Can you feel it in the air? Under Attack is almost here. But not only that, the night were David Helms meets his demise is drawing closer. The night where Collin Cole gets the reality check that he isn’t even in my league is almost upon us. Breakdown was a fun night just in case you didn’t see it. You would have seen as I ended the hopes and dreams of a would be wrestler, by continuously dropping his sorry ass onto his head, letting him know that he doesn’t belong here, giving Collin Cole and David Helms just a small glimpse of what is in store for them.

And I am sure people are wondering about the moment when I went after Adam Sharper. It has nothing to do with him being weak and an easy target, as he is nothing more than a commentator. People need to go ahead and get that idea out of their heads. I went after Sharper because he showed me just what everyone else has been showing me. He showed me disrespect. He made a comment following an interview I had after my match with Simon Lyman a few weeks ago. His words towards me were the perfect example of…


I didn’t take to well to what Adam said. He said that I have to earn everything in the ring. It is like he is going back on everything that he had said throughout the years where I was considered a “good guy”. I know that he knows that I have earned so much in the ring since I signed my name on the dotted line for the SCW. Adam is like the verbal version of an Indian giver. He says something then takes it back. I wasn’t going to allow him to just disrespect me. Plus, I knew that either Collin Cole or Helms would show up to save the day. That is how things go in this line of work. And sure enough, Collin arrived, getting the roar of the crowd. And he did save Adam Sharper from suffering the same fate as that would be wrestler who had no business in my yard.

Collin Cole wants to keep up the roll he has been on which is fine. I would want the same thing, but you see, I am on a roll as well. I am going to fight harder than Cole. I have been doing this longer and I have been fighting for something for far too long for him to just come out of nowhere and take from me. David Helms had his big speech, saying that he would have destroyed me and ended up getting suspended. Oh David…talking all big and bad. That is really cute. It is really rich. I couldn’t help but laugh. I wasn’t going to let the night end without taking the fight to him. I went right by his fat shit of a manager Matty Stone, who would have been knocked the fuck out had he gotten in my way. I brought the fight to David. I targeted anyone and everyone that got in my way. His poor precious Harmony Fisher was left humbled in the center of the ring. Scarlett wanted to get involved but it didn’t go as well as she would have hoped.

Collin Cole came back out but I was still able to walk to the back without as much as a scratch. I wanted David to know something however. Oh yes, there is a method to my madness. I wanted him to see just through my actions that I hate him. That I cannot stand him. I went after those who he cares about. I would have had no problem in breaking the spine of Harmony. I would have no issue with sending Scarlett to the hospital. Hell, I would have no problem with hurting Reagan and stealing a kiss before rolling out of the ring and heading the to the back. I would have stuck my hand in her shirt and cupped a tit or stuck it down her pants just to feel her get wet. I would have done that because I know just how much it would have pushed David to want to kill me.

But you see, there is a difference between David and I. As I said, his little speech was cute. He came off all big and touch. He was really macho. Yeah, the crowd loved it. They ate it up. I couldn’t help but fucking laugh. When I say I am going to hurt someone, I go out and do it. I don’t just say I am going to destroy someone to get a reaction. I mean and stand by every single fucking word that I say. Unlike me, David Helms doesn’t have that killer instinct despite the image he wants to project. I have made believers out of people since I came back for the Best of the Best tournament. When I spoke those words about Gable Winchester, I meant them. When I said that I was going to hurt Merrick, Tommy, Simon…and anyone else that I have hurt…I have meant it.

I am a killer. The rest of them are my prey. They just don’t know that they are going to be victims. And just because I don’t get them first thing, I am patient in certain aspects. I know that I will get them and that I will hurt them in due time.

That means that I will hurt Adam Sharper. I will hurt Scarlett if she gets in my way ever again. I am going to demolish Collin Cole. I am going to decimate David Helms. I am going to piss all over his legacy this Sunday night. I have stated that I am not here to play games anymore. I don’t think those in control believe me. Sunday night, I will leave no doubts.

