July 23rd, 2016

Day Before Rise to Greatness

I bring my car to a halt, putting it in park then killing the engine. I stare out of my window, looking at the hotel to hold my daughters’ birthday party. Good ol’ William Mason rented out a room just for the party, at least from what I’ve gathered.. I know what awaits me up there. Thinking about it makes me smirk as Abel turns from looking outside the car to looking at me as he asks, “Why the smirk?”

I let out a chuckle and shake my head, “I know what’s going on up there. Ace is up there with my daughters. He is giggling with them and he is making them smile. I also know that Ace will talk to Katelyn about the video I sent him because Ace needs to be the center of attention at my daughters’ birthday party. He is that fucking selfish. I just wonder how much it pissed him off. I don’t think he is as cool and calm as he comes off when he appears at shows and when he cuts his little diatribes against me.”

Abel shrugs, “Do you think we’ve gotten under his skin?”

I nod, “I know that we have. Ace isn’t Ace. I broke him even he refuses to admit it. I told him all it would take is one bad day to really make him flip a switch. He is angry. He wants to hurt me. I bet he brought something with him to beat me over the head with. I am sure he is just itching to clobber me.”

Abel replies, “You seem happy with that result.”

My smirk fades, “I am…but,” My voice trails off as I lean forward and open the glove compartment. I reach inside and remove my own great equalizer should Ace get out of hand. Abel smiles and chuckles gleefully as I rest the .44 Magnum in my lap. I stare down at it, admiring the shiny silver barrel. I grab it and hold it up once more, feeling the weight, smiling at how much it feels like a cannon as well as the thought of sending a bullet through Ace’s fucking kneecap and watching him hobble around screaming like a dying cow, “I would be even happier using this. I want Ace to hurt me. It gives me even more reason to hurt him.”

Abel looks at the weapon in awe before leaning back in his seat, “I can appreciate you trying to murder Ace, especially if he attacks you, but we both know he isn’t going to do a goddamn thing. You broke him, James and whether that little shit admits it or not, he is afraid of you. He knows that you can hurt him without even touching him. If he attacks you, it will show just how far you’ve pushed him. The fact that he more than likely even considered hurting you here gives you an edge over him.”

I nod, “This whole time he has been shouting at the top of his lungs, making sure he makes it a point for everyone to know that I haven’t gotten inside of his head, that I can’t get inside of his head. That he doesn’t fear me. Ace is so full of shit and that will be exposed tomorrow night when I destroy him in front of millions. When I beat him mercilessly and when I take home the SCW World Heavyweight Championship.”

Abel then reaches over, his fingers grazing the barrel, “Well if you use this then that won’t happen. Now, trust me, I am all for maiming and butchering someone, especially a prick like Ace fucking Marshall. He deserves it more than anyone else, especially the fucking quack of a doctor you visit. But I think I’d rather see you destroy Ace in the middle of the ring. It would hurt him much more. Sure shooting him with that fucking hand cannon would scar him just as bad as a loss to you on the biggest stage of them all as you have so kindly put it, but I think losing to you would damage him mentally. Having that happen would give us continuous victory over him.”

Hearing that makes me smile a little bit as I turn and face Abel, “What do you mean by that exactly?”

Abel shrugs again, “You know what I’m talking about, James. Just think about it. It’ll come to you.”

I nod then turn and look straight ahead for a few moments, before finally speaking once more, “Ace now has the video. I am sure he is going to show Katelyn, who will cheer for him to destroy me tomorrow night. She is going to side with him just as she always has. And then, I am sure Ace will post that video online because he will do anything to piss me off or get under my skin. The only thing is that it won’t bother me. His son, little Ace, wanted me to record it. He wanted his piece of shit father to know how he feels. In the end, it will make Ace look more and more like the low life piece of shit that he is. Hell, I may be painted as a fucking hero. You know,” I turn and look at Abel, “I hope he does post it.”

“So how does losing to you effect Ace long term? What are your thoughts on that?”

I scoff, “I guarantee you that he will slowly start to go do the rabbit hole. He’s going to fill with rage. It may not boil over at first, but sooner or later it will and he will try to become a monster. Ace has shown he can survive off of toilet humor and bad comedy. He has shown he can get himself into shitty situations and somehow wiggle out of them unscathed for the most part. It will be because I drove him closer to the edge. I told him I was going to make him pay and that he needed to suffer. The suffering I have caused will lead to his demise,” As the words come out of my mouth, Abel and I share a laugh for a few moments before I look down at the gun with the laughter dying, “Seeing him become everything he made fun of me for being, calling me insane when he himself will become insane…that will be the most entertaining Ace has ever been. I can’t wait to watch it…”

I notice Abel’s eyes glance down at the gun, “So what are you going to do with that?”

