September 9th, 2016

New York City, New York


“I need a drink” says Rhonda Holland as she takes a seat at a table her…whatever he is to her, boyfriend, best friend, confidant, friend with benefits, either way his name is Phillip. Phillips smiles at Rhonda as he stands up and pulls out a chair for her. She appreciates it but dislikes it at the same time. Rhonda likes to do things herself, doing things her way. She takes a seat, “You know you didn’t have to do that, Phillip. I can pull out my own chair…” She says, trying to assert her independence.

Phillip retakes his seat, shrugging his shoulders at her statement, “I know but you know that I like to be a gentleman. It is in my nature, I can’t help it. Besides,” He says, taking a sip or two his beer, “You look like you had a shitty day. I figured you needed someone nice in your life…”

Rhonda rolls her eyes and shakes her head, smiling, “I know. I know. And I appreciate it, but you’re right. I have had a shitty day. This case is kicking my ass. I don’t get why people won’t just meet me halfway. I am trying to help them out, yet they continue to talk out of their asses, or tune me out to where what I say goes in one ear and out of the other…” She sighs and shakes her head once more, “I need a damn drink.”

Phillip smiles, “What will you have?”

Rhonda lets out a deep breath, before flashing a smile, “Just something strong. Surprise me. Just don’t slip anything in my drink,” She says, with a laugh.

Phillip gets up, nodding his head before turning towards the bar. As he edges closer to the bar, he stops halfway and turns around, locking eyes with Rhonda, “We both know I don’t need to slip anything in your drink. You want me enough already…” He replies laughing before turning back and continuing towards the bar. Rhonda smiles as she watches him. She bites her bottom lip, telling herself that she has a good man in her life and that Phillip has never done her wrong in anyway. She tells herself that she should consider herself lucky. Moments later, Phillip returns with a few shot glasses filled with what smells like tequila, “Here we go. I got you something strong. In my humble opinion, it should help take the edge off. It could also help with any decisions when it comes to whether or not you’ll let me stay the night…”

Rhonda downs a quick shot, shaking her head slightly likes most people do after drinking some sort of hard liquor. She fans for herself while chuckling a little bit, “You and I both know that I don’t need to drink when it comes to making those kind of decisions. Besides, you’re not staying the night tonight. I have too much to do with this case.”

Phillip fakes a sad face, before grabbing a shot for himself. He brings the glass up to his face as he says, “At least I have you to fuck me…” He downs the shot and both share a laugh.

* * * * *

Ah, the bitch is already cheating on me, I say to myself with a slight snicker as I take a few gulps of my beer. James went to sleep so I decided to have a little fun myself. I came back to the park and watched as my little apple made her way out of her law office. I watched as she threw some things in her car before making her way down the sidewalk, phone in hand. I kept my distance as I pursued her, not to attack her, but to observe her. I am fascinated by her. She takes my breath away. I have to learn more about her before we can spend some time together.

Watching her with this guy, it is hard not to consider the fact that he may cause me trouble. I can tell she likes him, but not nearly as much as he likes her. The way they laugh together and joke around, even the few moments where they touch one another, I can tell that they have fucked. I feel a little bit of jealously coming over me but I remind myself that I will have my moment with her and when it happens, the moment will be right, and it will be ours. I am sure he stays with her from time to time and vice versa. I make a mental note that I will need to make sure I am in tip top shape just in case he is around.

I continue sipping my beer as time goes by. He walks off to the bathroom and she gets up, grabbing her purse. I get up from my seat finishing my beer in the process and walk behind her slowly. We begin to migrate through the crowd and reach over, unzipping her purse little by little. The closer we get to the bar, I manage to get the purse all the way open and I grab her wallet before taking a detour route to the bar. I pull out my phone as I fumble through the wallet, taking a photo of her driver’s license. I then look up and see the bartender looking at her frustrated as she digs through her purse. I wait a few moments before making a move, “Excuse me miss,” Our eyes meet. I stare into those eyes intensely before continuing to speak, “Did you drop this?” I ask, lifting up her wallet.

Her face adds another shade to it, this time out of embarrassment, “Yep, that would be mine. I am such a clutz when I drink. This is why I don’t do this often,” She tells me.

I reply with a smile, “Things happen when you let loose, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing,” I say, with a laugh, trying to comfort her in a way.

She nods a few times, still smiling and laughing, “Yeah you’re right. I should probably do this more often so I can learn the tricks of the trade in all honesty. But I work way too much to do so.”

“Well,” I say, maintaining a smirk on my face, “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy…”

She chuckles a bit, “The Shining” right?”

I nod, “Ding, Ding, Ding…we have a winner,” I reply with a playful shout.

She lets out a “Wooo” before handing the bartender some cash. She then places her wallet back in her purse, zipping it up. I watch as she grabs her beer, takes a sip then we lock eyes as she says, “Well thank you very much. It is rare to find good people in this city.”

I nod, “My pleasure…” She nods as well before heading back over to her seat. I grab my phone and look at the photo, “My pleasure indeed,” I say, gently rubbing my thumb over her picture, “Rhonda Holland…”

* * * * *

Sitting in James’ car, I wait, keeping my eyes on Rhonda’s car. At around 10:30, I see walking with the same guy from the bar. He has his arm around her. I can hear them singing and laughing along the way. Once they reach her car, I hear him ask, “Are you alright to drive?”

She says, just the sound of her voice drives me wild, “I will be fine. I am going to go home, take a shower, then go to bed so I can get up early in the morning.”

I can see him as he grins, “Thank you for that image. After fifteen minutes of alone time, I will be able to sleep like a baby,” He says before leaning in for a kiss. She rejects the kiss, leaning forward and hugging him. I see his lips move but am unable to see what he says. I just feel my assumptions were proven correct, which delights me in a way I can’t describe. It is nice knowing that the possibility of having to deal with him in order to have my time with Rhonda lessens the more I watch them. They then break apart and she climbs into her car. He begins walking away, heading back towards the bar and then I watch her pull out onto the street. I start my car up a few moments later before pulling out in full pursuit. I drive a little bit before I find her. I don’t lose sight of her, but I keep my distance.