Sunday night, at Under Attack, as Jonathan Knots said…this is…about me…


I am back in my apartment. I open my eyes and I stare at the blank ceiling. It is cracked all to shit. I look out of the window beside my bed and I see it is still raining. It seems to be a never ending flood of rain. I tell myself that if God is real then it is highly possible He is doing his best to drown us all. I tell myself that after yesterday, drowning wouldn’t be so bad. I tell myself that I am owed that much if anything for what I have done. Hell, I think to myself, I deserve a lot worse than drowning. I tell myself that I am drowning right now in this sea of bullshit that I have allowed my life to become. I sigh and shake my head as I slowly climb out of my bed. I didn’t even take off of my shoes or clothes or anything. I just came home and passed out. I tell myself that I should considering myself lucky to have slept at all. I am surprised I did. All I saw when I closed my eyes was the image of what used to be Dirk. I run my hands over my face and shake my head again, as I feel the urge to be sick again coming over me. I walk into the bathroom and splash water on my face, hoping that it will make it better, but it doesn’t. I walk out of the bathroom and step into the kitchen, constantly running my hands over my face, as if I am going to be able to wipe away the memory of shooting Dirk from my mind. I open my cabinet and pull out a bottle of Jack. I go to remove the cap when I hear a voice call out from behind me, “How did you sleep last night?”

I place the bottle back on the counter as I had been holding it close to my chest. I let out a sigh and slowly turn around to find Sanders sitting in one of the chairs in my living room. I shake my head and crack a grin before responding, “What…ummm…what the hell are you doing here, Sanders? I mean, who comes into someone’s home while they’re sleeping? I can only think of two reasons someone does something like that. One reason is that they want to sneak in and fuck or the second reason is to kill the other person. And I don’t think you’re here to fuck me. So what is it? Are you here to kill me, Sanders Huh? Is that it? You came here to kill me?” Sanders says nothing. He doesn’t move or anything. He just stares at me. I can feel my heart racing, beating against my chest, ready to explode. I can feel the sweat beginning to seep through my pores and roll down the skin of my face, “I know that I fucked up by introducing you to Dirk, but I took care of it just like you asked me to. I promise you that I won’t do anything like that again. Dirk was a bad idea and that is on me. But all I can do is apologize, Sanders so if that’s not good enough then I don’t guess there is anything else that needs to be said.”

Sanders smirks, “Yeah you’re right, James. That was your fuck up. It is definitely on you. But as you said…you did take care of it just like I asked. Dirk was a bad idea. He was supposed to help us expand over in New York but instead he was nothing more than some loud mouth that was nothing more than a pussy underneath it all. I cannot and I will not be associated with someone like that. Which brings me to you…” His smirk fades as he continues to speak, “You were associated with Dirk which makes me wonder if you’re like him. And yeah I know you and I go way back, but as I said before, times have changed. People change. Neither one of us seem to be the same person we once were. I know that I’m not but I don’t really know much about who you are. I thought that by bringing in someone who you knew, someone who you said would help us out then that would show me that you’re intelligent. But you see…you had to kill Dirk…This makes me wonder James if you’re truly worth it.”

I lower my head and stare down at the ground, telling myself that this is more than likely going to be the last time I get to stand in this kitchen. I shake my head and chuckle again, as if I am preparing myself for the death that is awaiting me, as I ask, “So what have you come up with Sanders? If you’re going to kill me I would rather you just go ahead and do it instead of tip toeing around it. There really isn’t a point to it. I am not going to fight you. There is no point. If I get by you then I know there will be another one just like you out there waiting to walk up and put one in my head just like I am anybody else.”

Sanders chuckles himself, before climbing out of the chair and slowly making his way into the kitchen. As he enters, I notice that he has a gun in his hand. I look at it for a few moments before locking eyes with him as he grins and shakes his head, “You know something James? I did want to kill you. I wanted to come over here and shoot you right in the face while you slept. I didn’t want to have to look at you in the eye before taking your life. I thought about doing it ever since you introduced me to that fucking idiot. But you see, I am not going to kill you…”

I look at him confused, “You’re not?”