I look down at it myself before locking eyes with Abel, “I am going to take it with me. I won’t shoot anyone. But if Ace does try to attack me, I will pistol whip his sorry ass. I won’t kill him. I’ll hurt him enough to know that it would be in his best interest to stay the fuck away from me…especially after I beat him tomorrow night,” Abel nods and then we look over at the hotel once again before we get out of the vehicle. I tuck the gun into the back of my pants, hiding it behind my shirt as we make our way into the hotel. Using the information Katelyn provided, I locate the party. I see quite a few faces such as Bree Lancaster and Mason. I hear Abel speak as he follows me, “That is such a waste. Mason is such a fucking dork. That Bree…she needs to be ravaged quite a few times. She needs someone to put a few scars on that perfect body and a few marks on that pretty face…” I can’t help but chuckle a bit, feeling in complete agreement, but my eyes are scanning the room, searching for Ace, preparing myself for an attack, but I don’t see him. The only thing I see is Katelyn charging towards me, anger filling her eyes and face.

I know why this is. Abel tells me, “We were right. Ace showed her the video,” I say nothing. I let Katelyn speak her piece. She mentions Ace’s son. She then mentions me sneaking into her apartment. This doesn’t sit well with me. I curse myself and Abel, because I thought we were careful. I look around and I see Katelyn’s boy toy Connor glaring at me. I feel the urge to walk over and blow a hole in his fucking chest. Abel urges me to do it because the little prick should mind his own goddamn business and he isn’t anyone special, he isn’t Ace, but I don’t do anything. I lock eyes with Katelyn as she tells me that she wishes Ace was the father to my children. That he isn’t a psycho dead beat like me.

Before I realize what is happening, Abel shoves my arm out and I grab Katelyn’s. She glares at me as I glare at her. Rage fills both of us. She looks like she wants to punch me in the face. I tell myself that she feels all tough because she’s overcome so much and that she has her friends around. I am not afraid of them. I could break her goddamn neck easily, not to mention I have my great equalizer if anyone wants to play the fucking hero. I look down at her, knowing how easily she can be manipulated so I pretend to be nervous. I want her to feel comfortable. I want everyone to feel like they are in control and that they have the odds stacked against me.

Abel whispers, “They are morons. They fail to realize you’ve always had the odds stacked against you yet you rose to the occasion more than once and trampled all over those odds.”

Katelyn tells me that I can give the girls their gifts and then I had to leave. I brush by her, glancing behind me to find everyone except Ace consoling her. I mutter to Abel, “Fucking pathetic. She is just as much an attention whore as Ace. I should come back and crack her fucking skull.”

Abel replies, “I wouldn’t object…”

I then reach my girls. Keira looks afraid of me as I reach out and touch her. Her skin runs as cold as ice. Before I can react, Kelly is wrapping her arms around, “Daddy…I’m so happy you’re here.”

I hug her back, “Daddy is happy to be here too. I love you guys so much. Keira…come give Daddy a hug…” I watch her eyes. She looks over at her idiot of a mother before looking back at me. I motion for her to come to me, which she does, slowly. I feel myself growing slightly annoyed, wanting to grab her and grip her close before whispering in her ear not to waste my fucking time but I don’t. I kiss her cheek before letting both of my girls go. I hand them their gifts before telling them that I have to go. As soon as the words come out of my mouth, Kelly throws her head back and begins to cry, “I’m sorry baby. Daddy doesn’t want to go…”

“Why do you have to leave?”

I turn and glare at Katelyn, but my glare transforms into a smirk, letting her know that Kelly prefers me over her before returning my attention back to my daughter, “Your mother doesn’t want me here, Kelly. I’m sorry. I want to stay. I want to watch you open presents and eat cake with you as well as your sisters.”