And then she comes to a stop, outside a nice home. It is nothing lavish, but looks very warm and cozy. I keep driving past her as she climbs out of her and heads up the porch steps. I drive to the end of the road then turn around slowly. On the return trip, I watch as she closes the blinds. I keep my going, keeping my eyes on the house, observing the neighborhood as well. I see how close the other houses are and I tell myself that I will have to be sure to keep things quiet, because she looks like a screamer, I think to myself, as I feel a smile begin to appear on my face.


September 12th, 2016

New York City, New York


Standing in Rhonda’s apartment, I remove my mask and let out a deep breath. I take a look around as I stand in the kitchen, having entered through the back door. The kitchen is very neat and tidy. I take note that there is only one way into the kitchen, other than the back door. I then head out of the kitchen and into the hallway, where I slowly begin to walk, looking at each of the photos hanging on the wall. I see a stream of smiling faces, a never ending flow of happiness, frozen moments of time in what anyone would believe to be a perfect life.

I see a picture of her standing with two males. Noticing the facial resemblance, I assume that they are her brothers. I see her standing in a sea of white dresses at what appears to be a wedding. In her hands is a bouquet, and a smile stretching from ear to ear on her beautiful face. I also see a photo of her and a much older gentleman holding a card that reads “Happy Father’s Day” with him on one side and her on the other. I can tell she is loved and that she will be missed. I remind myself that none of that is my concern.

I see a few photos of her and some other women. They are all highly attractive of high society. Debutantes that I would love to meet. I smile as I picture myself standing in between them, getting to know all of Rhonda’s friends as well as family. My smile grows wider as I imagine myself holding them all hostage in the middle of an abandoned storage unit or some building. I would have all of them lined up in a circle, with tape around their mouths and rope around their wrists. I see myself standing in the center with Rhonda, sobbing while looking unlike her normal pretty state.

I blink and instead of Rhonda and her family and friends, I see Amy Chastaine. I see her children there. I see Bree and Blake there. I see what I imagine her baby daddy to look like. I see her so called precious children, looking confused and scared, tears staining the rag tied around their jaws. I see Bree sitting there, crying and looking worried, looking to Blake for help, yet he is just as helpless as she is. Blake has blood all over his face because why wouldn’t I beat the shit out of him? I then see Amy, her hands tied. In my hands, I see a sawed off shotgun. I visualize myself, dangling it in front of her, taunting her, telling her that everyone here, except for myself, will die. I see her crying as I tell her the news, shaking her head. She calls me a monster and a bastard. I see myself laughing then telling her that I don’t disagree. I then tell her that she gets to choose the order they all die in. I see Amy shaking her head as she continues to curse me and sob. I then tell her that if she doesn’t choose then I will choose for her.

I see her, glaring at me through tears, as she tells me to go to hell. And before I strike my first victim, I tell her that we are already there.

My imagination comes to a halt as I hear a creaking sound. I blink a few times and become fully alert once more. I see it is nothing more than a cat running around. I think about stomping it into the floor just so I can hear the bones crack and pop, just because it is an inconvenience. I make my way upstairs, slowly creeping, just in case someone happens to be home. Once I get to the top, I look to the left and right, before peering into the spare bedroom where I see nothing but a few stuffed animals covering a queen size bed. I go into the other bedroom and I breathe in the fragrance. I slowly climb onto the bed, gripping the sheets in between my gloved fingers. I glide my face over them, breathing in her scent. I push myself off of the bed and go over to her dresser. I begin pulling out the drawers, exposing my eyes to several pairs of lacy underwear. I pull out a few pairs, slowly rubbing my face over them, putting my nose into the crotch reason, as I begin to imagine what “it” feels and tastes like.

I place what I feel to be my favorite pair of underwear onto the bed. They are black, lacy, and see through. I picture Rhonda in them, basically calling me to take her, leaving very little to the imagination as she prances around the bedroom, taunting with “it”.

I return to the drawers and find a matching bra. I run my fingers over the cups before placing the bra on the bed. I then take a picture with my phone to remind myself of what she will wear when she and I have our time together. I tell myself that she will look very sexy in it and that is what I want. I want her to expose her flesh to me, to tease me with it before I take everything away from her. I go into the bathroom and see my reflection in the mirror. I grin while taking a picture as a souvenir for my first time in Rhonda’s house. She is the apple of my eye after all.

I look back at the bed once more before making my exit out of the room. I see Amy on the bed, in the same outfit I picked out for Rhonda. I have her tied down to the bed however and she is pleading with me not to hurt her. She tells me that her kids are in the next room. I see myself smirking before telling her that if she makes a sound or fights back then the next photo of her children that goes out over social media will be of them in closed caskets.

I hear another sound which brings me back to reality. This time it isn’t the cat. I peer down the stairway which leads to the front door. I hear a deadbolt unclicking and the door opens. I drop down a little bit, to where I can still see the doorway and I see her, the apple of my eye, my Rhonda. She walks in and lets out a deep sigh before being greeted by her cat, “Hey there fur baby. How are you? Did you miss mama?”

I watch as she turns and heads out of view. I slip my mask back on and slowly begin creeping down the stairs. I peer around the corner, seeing her standing in the doorway to the kitchen. She pours water into a bowl and places it on the floor then looks up, but doesn’t see me. I hide around the corner, waiting and listening. I then hear footsteps and they begin to get closer and closer. I edge my way up the stairs once more, skipping the steps three or four at a time, before reaching her bedroom where I immediately crawl under the bed and wait. I listen as she slowly makes her way up the steps. Her footsteps begin free but as they continue, I sense her steps becoming more and more hesitant. And then she stops…

I slow my breathing down, despite the fact that my heart feels like it is ready to burst out of my chest with adrenaline and excitement. I see her feet finally appear in the doorway and it is like she becomes frozen. I know she sees the lingerie on the bed. She takes a few steps into the bedroom before quickly bolting to the bathroom. I hear the door lock followed by her saying, “If you’re here you better fucking leave. I’m calling the cops.”