Sanders shakes his head, “No, James…”

I look at the gun, nodding my head, motioning for his attention to be focused on the gun, “So why the piece? I mean, if you’re not here to kill me then why did you bring a gun?”

Sanders shrugs his shoulders, “I wanted to see how you felt when you killed Dirk yesterday.”

The confusion remains on my face, “What do you want to know?”

Sanders lifts the gun up to his face and stares at it, before looking at me, with the gun resting against his nose in a vertical line, “Did you like it, James?”

“Why the fuck would I like it? I took a man’s life. There is nothing to like about that,” I exclaim, the images of Dirk’s head exploding re-entering my mind, the sickness slowly returning into the pit of my stomach, “But if you want an answer then I will tell you. I got fucking sick to my stomach. I threw up in the fucking car. There was nothing to like about it at all.”

Sanders tilts his head from side to side maintaining a smirk on his face, “I don’t know James. Now I will admit that I felt the same way at first. Hell, your dad was there when I made my first kill. He was the one who pushed me and motivated me to do it. Once I did it a few times, it became second nature. Hell, I have to admit that I became a fucking natural at it. But that is only if I am being honest here,” Sanders snickers.

I cross my arms over my chest, “So my father was there when you killed someone? Do you know if he ever killed anyone?”

Sanders cracks another smile, “James…are you telling me that there are things about your father that you don’t know? Of course he killed people. How do you think that he was able to stay in power for as long as he was? He took out anyone and everyone that got in his way. I learned a lot from your old man, especially that you don’t take shit from anyone in this business. If they think you’re weak then you have to show them that you’re far from it.”

I think about the fact that my father was an informant, the same damn thing that I am. I tell myself that there are things that Sanders doesn’t know about my father either. But he is right. I didn’t know that my father has killed people. My mind starts to form questions. Questions such as am I like my father? Am I following closely in his footsteps? I then look at Sanders as I reply, “You have to show that you’re not weak. Is that why you sent me to kill Dirk? Because you felt that he made you look weak?”

Sanders’ smile fades as he responds, “No, James. I don’t think that he made me look weak at all. That motherfucker was a complete idiot. He was a goddamn Jewish faggot that wanted to be an Italian wiseguy. There is no way in hell that someone like that would make me of all people look weak. But he made you look weak my friend. He made you look very fucking weak and I felt that you needed to rectify that, James. And you did.”

I shake my head, “There is no way he made me look weak. I introduced him to you. He made himself look weak for being a fucking idiot. I was the middle man…”

Sanders cuts me off, “The middle man with ties to the fucking idiot. Like I said…that looks bad on you. It looks bad on you therefore it makes you look weak, but you put that motherfucker in his place and now he is buried in various places…”

“What the hell do you mean he’s buried in various places?”

Sanders smirks, slowly exhaling before responding, “What do you think I mean, James?”

I find myself shaking my head once more, “I don’t think I want to know. So am I in your good graces still, Sanders?”

His eyes close, “No, James you’re not. I am going to let you live. I am not going to kill you because I am giving you a shot at redemption. You are going to work your way back into my good graces.”

I scoff, “And what the hell will I be doing to in order to do that?”

He replies, calmly, “Anything and everything that I ask you to do, James. If you don’t then…well…let’s just say that I can fuck your life up so bad that you’ll beg for me to kill you.”

A wave of uneasiness washes over me as the words escape his mouth, “How would you do that? My life has been pretty shitty for the last few years. I had to go into hiding, Sanders. My life hasn’t been the same for the last five years. I’m not sure you can do much else.”

“I can have you arrested for Dirk’s murder. I place video cameras in all of my cars. I am wired in to all of it. I have footage of you putting a gun to Dirk’s head and pulling the trigger, blowing his fucking brains all over the fucking place.”

