement, you fat fuck? Huh? Was that it? You want to threaten us. Well you’re going to have to be a little quicker than that. I am not someone you want to back into a corner and I will make sure that your men die before mine. Unlike you, I have respect for my men.”

He tries to cackle with my bicep pressed against his throat, “Well…James…ha…this went downhill fast didn’t it? My employer will not like that you killed one of his men and you can bet that he will come after your men as well. You can tell Sanders that the deal is off and that things will get ugly, James. But not tonight. You can all lower your weapons.”

I respond quickly, my statement direct, “You first asshole,” I watch as he extends his arms and motions with his chubby fingers for his men to lower their guns, which they do, slowly and hesitantly. I then remove my arm from around his throat before shoving him forward, “You tell him that if he wants ugly then he came to the right fucking place.”

He turns to me and smirks before slowly walking backwards, motioning to the masked men to move. They do, moving towards the car quickly. The remaining two masked men grab the one I shot before placing him in the trunk, before getting into the car. Anton and Rodriguez step up beside me as we watch the car back out and pull away. We all stand there for a few moments in silence before I finally speak up, “Fuck it guys, I will take the blame for this one.”

Anton then replies, “Nah James. You stepped up. They were planning to kill us. You shut that shit down quick. We can all take the blame, right Rodriguez?”

We both look at Rodriguez who nods his head yes. I then turn and look at Anton as he nods at me. I can see it in his eyes that he is telling me something. He is telling me that he has my back and that he knows that I have his.


I find myself standing on the welcome mat inside of my home. I stand there and I look around at the darkness as it covers all of my belongings, outlining them like a black and white painting, or even a Rorschach picture. I make out the shapes as I slowly make my way towards my room, as worry sets in. I begin to wonder how things are going to turn out. I don’t know what Sanders reaction will be and I am not sure if he will expose me to everyone now, which would really fuck things up between Anton, Rodriguez and I. I don’t want that. I want to keep them close. I also wonder if the fat fuck and his employer, Mammon would make good on his promise to come for us. I can only imagine waking up to a group of masked men ready to take me somewhere so they can beat me to death before shooting me or chopping my fucking head off.

I reach my room as I kick my shoes off. I see my bed and just seeing it brings me comfort. I tell myself that I could go to sleep and forget all about it for a little while. Or I could go to sleep and never wake up again. Either one would suit me just fine, I tell myself, as my knees bend and press down against the mattress. I tell myself that there is a good possibility the fat fuck and Mammon may very well respect my actions and be like they want us on their side. I smirk and shake my head as my face meets the pillow. I roll over onto my back and I stare up at the ceiling, as I remember something my father once told me. He told me a lot growing up, and somehow his words have always stuck with me, even when I felt he was nothing more than full of shit. Somehow his words always did and still make sense to me. I close my eyes as I feel a smile appear across my face, before sleep slowly creeps over me. Behind my eyelids I see him.

I see my father, standing before me. I am once again the back yard of my childhood home. I look down for a split second and I see my young hands, holding the gun my father had handed me. I see that I am shaking as I point the gun at him. He tells me that I am doing a good job, that I am doing exactly what he wants me to do. I feel tears running down my face as I have no idea what my father means by that. I ask myself how I am doing a good job. How am I doing exactly what he wants me to do? What does he want me to do?

He takes a few steps closer to me, but I do not move. I do not lower the gun. Something tells me to keep it pointed at him, to not let him out of my sight. I am not sure why I am thinking this way and it scares me very much. I want my mother to come out here and ask what is going on. She always makes me feel safe. Right now, I do not feel safe. I can feel my heart beating very, very fast in my chest. It is beating so bad it hurts. I ask my father what he wants from me. Even the sound of my voice frightens me, as I yell the words.

My father stops after I ask the question. I feel m grip on the gun tighten. We lock eyes and then he replies, “I want you to learn, James. Over the next few years of your life, you are going to see things that you will never forget. As you get older you may try to block them out, but those things will always be there. And what you are doing right here, right now is one of those things that I don’t want you to forget. You will find yourself in a situation where you will have to hold a gun to someone, or even fight someone that you are close to. This someone can be either family or even a friend,” His words come to me very soft, and the tears stop running my face. I don’t feel as scared. I watch as he takes a few steps this time, as he continues to talk, with the gun slowly lowering, “One of the most important things to remember son is that you can keep your friends and family close, but you need to keep your enemies closer. And you will never know who your enemy is until it is too late,” He places his hand on the gun, pushing it down, as he speaks once more, “And when that time comes James, I want you to be prepared. You are going to take this world by storm and that is what I am going to give you, James. I am going to give you the fucking world.”