Kelly whines some more, “Please don’t go daddy…I don’t want you to go…”

I close my eyes and press my lips to her forehead, “I know, baby. I know. I will see you soon, okay. I love you both,” I say, kissing Keira once again, feeding off of her sudden fear of me. I then hug Kelly once more as she continues to sob, and I whisper, “Just remember Kelly…you’re Daddy’s favorite. I love you so much sweetheart,” I then break away from them and make my way out, away from the party. Along the way I do stop and look at Katelyn. I tell her that this isn’t over and that I will see my children. She glares at me, looking like she wants to smash my face in. A part of me wants her to try, just so I can show her that she isn’t as tough as she thinks she is. I hold her gaze for a few moments before turning and walking away. I walk while listening to Abel chuckle at the chaos my arrival caused, but the chuckling doesn’t last long as I feel a hand press down on my shoulder. I quickly spin around, my hand grabbing at the gun as I think it’s Ace finally making his presence felt, but to my surprise, it’s not Ace, but another face from my past…

…William Mason.

I smirk, “Billy Boy…Billy Bob…what are you calling yourself these days?”

Mason clears his throat, looking unamused, “What the hell was that all about, James?”

I chuckle, “Parent stuff, Billy. I wouldn’t concern myself with it if I were you. It’s between Katelyn and I. You’re one third of the equation, but this time you just don’t fit in.”

Mason turns and faces the party which seems to be slowly picking back up. I notice Abigail Lindsay consoling Kelly before Mason leans into my point of view, “Well, I am still part of it, James whether you like it or not. I don’t know what’s going on between you and Katelyn, and it is none of my business…” I go to speak but he smirks and cuts me off, “But if it has anything to do with those girls, “ Mason looks back at my children as well as his bastard child…at least that’s what I consider her, before locking eyes with me, “Then I will make it my business. Right now, I am being civil, but if anything happens to either of those girls then James you will have to deal with me.”

I let out a sigh, “Billy Bob Blake, I’ve been in the ring with you before. It took getting cracked in the back of the head with a beer bottle for you to be able to beat me. Back then, I was playing by the rules. Now, I play by my own. Now, trust me, I can appreciate you wanting to take up for the girls. I know you were there for them when I wasn’t and I appreciate that as well. What I don’t appreciate is you making threats. Like I said, I play by my own rules, which means I would have no problem putting you in a goddamn hospital. Now let’s leave it at that. Go back to the party and let me go in peace.”

Mason glares at me, “I am not threatening you, James. That is much more. It’s a promise. Those girls are my life. I love them with all that I have. Just remember that.”

I nod, “And you remember what I said,” With that, I nod at Mason before making my exit. Along the way, I feel irritated. Katelyn’s words ring in my ears, repeating over and over in my mind.

“Don’t let it bother you, James. Katelyn isn’t worth it,” I hear Abel say.

“It’s hard not to. It makes me want to cave in Ace’s skull that much more. I can’t stand that son of a bitch. He wouldn’t show his face. He knows I want to kill him. After hearing her say that, I may very have done so, Rise to Greatness or not,” I fire back as we enter the elevator. I take a few moments to compose myself while staring down at my feet before speaking once more, “We may have bigger issues.”

“Oh?” Abel asks.

“Her boyfriend…I am sure it was him…that faggot, Conner…he knows we were in her apartment, Abel. He saw us coming out. I thought you’d be more careful than that. I still can’t believe you went in there and crossed that line….”

Abel replies, “So what if he saw us? Fuck him, James. He’s not going to do anything. Katelyn isn’t going to do anything. And if by the off chance that they try to pull some shit, I will do what I have always done. I will protect you and I will keep you from harm. Together, you and I…we are ahead of the curb, James…” Just the elevator dings and the door opens. Abel speaks once more before we step off as he says, “Trust me…”


July 24th, 2016

Rise to Greatness

Locking in the Twinge, I look up and I see Abel standing next to Ace and I, shouting and cheering me on, “Kill that motherfucker, James. Remember all of that stupid shit he said about you. Remember how he fucked Katelyn behind your back. Remember how your daughters love him oh so fucking much. Kill him, James. Snap his goddamn neck,” I hear this and it causes me to squeeze tighter. I want to kill him. I would love to snap his neck and live in a world where a piece of shit like Ace Marshall no longer exists. I can’t stand him. I would love nothing more than to drive the heel of my boot over and over into his skull until skin splits, bones crack and cave, while blood squirts all over the place. I tell myself that I need to go ahead and do it. To end it all, not only for him but for me. I begin to squeeze tighter, feeling that at any moment, something will snap but then the referee calls for the bell. The crowd begins to boo, but I don’t stop. I continue maintaining the hold, waiting for that sweet sounding snap, but then the referee causes me to break the hold. I let Ace’s limp body fall to the side as I stand up.