I lock eyes with him, feeling a chill shooting up and down my spine as I say, “You didn’t send me out there to kill him just to make me look stronger or any of that shit did you?” Sanders chuckles before I continue to speak, “You sent me out there just so you could control me just like you control every fucking other person that works for you. Am I right?”

His smirk remains, “Not everyone, James just everyone that works for law enforcement like you do…”

I don’t move. I feel like the wind has been knocked out of me. I stand there frozen, “What are you talking about…”

“I know James. I have people everyone. I have all of my fingers in every single pie that you can think of my friend. I have known ever since you came into my bar a few weeks ago. You were probably trying to bring me down but here is the thing…you can’t. And now, if people know that you murdered someone then you are going to fucking prison, James. If those inmates find out you were an informant then you’d be dead within a day if that.”

I look down at my feet. I can’t fucking move. My mind starts to wonder how Sanders knows I am with Briggs. I want to question him to see if he is just fucking with me, but the look on his face tells me that he isn’t. I run my hands over my face before speaking once more, “What the fuck do you want from me, Sanders? You want me to kiss your ass? I’m not going to do that.”

Sanders says, “Oh no. Like I said…I own you. I am going to use you every which way that I can, James. I have nothing but time my friend. You on the other hand…do not. You are going to do my bidding, James. If you go to whoever is running you then I will know and I will make sure your mother…your siblings…sweet Holly and Logan are killed.”

My body is covered in chills, “Don’t you talk about them, Sanders. You can fuck up my life but you will not hurt them in anyway.”

Sanders laughs, “Trust me…I don’t want to. I would hate for it to come to that. I am giving you a shot at redemption like I said. You can fix this little fuck up too. I am not sure how exactly but I will let you know when it comes to me.” He and I lock eyes, but I say nothing. There is a long drawn out pause between us, before he finally speaks, “Alright James. I am going to leave and go make some money. Keep your phone on you. I may need you later.”

I watch as he walks out of my home. When the door closes I drop to the floor and begin to weep. I curse and I curse. I throw punches at nothing, as anger, frustration and sadness run through my body. I ask myself what am I going to do? I don’t know. I don’t know. I wipe tears away with my forearm before standing back up. I grab the bottle of Jack, twist the top and bring it to my lips. I begin to drink, chugging away, hoping for alcohol poisoning, hoping for death, but then I tell myself that I have to stay alive. I have to make sure my family isn’t harmed. I just don’t know what I am going to do. I walk back into the bathroom and I stare at my reflection. I can see the anger and frustration in my eyes, as I tell myself that I am going to have beat Sanders at his own game, that I am going to have to take his life before he tries to take mine or the lives of my family. I then ask myself…what would my father do?

I close my eyes as the answer flashes in my mind…

Kill or be killed…


“Were you followed?”

I have met Briggs outside of his home. We are standing near the trees in his backyard. I am shrouded in darkness. I shake my head as I take a paranoid look around, before responding, “No. I don’t think so. Either way, I need to fucking talk to you.”

Briggs looks around, worry all over his face, “God I hope you weren’t followed. Look…let me go take a look around. You stay right here then I will come get you when I see that it is safe. You OK with that?” We lock eyes and I just nod. I watch as he walks away as I take a step or two back into the trees. I drop down. I tell myself that I need a joint, that I need a cigarette, that I need something to calm my nerves. I think that before cracking a grin and shaking my head, as I tell myself that my vices, my addictions were what led me to this in the first place. I grind my teeth in anger and frustration thinking that before I look up to find Briggs motioning for me to come to the back door his house. I look around to my left, right and even behind me before racing across his yard, crouched down. Once inside, I let out a sigh of relief. I run my hands over my face and through my hair as Briggs locks the door. He then places his hand on my shoulder, and asks, “Are you okay, James?”

I take in a deep breath before looking away and staring up at the ceiling, “I don’t even think I should be here talking to you, Briggs. I just had nowhere else to go. I have no idea what to do. I know what I should do but I don’t know if it would turn out well if I went down that road.”