My dad then pats me on the head and walks away as I sit there, on my knees, the gun in my hand, looking down at it, not knowing what to say or do.

I do know that having the world sounds amazing.

I want the whole world.

I tell myself that when I get the world, I am never ever letting it go.

It will be all mine.

- S H O O T -


“Can you people feel it? It is in the air. Final Level is being proudly presented by Supreme Championship Wrestling this Sunday live on pay per view. We get to see Kelcey Wallace and Rayvn Taylor compete for the SCW World Championship yet again. We get to see Syren, Red Rayne, Reagan Street and Kennedy Street compete for a title shot. I don’t know about you but from a fan’s standpoint, that just seems boring and repetitive. I mean, we might as well get rid of the SCW Women’s Championship because it is pointless. The World Heavyweight title has taken its place. Now, I doubt all of you really care because most of you are morons. You just buy into whatever the SCW sells. But then there are those who can see through the clouds and read between the lines. The SCW is a sinking ship due to the way it has allowed the main event position to be monopolized and how it protects certain superstars, while keeping others down below that glass ceiling. And trust me ladies and gents, it fucking exists. If you don’t believe me, just look at Vixen Cain. I don’t like the fairy but he beat Rayvn for the United States title, yet they told him he didn’t. They took the title away from me, allowing Rayvn to keep it and continue her reign that used to be impressive.”

I crack a grin as I stare into the camera and shake my head, rolling my eyes.

“You know, I just don’t get it. The SCW has one of the largest if not the largest rosters in the professional wrestling industry and yet we have seen the same people since 2010 involved in the upper echelon of this company. It has been a shit load of women, with the men they are fucking standing right beside them. The Streets moved in and started licking main event twat or bouncing on World title cock. They have been involved in every single title scene the SCW provides. Every single division is being led by women, while the men, the athletes who created this sport and gave it meaning are held down. I mean, we see the same women and men taking up all of the television time because you idiots cheer for them, buy their T-shirts, and chant their names. You give them more attention than they deserve, while someone like me…or even a female who has been here longer than any of the ones you see competing for the World title like Katie Steward or Rachel Foxx, rarely gets any opportunities at the big prize. Rachel Foxx has been here for a long time and while I had to defend her, she has only received one World title shot in her entire SCW career.”

“Oleska Drachewych at one point may have been considered a brilliant man because he has led the SCW to the forefront of pro wrestling. But now, I don’t see a genius. I see a fucking coward. Not only because he won’t fight me in the ring, but because he allows himself to be bullied by Monarchy and others. He fears them because he is afraid he doesn’t want to lose money or ratings. He does not have faith or respect for the rest of his talent. Unless of course you’re David Helms, who thank God is fucking leaving after this Sunday. He and Olek have polished one another’s knobs enough over the years that David has went above and beyond the call of duty to earn the title of “Golden Boy”. Maybe when David retires or somehow dies in the middle of the ring this weekend, another male wrestler will be given the chance to rise up and take his spot and actually compete for the title that is dominated by pussy. Someone like Gable Winchester is probably chomping at the bit to get towards that top spot. I can see it in his eyes that he is clamoring for it. The fans love him again and they would love nothing more than to see one of their heroes competing in the main event. And Gable, you may very well get a chance to do so. You will show off your awesome talent and someone will you give the mic so you can captivate some of the audience members, before stepping into the ring against the World Champion, whoever it may be, but you better make it count, living up to your nickname, or enjoy while it lasts if you happen to lose, because you will end up another Rachel Foxx.”

“You will end up as nothing more than a spoke on the wheel. This is another reason why Jake and I have come together. We are sick and tired of being held back by management. We are tired of others getting the spots that we ultimately deserve. I mean, I deserve it much more because Jake has already had his time in the limelight. I haven’t been given the opportunity to run with the ball. I have been told to wait for the next time and the next time, while watching people who arrive out of nowhere and reach the top in less than six months. Well I am not doing that Gable and that is more than likely what will happen to you if you don’t stand up for yourself. If you become complacent and just show up and do your job then you will never get anywhere. Your talents and your abilities will never get the recognition or respect they deserve. Trust me, I know because I’ve been there. My only advice to you is to do what your girlfriend is afraid of, which is to embrace the chaos. You have to become a part of it and create more chaos. I mean, it worked for Silas World and even New Eden at one point. Title opportunities came from the left and the right.”

I bring the camera closer to my face as I glare into it, before continuing to speak.