The SCW World Heavyweight Championship is brought to me and I drape it over my shoulder. I look at the referee checking on Ace. I see Cassidy rush to his side. Abel tells me, “Run over there and stomp on her. Drive your foot right into the center of her back. One of those pieces of shit need to be paralyzed after all of their bullshit. They need to know that they are nothing more than wastes of space,” I say nothing. I peer out at the crowd, pleased with myself, soaking in their boos, the chorus of jeers, parading around with the SCW World Championship, showing them that their hero didn’t have it in him to stand tall. I maintain the smile on my face, knowing that the world hates me even more because I vanquished their hero. I embarrassed him, when they thought he would do it to me. But my smile fades when I realize that a tragedy took place and that tragedy is the fact that I let Ace live.

Abel walks up and pats me on the back. I turn my head toward him and we lock eyes, as he says, “Next time, champ…next time…” I then make my exit with Abel in tow. I walk through the curtain and into the backstage area. I standby, trying my best not to burst out laughing as I see EMTs checking on Ace. I hear rumblings that something may be broken. I see people, my so called co-workers looking at me with disdain, because I destroyed everyone’s favorite.

Abel says it while I think it, “Fuck Ace Marshall…”

I then walk to my locker room and step inside, closing the door behind me. I look down at the SCW World Championship. I close my eyes, bringing the belt to my face. I feel my lips press against it before opening my eyes and speaking, “Abel…I did it. After all of these years, after all of the bullshit and the politics…I did it. No one believed in me and now everyone hates the fact that I am the SCW Champion. It eats them up inside….”

Abel asks, “How do you feel about that?”

I throw my head back and I laugh. I laugh as hard as I can, with my sides feeling like they are about to split and my chest about to explode. I laugh because it feels so good. I tell myself that I need Merrick Wiseman in here to shout to the world that justice has truly been served. I finally stop laughing and I return my gaze to the belt. I smirk, “I deserve this. I told the world…I told Ace…that I was going to hurt him and I did that. He wanted to make me out to be a joke, yet he’s not fucking laughing now, is he?” Abel smirks as well and shakes his head no.

I sit down, pressing my back against my locker, letting the cold steel pierce my skin. I know that I am in a state of awe and disbelief. After a few moments pass, I look up at Abel and ask, “Should I have truly killed him? Should I have snapped his neck on live television? I wanted to, Abel. God knows I wanted to, but I didn’t.”

Abel takes a seat in front of me, “Why do you think that you didn’t?”

I shrug, “A part of me wanted him to live in a world where he knew he lost. That part of me also knew that Ace would have some bullshit to say like he didn’t lose to me.”

Abel asks, “And the other part?”

I nod, “The other part of me thought of my daughters, Kelly and Keira. They love Ace and I am sure that they were watching the show. Katelyn isn’t the best mother. She may think she is, but she is far from it. Kelly would probably still love me since she has grown far more attached to me than Keira. Keira fears me.”

“Why does she fear you?”

I lock eyes with Abel, “Because of you. You went into Katelyn’s apartment and you almost smothered my daughter. Keira saw it. That is the only thing I could guess. What were you thinking, Abel?”

He grins, “I only do what you truly want to do. You attacked those people because you can’t fucking stand other people. You went to Katelyn’s place because deep down you want to beat the shit out of her. You wanted to smother your girls because deep down you fucking resent them. Just as with tonight, had I been in control, I would have ended Ace Marshall’s miserable fucking existence.”

I close my eyes and let out a sigh, “I love my daughters, Abel.”

Abel lets out his own sigh, “James, I love you. You know that. I want what is best for you. You and I…we go way back so I am going to be honest with you. You don’t love those girls. You could care less about those girls. They are a burden on you. I know that you feel it every single time you are with them.”

I go to speak, but the more he talks, the more I sense it’s true. I exhale, “So I want to kill them? I want to kill Katelyn? What am I supposed to do? Go on some sort of murder spree?”

Abel chuckles then shrugs, “If that is what you want. I mean, why the hell not?”

We lock eyes, “Is that what I truly want?”

I climb to my feet, letting the SCW title rest against my side. Abel stands up as well and we stand nose to nose, “What do you think? Look deep inside yourself. Peel back the layers, break through the cage you have around your mind. Do that and all answers will be revealed.”

I shake my head, “Abel I am afraid.”