Out of the corner of my eye I notice the worry in Briggs’ eyes, “What are you talking about, James? Talk to me. If I can help you in anyway, I will. You just have to tell me what’s going on.”

I let out another sigh and shake my head, “He knows…Sanders fucking knows about me…he knows I am working undercover…” I finish speaking before turning and locking eyes with Briggs. The worry in his eyes intensifies, “He has already threatened my life as well as my family, Briggs. We are going to have to do something.”

Briggs lowers his head and buries his face into his hands, as he shakes his head, “How in the hell did he find about you, James? I told you that you didn’t need to rush these things but you went and did it. Did Sanders even agree to work with that Dirk you brought in from New York?”

I close my eyes as soon as he mentions Dirk’s name. I can feel his eyes on me as Briggs speaks once more, “Well did anything come of the meeting between Sanders and Dirk, James?”

The words barely make it out of my mouth, as I am somewhat still in a state of disbelief, “I killed him…and before you say anything…I had no choice, Briggs. I had no fucking choice other than to kill Dirk. If I had any other choice I would have taken it. You have to believe me.”

I open my eyes just in time to see Briggs shoot up from the seat beside me. He begins to pace while shaking his head. He stops in front of me after a few moments, “So let me get this straight. You brought in a guy that you said would be able to help me bring Sanders in. That didn’t happen. Your cover has been blown and you haven’t told me how that happened. Not to mention, you fucking killed Dirk. You’re a fucking murderer, James.”

I look up at Briggs and glare, “You don’t think I fucking know that? I told you that I had no choice. I couldn’t just call you. There were others watching me. Sanders is into everything which is how he knows about me. He has someone on the inside of your agency, Briggs. Someone is talking. I don’t know who the fuck it is but whoever it is has put a target on my back.”

I lower my head just as Briggs lowers his. We both take deep breaths, before Briggs starts to talk, “So you’re sure there is someone on the inside working for Sanders?”

My voice cracks as I respond, “Yeah…Sanders told me himself. He said he had all of his fingers in a lot of pies. He doesn’t know about you so I guess you could say that you’re safe. But either way, you need to figure out who’s working for him because I know that I won’t see him now that Sanders has told me that my cover is blown. And I am stuck in this until the case ends, or you get me out, or I end up fucking dead.”

Briggs closes his eyes and shakes his head, “James…I’m sorry.”

I crack a grin, “Yeah…aren’t we all? So what are you going to do in order to protect me as well as my family, Briggs? You asked me to get involved in this, showing those fucking pictures, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to say no, especially after I saw the picture of Dawn and her daughter…” I bury my face in my hands, as the images of Dawn and her daughter flash into my mind. Dawn was supposed to be my real shot at love, my one chance at having something real in this world, but I left that behind when I left with my father. Ever since I saw the pictures of her, beaten to death with her daughter who was probably six or seven at the time beaten purple and blue, I have been asking myself if I would have been able to protect them if I had stayed.

“I don’t know James…I don’t know what I can do but I will figure something out. It may…no, it will take a little bit of time, but either way, I am going to figure something out and I will get you out of this situation. I will do whatever I have to do in order to keep your family safe. And James…you’re right…” Briggs’ voice trails off, as he lets out a sigh of exhaustion, before continuing to speak, “I really didn’t know those photos would make you want to help me. A part of me wished you hadn’t seen the pictures of Dawn and her little girl. I kind of hoped you had forgotten her…”

I just stare at the ground as he speaks, letting the words resonate in my mind, trying to block out the memories of Dawn and the thoughts of what may have been, “Trust me…I wish I had forgotten her just as I wish Sanders hadn’t threatened my family…You know Briggs…the more I think about it, the more I have a feeling that I am going to have to do something that you won’t approve. Something that will end up sending you after me before this is all said and done.”

I get up from my seat, feeling weak as I head towards the back door, only for Briggs to call out to me, stopping me in my tracks, “James…” I slowly turn and face him, keeping my hand on the knob, “I know you’re trying to warn me and I have a feeling that I know where this is going. I am asking you to not go there. Don’t become like Sanders. Don’t get sucked into his madness.”