“You and Autumn feel like you’re doing some good for the SCW, standing up for what is right, standing up against Jake and I. That is fine. You’ve even been handed a golden opportunity to become the SCW World Tag Team Champions. That is great. Good job. Good for the both of you. But make no mistake about it. You are only here because you’ve been attacked by Jake and I. Don’t thank Oleska or the SCW, because they only see you as dollar signs. They don’t recognize what you can do in the ring which is a tragedy. I recognize it. Jake sees it. We’ve been in the ring against you. You bring it when the time comes. I have no doubt that you and Autumn will do anything less than bring it Sunday. And I can respect that. I respect that drive and that determination, Gable, Autumn. I can appreciate the hunger. But there can only be one winning team Sunday night. There can only be one team to be declared the SCW Tag Team Champions of the World. You are looking at one of the members right now. The other is the man you faced at Supreme Saturday. You can succeed but right now, you’re against us which will not bode well for you and your girlfriend Gable. You will do all that you can to protect her but that is only going to allow us to wear you down even more. Autumn you will not be safe as the chaos you want to avoid will be in your face, right at your doorstep. Maybe the two of you will wake up after having your asses beat Sunday night and realize that the best thing to do is to join us in our crusade to destroy and dominate. You want respect? Going out and shaking hands, kissing babies and all of that will get you nowhere. Jake and I are living proof. We have tried that route. Gable you have tried and while you have been on fire here and there, you need to return to the form that really got you noticed, which was when you won the Trios Contract, turning your back on the fans.”

“You need to get that sense of entitlement back to help you from floundering around like you are. But you need to wait until after Sunday because if you feel entitled at Final Level, the disappointment you will experience may drive you see Autumn as Stacy Kissinger and hurt her, which may be far worse than what Jake and I have in store for her when she gets into the ring against us. Gable, we don’t hold back. We have no issue in ending your career. You won’t go that far. We will if it gets the win, and if it pushes us towards the top, where we belong.”

I draw in a deep breath, holding it for a few moments, as my mind switches its attention from the team of Gable Winchester and Autumn Valentine to the current SCW Tag Team Champions, Angelica and Kayla Jones, collectively known as the Sisterhood. I exhale, as my glare fades back into a smirk, before I begin speaking once again.

“In order to get where we belong we have to overcome three teams. I have already addressed Standing Room Only who have shown in recent weeks, that there doesn’t appear to be any ground for them to stand on. I have moved on from Autumn and Gable to the current tag champs, the Sisterhood. Hey Kayla. Hey Angelica. How are you doing, darlings? Are you ready to defend those belts Sunday at Final Level, in the one match that the SCW universe should consider to be the best match of the night before it even starts? I mean that is the way I see it, namely because I am in it. You can call it arrogant, but I feel like I have the ability to make any match a five star, Rise to Greatness worthy match. I did it with Tommy Griffin a few short weeks ago. The same will be said of this match when it is all said and done.”

“That brings me to my next point. The common theme of your promo regarding this match revolved around respect and that respect needed to be earned. You were basically saying that Jake and I have not earned the respect we have asked for and demanded. You stated that we are trying to get respect out of our opponents by attacking them from behind. I find that funny first off, because haven’t I seen you involved in some quote unquote sneak attacks, Angelica? I could be wrong and sue me if I am, but it is hard to tell all of you bitches apart, since the lot of you make up over half of the fucking SCW roster. You’re all carbon copies of each other. That is my story and I am sticking to it. Just as I am sticking to this story as well. I fought for the SCW on numerous occasions during its war against New Eden, or Blood Grove, or whatever the fuck they have called themselves. I have fought against the so called bad guys that were terrorizing the SCW. I have left and I have come back. Each time I left, I felt like I lost any and all respect that I had garnered, so I fought even harder and when I felt I had earned it back, when all of the signs pointed to the fact I had earned it back, I bit down, hook, line and sinker, only to realize that the powers that be did not give a damn about me.”

“I fought and I have fought. I have wanted to earn the respect of the office. I have asked for opportunities to compete against the upper echelon just so I could show them what I could do, just so I could get recognized. But that never happened. And if it did, win or lose, it was brushed off like it didn’t matter. The same thing has happened with Jake Starr. He fought on the side of the fans for years. YEARS!!! He bitched and moaned a lot for the most part, but he fought for the fans and for the betterment of the SCW. He was the good guy. He got his title shots and opportunities. He carried this company on his back for quite some time, but then they moved on, dropping him like a bad habit, acting as if everything he had done and accomplished, bitched and moaned for, fought for did not matter. You want to talk about respect being earned? Really? Jake and I have fought tooth and nail for this goddamn company. We have shed blood, sweat and tears for this company, but we don’t get recognized because the SCW wants to go a different direction, the powers that be want to favor someone else. You can call this cocky and arrogant too, which is fine. But I have always been consistent when I have been with the SCW. I have worked harder than anyone else behind the scenes and in front of the camera, yet I have not gotten shit for it. People focus on those around me. The Chosen comes to mind and how I worked harder and won more matches, be it an opening match or a main event match, I treated them as opportunities. Chad and Ace stepped up when they felt it counted and won, and were praised and pushed to the moon.”