I smirk as I slowly pull myself out from under the bed, trying to be as quiet as possible before walking over the bathroom door. I hear her talking on the phone, “Hello…this is Rhonda Holland…” I continue to smirk, hearing her panicked voice, “I believe someone is or was in my house…” She begins to give an address and I draw away from the door, making my exit out of the bedroom, slowly making my way down the stairs once more. I take light steps to avoid making little to no noise as I walk through the hallway and into the kitchen, where I open the door slowly and step out into the night, pulling the door closed, locking it back. I begin running, hopping over fences and barking dogs, living off the rush that I am feeling from the experience. To feel and smell her fear, it gave me a boost in adrenaline and it is a feeling I can’t wait to experience again.


September 13th, 2016

New York City, New York


Rhonda Holland still feels the eeriness surrounding her. She doesn’t know if anyone was still in her house or not when she got home. She didn’t come out of the bathroom until the police arrived. She takes a sip of her beer as she sits at her usual table with Phillip, “I feel like such a coward, Phil.”

“Well, you’re not,” He says, taking a sip of his beer before placing a hand on hers, “You did the right thing by locking yourself up and not coming until the police came. I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything but that in all honesty,” He strokes her hand gently with his thumb, “So don’t be so damn hard on yourself. Okay?”

Rhonda shakes her head, and downs some more beer, “It’s hard not to be hard on myself, Phil. I mean, I present myself as this killer in the courtroom. I am tough on my clients as well as everyone else involved in my cases. But when I come home to find out that a stranger has been in my house, that they may still be in there, what do I do? I run and lock myself in the bathroom. I shrivel up then run and hide. I don’t fight back. I am no killer. I am just a scared little girl in a big scary world.”

Phillip lets out a sigh, “You’re right. The world is a big scary place but you’re wrong about everything else. You are a killer in the courtroom. I’ve seen you go to work,” He says with a smile. He hopes Rhonda smiles back, which she does, even if it is a little one, “But you did the right thing. If you had stayed out in the open and someone had still been there…” His voice trails off as he looks away. He draws in a deep breath before locking eyes with her once again, “I don’t want to even think about what could have happened. I am just glad you are safe and that nothing happened. The sick fuck is lucky that I wasn’t there…”

Rhonda begins to rub Phillip’s hand now, trying her best to calm him down. She gives him a smile and he returns the favor. She then replies, “You’re right, Phil. Sorry. It is just hard to get it out of mind. I know that I’m lucky nothing happened. And I know you would have protected me. You always do.”

“And I always will,” He says, bringing her hand to his lips and kissing it, “Speaking of which…” He begins, and Rhonda can tell he is trying to lighten the mood, “Whenever you get tired of staying at your sister’s…I have a twin bed with an always cold side that I could help you warm up.”

Rhonda laughs, knowing deep down that she loves Phillip back. She feels safe in his presence and it is a feeling that she never wants to lose. She takes a sip of her beer before responding, “Yeah is that so?”

He fires back, “Totally.”

“Well,” She says, with a smile, “I may have to take you up on that sometime. I just hope that I can go back home to my house and feel safe again.”

Phillip nods, “And you will, Rhonda. It may take time, but you will.”

She replies, “I hope you’re right.”

* * * * *

Sitting directly behind Rhonda and her so called lover, Phil…I can’t help but be delighted. Hearing the fear in her voice. It is practically radiating off of her. The power I have over her right now and I didn’t even have to touch her. I let out a soft chuckle while I gulp down some beer. I have been coming here ever since the other night in hopes of finding her here. And here she is, confessing her feelings of fear and the sort of thoughts running through her mind. I tell myself that this is better than television, that this better than going to the movies.

Hearing Phillip talk about how he would protect her is something else that makes me laugh. I would have loved for him to have been there the more I listen to this piece of shit talk. He would have fucked me up? Please. I am obviously much more physically commanding than you are, Phil. If anyone would have been fucked up, it would have been you. I would have enjoyed breaking your ribs or your nose and I would have done that with ease. So if anyone at your table should consider themselves lucky, it should be you, buddy boy.

But don’t worry, my mind continues, I won’t mess with your girl for awhile. I made my impact and I will let things rest. Go ahead and have her stay over at your place. I have picked up her scent and I won’t stop until I have her all to myself, even if it means taking you out in the process, you fucking hero. I have proven in James’ professional career that I have no problem with hurting those who try to interfere in my work. You could join the ranks of Rayvn Taylor and Ace Marshall, if you’d like to, Phil. And as for you, Rhonda…you should return home soon. I won’t bother you.

I want you to feel safe. I want you to feel like it was a one time thing and it is safe to go home, that you can let go of that eerie feeling that someone is watching you while you sleep. Like I said, I will not bother you but you and I will be together. It may be in a week. It may be much longer than that. Just depends on when the mood strikes me, little apple of my eye. But I will return and I would love to put a few things to the test, I continue thinking to myself as a down some more beer, listening to Rhonda confide in Phil. I want to see how much of a killer you truly are and if you a lot stronger than what you showed me the other night. I want to know if your pussy smells just as good as my favorite pair of underwear, which you will wear on our special night. I also want to know if you will put up a fight or if you will be as weak as you were the night you cowered in fear on the inside of your bathroom.

Hehe, I think as I finish my drink.

I prefer the former…

I rest my glass on the table and walk towards the exit. Upon reaching the door, I turn and take a quick look at Rhonda, who knows that she is in a safe place right. I think to myself, Stay safe, Rhonda. I blow a kiss towards her as I think to myself one last time, I will see you soon, my dear, very soon.