I smirk, “If you can get me out and make sure that my family is safe then you won’t have to worry. But the longer that takes, the less patient I will become. And if it goes there, I have a feeling that I will turn out to be far worse than Sanders, because you placed me in that madness. It is on you to get me out of it. If not then…who knows what will happen…” I look at Briggs. He goes to speak but I lift up my hand and shake my head, before opening the door and stepping back out into the darkness. As I walk back towards the trees, I don’t crouch down or race across the grass this time. I don’t care. Something tells me that I am going to end up fighting Sanders and it will be a fight to the death. Only one of us will be able to survive. I have always been a fighter, a survivor. I try to avoid those sorts of situations, but as life has taught me over the last five years…you can’t stop what’s coming.



Under Attack is nearly here. On a night when Kelcey Wallace faces Dawn Lohan in a match that should be mine, as they compete for the SCW World Championship, a title that should be mine as well. We will also see two bitches compete against the Sisterhood with the SCW World Tag Team Championships on the line, in a match that I should be a part of. Merrick Wiseman will go for the Underground title. The Under Attack card is stacked in every sense of the word in terms of professional wrestling. So where am I going to be at? As everyone knows, I wasn’t meant to be on the Under Attack card. I wasn’t supposed to compete live on pay per view. I was nothing more than an afterthought to those who run this fucking company. And the answer to your question is yes…I should be used to this sort of treatment. But instead of throwing a bitch fit and just quitting, I have been laughing at the SCW from various places such as the bar or the comfort of my own living room.

As you all know…the SCW has been booking me against jobbers, people with no name recognition, would be wrestlers who are still trying to make it through high school. The SCW has been trying to make a mockery of my talent. I haven’t shown up unless I have been challenged. They booked me for two weeks against jobbers, so I stayed home and did only God knows what. They booked me against Simon Lyman and I showed up. The world witnessed what happened during that match up as I demolished Simon Lyman in front of their very eyes. That was a warning shot so to speak. I do not play around. I am going to hurt anyone and everyone you place in front of me SCW. Whatever happens to them is on you. Their lives are in your hands. I am going to make sure I leave them in such a state where the SCW is questioning the health and well-being of the superstars who are pitted against me. I don’t care if it is Simon Lyman, Donovan Kayl, Tommy Valentine, Collin Cole or even David Helms. No one is going to be safe from my wrath.

And I just want to go on record and say that SCW started this.

I am just going to finish it.

So, where am I at on the Under Attack? I am involved in a triple threat match against Collin Cole who I addressed earlier, as well as David Helms. Collin Cole is being booked as a hot rising star in the SCW. The kid has talent which I spoke on earlier. But his hot rising star is going to burn out this Sunday at Under Attack, because his star will not shine brighter than mine. In this match it is going to be kill or be killed. That is my mentality. And I mentioned that I have no issue in hurting someone and putting them on the shelf permanently. I mean it. I have no problem in injuring Cole so bad that he will never be able to wrestle again. I have no problem in ruining his life and pushing him towards inevitable suicide by ending his career early. To be honest, that sounds like a hell of a lot of fun to me. But Collin isn’t the reason I am in this match. He is going to be nothing more than a causality of war once that bell rings. I am not saying that Collin is an afterthought because he isn’t. I know he has it in him to walk out of this match as the winner. I am just not going to allow it. I am going to have to dispose of you quickly Collin because you are going to be an annoyance. You are going to like the fly that keeps buzzing around and all I need to do is squish you in the palm of my hand. I have my eyes set on something else, Collin and I can’t allow you to get in my way.