“The Streets, Syren, all of them have been no different and they are given the world. Well, I Want the fucking world too and I WILL HAVE IT!!! OLESKA DRACHEWYCH HAS OWED ME SINCE 2011!!! HE IS THE REASON I LEFT EACH TIME!!! HE HAS THE POWER TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN BUT HE DOESN’T! IT ALWAYS GOES TO SOMEONE ELSE!!! You can say that this is a temper tantrum but this is fucking truth. You brought up respect when you know nothing of what I have been through in my tenures with SCW. Do you understand? The Sisterhood know dick about me. And I am sick of you, them, everyone. I respect your abilities and as a team. I respect the abilities of each competitor in this match, but do I respect any of you as an individual person? No, I do not. I could give two fucks about any of you. That is why I see all of you for what you are. You are trying to keep me from getting what I want…FROM WHAT I DESERVE!!! YOU…NONE OF YOU WILL STOP ME FROM GETTING IT!!! I WILL BREAK EACH OF YOUR FACES IN ORDER TO GET WHAT I DESERVE!!! WHAT I HAVE EARNED!!!”

I find myself glaring into the camera. I am fucking fuming. I see my shoulders moving up and down rapidly, as my breathing has sped up. I take a few moments to calm myself, but all I can think about is asking Olek for the opportunity to step up for Team SCW last year and how he denied me. I think about asking for advice and how he never really gave me any. I asked what I needed to do get to the top level and how he told me to just keep working at it, while I saw others come in and pass me by in a short amount of time. I have always asked for the chance and I have never been given it. I close my eyes and draw in another deep breath, before slowly it release, as I open my eyes and speak once more.

“Sorry that I got so upset. Okay, I am really not. I wanted you to hear that. I wanted you to see that. And I don’t just mean my opponents in this match. I mean everyone in the SCW and the SCW universe. You can see the passion in my eyes. You can hear it in my voice. The same should be said of Jake Starr. We love this sport but this company is killing if not already killed that love, that passion. I have worked hard for every single thing that I have wanted in this life, in this sport, and yet the SCW has shit on me time and time again. It is time that the SCW feels my pain. Sunday night, I am going to hurt you Kayla…Angelica…I am going to hurt you Simon…Donovan. I am going to hurt you as well Gable…and I haven’t forgotten about you, Autumn. I am going to hurt each and every single one of you. I know all of you want to hurt Jake and I. You want to put us in our places. I am not going to bide my time and wait for it to happen. I am not going to wait for all of you to then turn on each other. I am going to bring the fight to you, just as I have always done with my opponents, give or take a few matches. I am going to make sure that the SCW realizes that this little formation of Jake and I could have never been had the SCW treated us fairly, giving us the respect we deserve. I am going to make sure that the SCW recognizes me this Sunday. I am going to take out the heroes. I will even take out Jake Starr if I have to and win the tag titles on my own, because I know that I can do it.”

“I am strong in mind and in heart, which makes me a very dangerous, dangerous individual. I am not David Helms. That is not a fucking catchphrase or moniker to go by. I am the real deal. It is legit when I say it. Jake Starr has proven to be dangerous as well. I am a few levels above that however. But together, we are a lethal combination. We are sick enough to hurt one another badly, therefore, imagine what we can and will do now that we have formed this little tandem. It may only be a matter of convenience of whatever buzzworthy hashtag bullshit Jake coined. No matter what you call it, label it…there is one thing that cannot be denied. It is something that the world of the SCW is not ready for. This Sunday, when we win the SCW World Tag Team Championships, it will add more fuel to the fire that we will light underneath the SCW before stepping back and watching it burn.”

I finish speaking and I smirk into the camera, believing my words, knowing that I am ready to grab a hold of the world and grip it in my hand. I know at some point that Jake and I will end up fighting to kill one another, but I am not too concerned about that right now. When the time comes, I will deal with it. We have so much to accomplish. A lot of careers to destroy. A lot of targets to shoot. I tell myself that it is time to load up before cutting the feed.