October 23rd, 2016

New York City, New York


Detective Allison Branch sits in her office, spinning around in her chair. She looks at all of her accolades resting on the wall, all neat and in a row. Normally, she thinks to herself, people would be amazed and feel accomplished looking at a wall of fame, but I, her thoughts continue, feel like I could do more. That I could achieve more. That I need to achieve more. But in order to do that…

A knock comes out her office door. She rolls her eyes, always hating it when someone stops her mid-thought, “Come in…” The door opens and in walks her young but quite handsome new partner, Darren Crawley. Allison thinks for a moment about how she would love to wrap her smooth, muscular legs around Darren while gyrating on his pelvis. Allison, herself, is an attractive woman and being in control over men younger than she is. She just enjoys the control, “Yes, Darren?”

Darren flashes his All-American grin, “Just wanted to check in on you, boss. How are you? You look pretty bored,” He says with a slight laugh.

Allison rolls her eyes and lets out a groan, “I am bored, Darren. Things have been quiet recently. At least on our front. I think the last thing I investigated was back in June or July where a young couple were attacked by a man running at night. The female got busted up, but her boyfriend got it worse.”

“Where did that lead?”

“Nowhere, honestly. This is New York. People get attacked all of the time. People get mugged and attacked all of the time. It is nothing new. But that shit…” She sighs, “It just bores me to tears. I need something to happen Darren. Something that will snap me out of this funk,” She says, not believing that she admitted that.

Darren steps into the office, closing the door behind him, “What would you need to wake you from your funk, as you so delicately put it?”

“I wish I knew…” Allison says, her voice trailing off. She needs a villain to rise from the darkness, but she doesn’t want to admit that out loud. A villain to start terrorizing the city so she can rise to the occasion as she has done multiple times over her career and bring a stop to him. Or her for that, she thinks to herself, “I just need something. Anything really?”

Darren smirks and nods his head, “From most of the guys I’ve talked to here in this office, you’re the only one who seems to live for the action. You need Hell on Earth in order to feel important. Am I right?”

Allison’s face forms a scowl, “Listen to me very carefully young Jedi. In this job, in this field, you need to realize and fully understand that Hell is Earth. The quicker you find that out, the better off you will be.”

“Noted,” Darren responds. Allison can sense a hint of sarcasm in his voice. He clears his throat and despite being a little shit, Allison wants to fuck him, “If this is Hell on Earth, then what do you need in order to survive without going crazy, boss?”

She responds, her words cold and direct, “I need a challenge…”

* * * * *

“Hey….” I say as Rhonda looks up at me, sitting on the same bench she sat in when I first laid eyes upon her, when I decided she would be mine, “Didn’t I return your wallet to you not too long ago?” She looks at me puzzled at first, “It was at a bar. You said you shouldn’t cut loose and blah, blah, blah…” I pause for a moment before grinning and saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…Ring any bells? Yes? No? Maybe…?”

She brings the palm of her hand to her forehead as she grins, giggles, and shakes her head all at once, “Yes, yes…now I remember…” She brings her hand from her face, still maintaining her grin, “I am so sorry. My mind is elsewhere these days. But yes, you did return my wallet to me after I drunkenly left my purse wide open…” She says shaking her head again, “Thank you, thank you. Again, thank you…” She then looks back up at me, locking eyes with me, “I don’t think I ever got your name…” She extends her hand, “I’m Rhonda…”

I grin, slowly taking her hand, trying to hide the excitement of feeling her skin on mine as I say, “My name’s James. It is a pleasure to meet you, Rhonda,” A pause follows as I stand before her in the park. She giggles and I let out a fake nervous laugh, “So now that we’ve been properly introduced, what has your mind elsewhere?”

Rhonda shakes her head, letting out another laugh, “I wouldn’t want to bore you with the details, James. Especially after we’ve been properly introduced. You seem to be one of the good ones like I said, since you DID bring me back my wallet with all of my belongings intact.”

I quickly take a seat next to her, but keep a good distance from her, “Try me. I promise I won’t be bored.”

She looks away and lets out a sigh, “I’ve been spending the last month or so looking over my shoulder, feeling afraid, especially when it comes to going into my house and actually staying there.”

I give my best impression of looking concerned, “Oh wow. That is pretty heavy. I can see why your mind is elsewhere. What happened if you don’t mind me asking?”

Rhonda shakes her head, “No, no. I don’t mind. I came home one night to find some of my personals lying on my bed all spread out. I didn’t place them there. I called the cops while hiding in my bathroom and they came to my house. They looked everywhere but couldn’t find anything.”

Keeping up the concerned routine, “They saw nothing?” She shakes her head no, “Not even forced entry? Nothing? That is crazy…” I turn and look away, “Jesus…” I shake my head before turning back to her, “I am really sorry to hear that Rhonda. I hope that it gets better.”

She nods her head slightly, “It has, little by little. I have been sleeping at my house for the last two weeks. All by myself, even. But sometimes, I get the feeling someone is watching me. So I do a look through of the house and find nothing. Once I find nothing, I rest easy. I hope that feeling goes away sometime soon. I like my sleep.”

We lock eyes once more and I reply, trying to force away the sly grin trying to form on my face, “It will. Trust me. I have faith…”


October 24th, 2016

New York City, New York


The rain begins to pour, making the already rather chilly evening that much colder. I feel the chill rising through my clothes as I stand amongst the trees, in the shadows, my eyes on Rhonda’s house. I feel limber yet lethal. I worked out before hand, doing push ups and pull ups. I have tested my grip using various exercises, with my mind focused on tying my favorite pair of underwear of Rhonda’s into a knot around her delicate little neck. I think about Amy Chastaine and how I would love to tell the world when, and if, I get caught that she is truly to blame. No woman would have been harmed had James not had an affinity for women, especially those who he felt looked like his mother. As he does with Amy. As he would think of Rhonda, as she resembles Amy also. I probably would have targeted men because they would more than likely prove to be a challenge. I chuckle at myself as I think that I would go after males who reminded me of Ace Marshall in some capacity. I close my eyes, drawing in a deep breath, as I clear my mind and gain some focus.