You see Sunday at Under Attack, I want to destroy David Helms. I want to end his career earlier than he wanted it to end. I want to lift him up and drop him onto his head so hard that it shatters his spine, paralyzing him from the neck down. I would love to know that he will not be able to enjoy his life away from wrestling. I would love to know that he will not be able to pleasure his wife in any way, shape, or form. I want to know that Reagan will become so unhappy and so unsatisfied that she will cheat on David before leaving him for a real man such as myself. I would love to know that David will sit in his wheelchair, staring out at his son and his adopted son as they are able to walk and enjoy themselves while he grows into a deep depression, wishing for someone to just end it all for him. I would love to know that I was the cause of David Helms’ wishing for death. I would love nothing more than to know David Helms feels nothing short of powerlessness. I can picture it all now and if you can see my face right now as I stand before this camera, you will notice my eyes are closed and there is a huge smile on my face right now. It is because I see all of the things that could be. I see my goals forming right in front of me. And from my time with the SCW, you should all know that I am hungry and I fight to achieve my goals.

Ending David Helms’ career and his life is high up on that list of things I wish to achieve. With my eyes opened and no smile on my face, I want you to know David that you are going to be in a fight for your very life this Sunday. You are the reason I am in this match. You want to teach me a lesson and put me into my place. Well, Sunday after I dispose of Collin Cole and destroy you then I will be heading towards my rightful place in the SCW and that is the fucking main event.

You see, the main event has eluded me because of superstars like you, David. You got voted into the main event. Your main event status was handed to you. I am not saying that you wouldn’t have made it eventually because you obviously have talent. The people love you. The SCW Universe sees as you as the best and the SCW has made you into their new golden boy. They have held you in high regard and placed you on a goddamn pedestal. You have been viewed as the best superstar, the top superstar, the absolute Best in the World since two thousand and ten. I have been sick to my fucking stomach ever since. For one reason is because after you won the World title, I pinned you. Sure it was a cheap win as Chad stuck his nose in our business, but I pinned the World Champion. What did I get out of that? The Adrenaline Championship…big whoop. Where was my one on one World title shot then? Oh yeah that is right. They gave it to Jake Starr and then it was Christy Matthews I am pretty sure. I got lost in the shuffle. I became an afterthought David and because of that…I absolutely despise you. I absolutely fucking hate you and your entire existence.

You tried giving me advice back then and I told you that I didn’t need your advice. You are more than likely going to try and do the same thing leading up to our match Sunday night. That is fine. Waste your breath. I don’t care. You will probably say something…James…if you want to get to the main event and to compete for the richest prize in this business then you are going to have to earn it. And in order to actually earn it, James you are going to have stick around for more than a few months at a time. You will say that I am the one who is holding me back. That I am my own worst enemy and all of that horse shit. Well, David it is easy for you to say all of those things when you have had every fucking thing handed to you on a silver platter since you arrived in this company. You joined up with Jake Starr and Tommy Boy, to form the Brotherhood. You were getting shots at the Underground titles and the Adrenaline titles before going onto getting voted into the World title scene. You entered the main event and you’ve been there ever since, David. I was in the SCW for nearly a year and all I received was a shot at the Adrenaline title. I was placed with the Chosen which was something that I didn’t want. I did my best however to make chicken salad out of the chicken shit that the SCW continued to serve to me on a rusty plate. The SCW kept starving me while keeping you well fed. I was the homeless kid looking in through your window while you dined away, taking everything that was handed to you.

You see it is easy for you and others like you to knock me for leaving. The thing is that you have had a reason to stay. I haven’t. I have left due to frustration and I have felt like the SCW was shitting on my career. You have stuck around because you have lived the good life, always competing on the high end of the card, always being held in high regard as I have mentioned before. I have been given scraps over and over and over. I have been told to improve here and to improve there. I have adjusted and made those improvements, but it always goes back to the same thing. Oh, you could use some improvement here James. Try doing this next time. You keep on that path and you will be competing for the World title, competing at the level you want in no time. And people wonder why I am so full of anger and frustration towards this place. I am pretty sure when you got frustrated David it has been because you couldn’t decide which pussy to stick your dick in so you could remain relevant. For all of your talent, for all of your accolades and accomplishments, you have basically lived in the shadow of whoever you’re fucking at the time be it Syren or your lovely wife Reagan. I have been frustrated because I have worked on my own to gain a spot in the upper echelon. I didn’t sleep my way to the top or to become the focal point of SCW programming, which is what over half of the roster has done and continues to do. How much twat was your wife licking when she first arrived here?