I open my eyes as I exhale. I look at the house once more, before making my move, remaining shrouded in the shadows of the night. Once I reach the back door, I pause for a few moments, laughing at the thought of how James would reach this point, only to chicken out, showing just how much of a coward he is. I tell myself that I won’t turn back now. I crack my neck before proceeding.

* * * * *

“It has been such a long day, Trixie,” Rhonda says to her cat which sits in the doorway of her bathroom. She wraps a fuzzy pink towel around her body as she steps out of the shower, “I just want to get dressed and snuggle up with you and a good book before bed. What do you think?” Rhonda asks, looking down at her cat with a smile. The cat meows and Rhonda responds, “You so get me. I think you’re the only one that really does and that is why I love you,” She says with a laugh before grabbing a brush and beginning to brush her hair.

While brushing her hair, Rhonda feels a chill as it begins to slowly make its way up and down her spine, as if someone is watching her. She closes her eyes for a few moments, closing the door to the bathroom. She slowly inhales then slowly exhales, trying to clear her mind, “There is no one here, Rhonda. You are safe, Rhonda. Everything will be alright,” She says, slightly shaking her head. And then she hears a thump. The sound startles her, but she forces out a laugh, telling herself that is was just her cat. Rhonda opens her eyes as well as the door, looking down at the floor at her cat, “Trixie…why do you have to scare your mama? Huh?”

Rhonda then looks up at the bed and what she sees causes the chill in her spine to return. She sees the same lingerie from a few weeks ago on the bed. She wants to scream, but she can’t. All she can do is stare at it. Rhonda feels frozen, unable to move. Her ears begin to ring as terror starts to take hold.

And then she hears, “I thought I’d pick something out to make our night together a little more…special…” Rhonda slowly turns her head and her eyes land on a masked figure standing in the doorway to her bedroom, “Do you like it?”

* * * * *

She looks at me, afraid. I can see the terror in her eyes and on her face. Her chest moves up and down at a rapid pace. I take a few steps closer, reaching out with my right hand, placing it on her shoulder, “It’s okay. You don’t need to be afraid,” Just being up to touch her almost sends me into a frenzy, but I tell myself to calm down. I step behind her, gently massaging her shoulders for a few moments, before grabbing the towel and removing it, revealing its secrets and all of its hidden treasures. I look at her body. Very tone and firm. Her ass is tight. Her breasts are almost perfect in every symmetrical way. No freckles or moles. I smile underneath the mask, “You are ravishing my dear…”

Her shoulders move as she shudders a bit, not looking at me as she asks, “What…what do you w-want?”

I let out a sigh, “Isn’t it obvious?” I ask, keeping my eyes on her. She says nothing as I say, “I want to spend the night with you. I’ve been watching you for months. I have craved you like some sort of wild animal or rabid beast…” I say, letting out a slight chuckle in the process. After the chuckling ends, I get serious once more, “I want you to put that on. I picked it out just for you…”

She doesn’t budge, “Put it on, Rhonda. Why are you playing games?” I ask, growing a little annoyed.

And then she finally speaks, “Are you…are you going to hurt me?”

I roll my eyes, “Put it on, Rhonda. Don’t ask questions. Just put on my special outfit so we can move on with our night.”

And then she turns to me, fear and now anger in her eyes, “Are you going to hurt me?”

I say nothing for a few moments, taking her in, feeling her fear as well as her anger. It is as intoxicating as her appearance. And then we lock eyes as I say, “Yes…”

* * * * *

Why is this happening to me, Rhonda thinks to herself as her panties wrap around her throat. What did I ever do to deserve this? I never hurt anyone…

I was always a good person…

God, I can’t breathe…

Why is this happening to me?

I was a good person…I start her a bath to start the evening off right. I let the water run, not letting it get too hot, making sure it isn’t too cool. I want it just right. Holding a few candles in my gloved hand, I light them with a lighter I found on Rhonda’s dresser. I place the candles strategically throughout the bathroom. I then go over to the bed, removing my mask before picking Rhonda off of the bed. I place her into the tub, gently, resting her head against the porcelain.. Since she is feeling rather “lifeless” I wash her body for her, using one of the rags she had resting on a wire rack which surrounds the toilet. Once she is clean, I place a towel on the floor before resting her on it. I go back into her bedroom and search through her clothes before finding something I am sure she will appreciate.

I was a good person…

I was a…






* * * * *

I start her a bath to start the evening off right. I let the water run, not letting it get too hot, making sure it isn’t too cool. I want it just right. Holding a few candles in my gloved hand, I light them with a lighter I found on Rhonda’s dresser. I place the candles strategically throughout the bathroom. I then go over to the bed, removing my mask before picking Rhonda off of the bed. I place her into the tub, gently, resting her head against the porcelain.. Since she is feeling rather “lifeless” I wash her body for her, using one of the rags she had resting on a wire rack which surrounds the toilet. Once she is clean, I place a towel on the floor before resting her on it. I go back into her bedroom and search through her clothes before finding something I am sure she will appreciate.

I lift her off of the floor, placing her back on the bed. I get her all dressed up before brushing her hair, making sure it looks neat and tidy. I then put on some lipstick, making sure her plump lips look appealing before applying eyeliner which makes her eyes look alive. I step back and take a look at her, drinking her in. It takes my breath away, “You look quite lovely tonight, my dear. I am glad you liked the dress I picked out for you. You do like it, don’t you?” I ask. I wait for her response and when I hear it, I can’t help but be absolutely delighted, “You do? Oh that is just terrific. Almost…” I say, my eyes now focusing on her breast, “As terrific as what is underneath…”

I begin looking through her desk drawers and I find a pair of scissors, which I use to make cuts in the dress, exposing her nakedness. I then use a camera that I brought along with me in a book bag, which I filled with things just in case I needed it. I begin to take photos to have for memories of the apple of my eye. I put Rhonda in different positions. She doesn’t seem to mind, hehe. After I finish with the photos, I place my camera back in the bag before going back downstairs with her dirty work clothes and the towels which I throw in the washer and the dryer. In between the washing and drying, I just rest on the bed beside Rhonda, “I have to go my sweet,” I say, sitting up on the bed now, slowly removing my mask. I lock eyes with her and I hold her gaze for what feels like an eternity just so she can see the real me, “This wasn’t personal, Rhonda. I am sure you were a good person, but this is life and in life, bad things happen to good people. You were easy. I wish you would have put up more of a fight. I like a challenge, which is something you probably should have learned about me in the beginning. Maybe next time…” I say before bursting out laughing. After I stop laughing, I run my gloved fingers over her face and the rest of her body, before bringing them back to her face where I close her eyes. I get off of the bed and stand in the doorway to her room. She looks so peaceful, I say to myself.

I then let out a sigh as I say, “Goodbye…”


October 29th, 2016

New York City, New York


“So what brings you here today, Abel?” Vaughn asks, looking slightly agitated at my presence. We are in his office and I am in his chair instead of James’ usual spot on Vaughn’s couch, “I have patients who actually made appointments and that want help.”

I laugh and slap my knee as I spin around in his chair a few times before stopping dead in front of him as we lock eyes, “But I am a patient, doc. I need help,” I say with another laugh.

Vaughn sighs, “What do you want, Abel? I would rather talk with James.”

This time I sigh and shake my head, before standing from my seat, “There is no James, doc. What ever glimmer there was is all but gone now.”

Vaughn takes his seat, “Is that so? What makes you so sure? If you don’t mind me asking of course, Abel.”

I turn and face him once more, a sly smirk on my face, “I don’t mind at all, doc. You know that I don’t have an issue with being open with you. James is no longer here, because he got rid of himself. And I am sure you are wondering what exactly it is that I mean by that, aren’t you?”” I pause as Vaughn simply nods his head. I nod my head, “I will gladly tell you. James and I found ourselves in a little game of Russian roulette. Whoever won got to be in the driver’s seat from now on.”

Vaughn nods slightly, “And you won?”

I crack a grin as I shake my head, “Oh no, James sacrificed himself, doc. He sacrificed himself for the greater good. It was a truly noble gesture. We shared the same brain and not even I saw it coming. I was blown away in all honesty.”

Vaughn removes his glasses, pinches the bridge of his nose and shakes his head, “I just don’t see James doing that. What greater good is it that you speak of, Abel? From what I remember…James was rather worried about you. He knew he was sick due to all of the voices in his head. Is this a greater good that only you believe in?”

I shrug my shoulders, “It is a greater good that James tried to believe in, yet he was too scared to do so. The boy turned out to be afraid of his own shadow, doc and it was rather sickening to watch. It had to end. James was dragging me down and I got tired of carrying him around while hanging onto his empty promises.”

Vaughn leans forward in his chair, “And what is this greater good? It must’ve been something that James didn’t agree with. James was a lot stronger than you’ve made him out to be.”

I shake my head, “Oh no, no, no…NO!” I shout, getting frustrated myself, because I knew James better than anyone else and I knew he was a coward, “James wasn’t strong. That is why he gave up so quick in our little game. And as far as what I mean by the greater good…Let’s just say that you will find out soon enough. Everyone will find out at some point.”

“Is that a threat, Abel?”

I shrug my shoulders once more as I head towards the door, “You can take it however you want, doc. I don’t care. I did what James only thought about doing. I did what James didn’t have the strength to do.”

“And how do you feel about that?”

I grin, “Liberated, doc. I feel alive. I feel excited for what will surely come.”

Vaughn and I lock eyes once more. I can see the concern in his as he asks, “And what is to come?”

My grin fades, “For me, freedom. For everyone else…the worst…” Silence falls upon us as the concern seems to intensify in his eyes. I then speak one last time before walking out of the office, “I am fulfilling James' destiny. You may not see it right now, but you and everyone else who knew James will see it before everything is all said and done."

"And what is James' destiny?"

Stepping out, I say, "You'll see..."

* * * * *

Allison Branch clicks on Yahoo and checks her email for what feels like the billionth time today. She lets out a sigh as she sees nothing new. Just some sort of chain letter her sister sends at least once a week. She shakes her head, “Deb…you need to get a job or find a different hobby…” She closes her internet browser and spins around in her chair to look at the file resting on top of her desk. It was one of her old cases. She opens it up and begins flipping through it, shaking her head along the way, “Why couldn’t you have made it a little more difficult than you actually did? It was almost too easy…”

And just then, her office door flies open. She looks up to find Darren looking at her, ecstatic, “Boss…”

Allison rolls her eyes and places her elbows on her desk, “Can you please knock, Darren? I don’t ask much. Just knock before entering.”

Darren nods, “Sorry, Allison but I didn’t think this could wait.”

She asks, “What do you mean?”

Darren’s perfect lips form a smile and Allison feels her temperature rise as he says, “We got a new case. They found a body. A boyfriend, or friend with benefits for the victim showed up at her house and found her in her…”

Allison cuts him off, “Don’t tell me anymore. I’ll have to see for myself. Do you have an address?” Darren nods his head, excitedly. Allison gets up from his desk, “Take me there…”

On the way out, Darren speaks, “Looks like you may have your challenge after all…” Allison says nothing but deep down, she hopes Darren is right.

* * * * *

“What are you thinking?” Alison hears her partner ask. They have been inside of Rhonda Holland’s home for close to an hour since the case landed on her desk. They are standing inside of her bedroom where her body rests, comfortably on her bed, and Alison can’t seem to look away, “Do you think this was a crime of passion? Maybe an ex-boyfriend or something? Maybe someone who was jealous of her boy toy, Phillip?”

“How many of these have you seen, Darren?” Alison asks, her eyes zoned in on Rhonda.

Darren shrugs his shoulders, “This isn’t my first rodeo if that is what you’re insinuating…”

Alison cuts him off, “If that is the case then you should know that it is best to stay quiet while investigating a crime scene. If you don’t like that then I suggest you please leave. Otherwise, shut up and just listen to me when I talk,” Alison commands, finally looking up at her partner, who seems bewildered at her comments, but says nothing. He just nods his head yes and presses his pen to his notepad. Alison smirks at herself and takes a moment to wallow in the feeling of complete and total control.