Another thing that you will more than likely give me shit about David is the fact that I have been attacking people from behind and using underhanded tactics…and I get it. You are the SCW’s last glimmer of hope right? Yeah yeah…you’re all of that as well as the self-proclaimed biggest turncoat in the history of the SCW. That was back when you decided to take Dark Fantasy to the Next Level, joining those you couldn’t seem to beat, turning your back on the fans in the process. You were going around cracking Jake Starr in the head with chairs. You may say that Jake deserved it. Well, I have thought your good buddy Tommy Valentine has deserved it when I hit him with a chair. I thought Simon Lyman deserved it when I wrecked him a few weeks ago. If you judge me for bending the rules in any way shape or form David then that would make you the world’s biggest hypocrite. You turned on the fans because you wanted to feel free. You used to say that it felt great to be able to do what you want and to be able to say what you want. You have called the fans morons. So why is it any different for me to do it? I am viewed as the bad guy because I am attacking those who I feel are standing in my way of getting what it is that I want which is the SCW World Championship. I didn’t do it because I wanted to be free. I tried to be the good guy but it got me nowhere so I stopped caring. I call the people morons because they boo me for standing up for myself. You called them morons for cheering someone like Jake Starr when your roles were reversed.

I do not care to be in the fans’ good graces. I have succeeded without them. They weren’t out there fighting my battles. I have fought my own battles. Hell, I even got involved in a few of your battles last year with Aiken and his band of merry cartoon fucks. You seemed to brush me off. I wasn’t good enough to be on your team after the first round. Hell, you never even said thanks David. You treated me like a piece of second rate pussy, just something you wanted to fuck over and forget about. Well, after this Sunday David, I am going to make sure you never forget me. Sunday night, at Under Attack, our roles will reverse. I have been under attack my entire SCW career, always have to prove myself over and over again while others like you seem to skate by. You will be under attack Sunday and I will not let up. I will let you know that nightmares don’t only exist in New Jersey, but that they are right in front of you. I am not the same man you faced back in 2011. I am not the same man you had help to beat in 2012. I am not the same man who handed you a victory a few months back because I didn’t want my face to meet a steel chair. No. I am a man who wants it all and will stop at nothing until he gets it. I am not blinded by my desires. I know what I have to do in order to achieve them.

In this industry, it is either kill or be killed.

Survival of the fittest and the smartest…

You may be fit but you are not the smartest. Mistake number one was asking for me to be placed in this match.

You want to put me in my place.

I will be put in my rightful place after I show you that I am the next level of main event performer.

That I am the last shimmer of hope for this company, the hope that it so desperately needs otherwise it will fold because Oleska Drachewych has allowed it to become a joke by pushing whores like your wife to the top. I am sure she has taken turns sucking your cocks after the cameras stop rolling. Talk about taking one for the team.

It may seem like I am obsessed with hurting you David and you may be right. I have fight like I have lived in your shadow for so long that it has driven me crazy at times. Well, Sunday that ends. Instead of me trying to do things your way which I admit that I used to do, I will do what I have been doing since I came back, which is doing things my way. Judge me all you wish but I will make you eat your words. You can go down as one of the very best to ever step foot in the SCW and I have no doubt in my mind that you will. Beating you is almost as important as winning the World title for me. I have to show that I can beat you, David. There will be no Rachel Foxx. There will be no Justin David. There will not be a Chad fucking Evans to have a hand in the results this weekend. You and I can take out Collin Cole, because in the end, this is about you and I.

You two may have history, but your history with me is far more important. Sunday night, we need to finish what started years ago and I am going to be the one to finish it. I am going to rewrite history and make sure that our rivalry ends on a high note for yours truly, as it will be echoed throughout the arena this Sunday that…

James Evans beat David Helms…