Alison then leans a little closer to Rhonda, staring at her face, covered in make-up as well as the condition of her body. She makes note of the clothes being cut or torn. She nods her head and begins to speak, “This wasn’t an act of jealously or a crime of passion. I believe that Rhonda didn’t know her attacker and if she did, they had only just met,” Alison says as she begins to walk around the bed, keeping her eyes on Rhonda, “Her attacker only became interested after seeing her. He just had to know her and everything about her….”

Before Alison could continue, an uniformed officer stepped into the room, “Excuse me Detective Branch…” Alison turns to him, slightly annoyed, “I just received a report that officers came to this location for Ms. Rhonda Holland a month or so ago due to the suspicion of a breaking and entering. She said that she found her lingerie on her bed when she came home and that she hadn’t laid it out herself. The officers found no sign of forced entry or anything, but they kept a look on the house. Never saw or found anything.”

Alison just nods, “Thank you officer,” He nods as well before walking out of the room. Alison then turns to the body once more and begins to speak again, “He came here, to find out more about her. He probably observed her from a distance, making little notes of her routines. He frightened her at first, just to see what it would be like. He left her be for awhile before deciding it was time to make his move…” Alison smirks and shakes her head.

“Boss???” Darren asks, looking at her, puzzled.

“I believe this was the attacker’s first kill. That he has never done this before. But he liked it.”

Darren shakes his head, “Then why brush her hair and make her look all pretty…?”

Alison calmly replies, “He is more than likely experimenting. And he wanted to make her in his image. Some killers tend to have this God complex where they are in control of their victims.”

“When you say experimenting…you believe her attacker will strike again?”

Alison doesn’t say anything at first. She is going over the idea in her mind over and over. She wants it to continue. She finally sighs as she says, “Yes…yes I do…”

* * * * *

“Oh…Rhonda…” I say, pressing my lips against the screen of my laptop, as a picture of her all dolled up is in full view. I lean back in my chair, and let out a sigh but not of relief. Of satisfaction and pleasure. I begin to flip through the pictures, giving Rhonda her own little personal folder and I feel my pants get a little tighter. I continue clicking as I begin to grope myself, touching myself ever so slightly, just to get myself into a groove.

And then I begin to imagine our night together as I close my eyes. I move my hand up and down, up and down, groaning with ecstasy. I see her naked once more, just as I do in the photos. I begin to relive the moment I saw her eyes grow wide as the tightening around her throat first arrives. I relieve her struggling and her gasping for air. I relive the moments she hit me, swinging wildly but weakly at my arms and chest, trying to break free as I am, but to no avail. I relive life slipping away, slipping over my arms and wrists, slipping right through my fingertips. I see the calm expression on her face as her body accepts what happened and then I release. I take a few gasps of air, feeling sensitive and euphoric. I catch my breath and lean back in my chair.

I smile.

And I begin to laughm feeling alive and free...feeling God-like, feeling on top of the world. Feeling like everything between James and I...it has all come full circle. I am fulfilling his destiny and I am just getting...started...




In life, there are things that can occur to any individual and it will leave a scar. It can be a scar that remains on the surface of the skin, or it can be burned within their memories. There is always a reminder either way. With the scar on the skin, it is easy and obvious as to what the reminder is. When it is ingrained within you, it is hard to tell what scars you. When those scars come to life it is because something triggers those scars. It brings those memories back to light and everything that happened to said individual is playing through their minds like a never ending movie, or a song on repeat.

Amy Chastaine tries to come off as a strong individual, someone who has overcome so much adversity in her life and it has shaped who she is. I can’t deny that Amy is strong when it comes to stepping into the ring. There are very few who would be considered better than her, but when you peel back those layers, who remove her mask and bring an end to her façade as I have, you will see that she isn’t as tough as she claims to be. She has her scars and it doesn’t take much to trigger the memories that resulted in those scars. I have seen this up close and personal, being in Amy’s presence. I have sensed her fear. I have tasted it. I know that it is real, even if she tries to deny it.

I know fear very well. I know it like the back of my hand. You see fear and scars…well, they’ve been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I have seen it in the eyes of my own mother. My father, he was a mean bastard who treated my mother like garbage. He beat her senseless just out of spite, just because she didn’t something he wanted when he wanted it. She walked around on eggshells when he was near. Even when she was away from him, she would try to stand tall and keep her head held high, but in the end, she was weak and she knew it. She caved to her weakness. The scars were too much for her to bear and they weighed her down. It was almost embarrassing for me to watch. It was a way of life that I wanted no part of. I didn’t want to turn out like her, but I have my scars. I had my weaknesses. Up until recently, I was struggling, trying to fight off the weight my scars held down on me. But I’ve been reborn. I feel stronger than ever. I have used my scars as my motivation, gathering strength which has resulted in the best year of my professional wrestling career. I have established in just a few months that I am a strong individual. That there is no façade when you look into my eyes. I wear no masks to cover up who I truly am. I suggest you do the same, Amy.

Because when you remove that mask, you will see yourself for what you truly are. And do you know what that is? You will always be a victim, Amy. That is instilled in you. Thanks to the wonderful world of the internet, I saw a speech you gave recently, talking about how you can find strength and that you don’t have to be a victim forever. But the truth is, you will always feel that way, no matter how many motivational speeches you give. No matter how many people stand up and support you for sharing your story. You can find strength but there will always be weakness, and in those weaknesses, you will realize that you have triggers. I mean, all I have to do is grab you and it takes you back into that dark period of your life where someone bullied you and hurt you.

And you and I will find ourselves in that ring, where I will put my hands on you. Are you going to fold or are you going to dig down deep and fight back. I would be willing to bet anything and I mean anything…that you will fold as soon as I grab and start to wear you down. You will feel weak and powerless, Amy. You will look to anyone and everyone for support and for strength. You will look to your new best friend, Syren but she will be too busy worrying about her SCW Championship match against Ace Marshall who will not come out to help you. He will be too busy messing around with tigers and avoiding Regan Street. Bree will be in the back either sulking over a loss or blowing Billy Boy Blake after squeaking out a win from earlier in the night. What about Kara? She is barely present when it comes to stepping into the ring. She is more present on Twitter than anything else, so what makes you think she will come out to help you?

Do you have someone to tell you that everything is going to be alright? I am sure your…beautiful…precious…children will tell you that you will do great, that you will do fine. That you are their biggest hero. All of that can and should motivate you, but it will be all for nothing. Your children haven’t seen what the world can do to someone, unless of course they saw you when you were losing a hard fought battle against a liquor bottle. What about the father of your children? Do you have a man in your life? If you do, do you think that they will come to save you? I know you like to think that you are strong, mentally and physically, and maybe you are…especially physically. But mentally, what happens if you do truly fold and you can’t recover? I am sure you don’t want to even think about that, but I hope you realize that it is can happen. You won’t even see it coming. You may think you’re prepared, but despite how the saying goes, you can’t truly be prepared for the worst, and you will experience the worst this Sunday.

That isn’t me trying to be threatening or intimidating, Amy. That isn’t me trying to sound more dangerous than I truly am. I know that I am a threat to you, that is why you challenged me to a fight. You are intimidated by me and you want to put me in my place. All of that is noble but a mistake, because I am much more dangerous than you believe me to be. You talk all big and bad, thinking you know me and what I am capable of, but Amy trust me when I say that you truly do not. What you’ve dealt with up to this point, has been nothing more than child’s play my sweet. I have been waiting for this moment for a very long, long time Amy and I am not going to let it slip away.

As you see things feel as if they have come full circle for me. I started out this year, losing to you. I came second in the Shot of Adrenaline tournament. People, you included, brushed me off like I was nothing, just sweeping me under the rug and not giving me a second thought. And then I came out of nowhere, winning Taking Hold of the Flame, an event I have never really performed quite well at. I went onto main event Rise to Greatness, competing for the SCW Championship, a title shot I should have had long before, a title shot you received before me. I stepped into the ring and I decimated Ace Marshall, a man that I have hated for quite some time. A hatred that pales nothing in comparison to the hatred I have for you. I became SCW Champion on the grandest stage of them all. That is an idea that no one ever imagined would be possible, except for yours truly.

I mean everyone called you the star of tomorrow. They said that you would regain the SCW title, and it was as if I was living in your shadow too, that I couldn’t outdo you in anything. I changed that perception. I changed everyone’s mind and shook the SCW down to its core. I have gone from not even being on anyone’s fucking radar to becoming the most talked about superstar this year. And now, here you and I are…in a match that didn’t have to be. You could have treated James…I mean me…hehe, a lot better instead of brushing him off like he wasn’t worth your time so you could go wrap your lips around some cock brought to you in part by Miller. But we all know the tragic ending to that story as you and the SCW are now Miller-Lite. Was that too much? Does that get under your skin as well, Amy? Is that a trigger? Good, I hope that it is. And you may call me a monster because of the things I say, but you should really look at yourself. You are the monster here. You treat people like shit and when it comes back on you, you are seen as the victim. Like I said, you will always be a victim, remember? But you are seen as a victim, yet if you really look at it, it seems the men in your life are driven to madness because you are nothing more than a cold hearted bitch who only cares about herself.

I mean why else would you get fucked up beyond all recognition without keeping your kids in mind? I mean, they look up to you so much, I am sure. You only care about yourself. That is why you have eaten up all of the attention you’ve received for the last few months. And by the way, you’re welcome. If it wasn’t for me, no one would really give a damn about you. They would be too busy asking what happened to the woman who came out of nowhere and took the land of supreme by storm, winning the SCW Championship. But the world is clamoring for you to be the one to take my head off and to put me in my place. And I am sure you are going to be coming for the victory, ready to make me black out once again. You are training really hard, probably as hard as you have ever trained before in your life. I am sure you thinking about my gifts and all of our backstage confrontations. I am sure the thought of me punching you square in the jaw is running through your mind, causing your blood to boil. You are chomping at the bit to put an end to James Evans and his reign of terror. You have probably pushed your body harder than you did for your championship matches against Regan Street and Syren.

And we both know that it will do some damage. You will get your shots in and inflict pain upon me, but I also know that the thought of me grabbing you by the throat. That is how this match will go my love. You will come out all head strong and ready to go. You will come out guns blazing, but in the end, I will grab you by the throat and nobody will stop me, just like last time. That cameraman wasn’t going to do a goddamn thing. He was getting footage to help with ratings. I stopped myself therefore I saved you haha. The fear you held in your eyes will return Sunday night, and you will freeze. You will struggle and pray someone comes. If anyone was going to save you, or try and stop me, they would have done it by now. Our cripple of a boss could have fired me but he saw our situation as compelling television. He doesn’t care about your well-being, nor anyone else’s. He is an even bigger monster than you are, haha. But don’t worry, once I show you why I’ve been one of the best wrestlers in this company, and the most talked about superstar of 2016, it will all be over, at least physically, between you and I. Even if you win, I won’t bother you anymore.

In saying that, just remember what I said, scars last forever. If you manage to beat me, you will never be the same after this. Our story will haunt your dreams. You will see me grabbing you. You will hear my voice in your thoughts as you close your eyes to sleep at night. When you hold your children, you would hold them a little tighter, because I am going to put you through more hell than you will ever encounter. The hell I speak of isn’t some gimmick like it was in VWA. Once this all said and done, you will realize that everything comes full circle. You spent most of your life as a victim. You picked up some strength, only to become a victim once more. It is like a disease without a cure, Amy. But I promise you, I will try my best to eradicate you, beating you within an inch of your life, so you spend the rest of your days in a vegetative state, and even then, you will regret the day you ever met me, you will forever be…under attack.

Scars remind us the past is real, Amy and I am going to make sure I leave you with a souvenir.

I love you my little victim.