He rolls his eyes, “There is no reason to fear. You don’t have Kismet trying to run your life. You don’t have to worry about anything. Just close your eyes and think about it. We both know it is best for you…” He says. I close my eyes, trying to concentrate. Little by little, I have allowed my mind to open up over the last few months, but I also know that I am not opening all the way up. I am…no the human side of me, the side that wants to love and be caring…it is afraid of what is truly underneath it all.

With my eyes closed, I see me walking through the streets of New York, with a machine gun walking towards police cars are they rumble towards me. As I walk, my finger pressing the trigger, I look to my left and to my right. I see bodies riddled with bullet holes. I look as the cops come to a stop and charge out of their vehicles. I am being told to lay my weapon down. To get on my hands and knees. I watch as I mouth the words that this world owes me before I pull the trigger. The bullets collide with the cars as well as the men in blue trying to be heroes. I watch as limbs fly off and they scream in agony. I see myself standing above them, staring down into their eyes as they cough up blood, before their pupils widen and I hear their last breaths. I then open my eyes, finding myself back in my locker room with Abel standing before me.

I let out an exasperated breath, “Is that…is that what we want…”

Abel chuckles while shaking his head no, “No, my boy. That is what you…YOU…want. You want death and chaos. You hate this world. It disgusts you. All of these people, you see them as scum. And that is what they are. Scum. Insects. And they all deserve to die. Painfully. Tragically.”

Before I can respond, I hear my phone going off. I turn from Abel, wondering who it is. A part of me feels like it is going to be Katelyn to ask me what the hell is wrong with me. To tell me that the girls were crying their eyes out over what I did to Ace, but when I reach into my bag, I find that it isn’t Katelyn. It’s… “Kennedy…”

She says, “Keenie needs to see you honey…”

I turn to Abel who seems to nod in approval before responding, “Tell me where you are and I will be there shortly. I need to get a shower.”

Kennedy responds, “You can shower here. Just get here as soon as you can. Please…”

I shake my head, not liking being told what to do, “I will be there when I get there, Kennedy. Alright. Just tell me where you are,” She does and I tell her goodbye. I then turn and face Abel, “What about her? Is she scum?”

Abel replies, “They’re all scum, James. Ace, Kennedy, Amy, Katelyn…all of them…bitches.”

I look away, thinking about Kennedy. I think about how I have ridiculed her and how I have been a dick to her. I continue to think about how I feel that I am starting to generate feelings for her only for Abel to step in front of me, glaring as he pokes me in the center of my forehead, “What the hell was that for?”

He continues to glare, “You need to ignore any of those other little voices in your head. The voice that tells you care and to love. It doesn’t exist, James. It is you trying to keep hold of that little boy inside, who wants you to be nice when the world wasn’t nice to him at all. He is weak because he thinks that everything will be alright. You’ve been doing well, taking those necessary steps. Don’t relapse and give into that bullshit…”

I back away and shoot Abel a look, letting him know that I am agitated and pissed off, “What would you have me do? You want me to go over to Kennedy’s hotel and chop her up into little pieces? I won’t lie, Abel. I do like her. I have bashed her but she has been supportive recently.”

He looks at me concerned, “And you don’t question that? She moved onto Ace and she didn’t give a shit about you. All of a sudden, she cares. She wants to ride your cock until its raw? She wants to show up out of nowhere and shower you in hugs, kisses, and sex? I don’t understand why you wouldn’t question any of that, James.”

I fire back, “I do question it. I question everything. I question why I want to kiss her one moment then I want to break her neck like a twig the next. If you’re going to stand there and tell me that she is ruining me, then you need to save it. She isn’t ruining anything. She wanted me to come over right now. I didn’t let that shit slide. She isn’t going to control me, Abel and quite frankly, neither are you. You’ve shown me that I want to hurt people…”

He cuts me off, “You want to do much more than that James. You want to maim and kill. That little boy inside of you is just too afraid to let you do it. You’re smarter than you think.”

I cut him off this time, “Oh? Is that why that Connor fucker saw me leaving Katelyn’s apartment?”

“And I told you that I had it covered. We have a back up plan. Trust me, all will be revealed when we return to New York.”

I let out a sigh, “I do trust you, Abel. Sometimes I question that, but as you have demonstrated, you haven’t let me down before.”

Abel nods. I remove my shirt then turn and see my reflection in the mirror. I see the few scrapes and bruises, the results from my championship match. I tell myself that they were more than worth it. Abel stands behind me, “You need to stop worrying, James. Right now, you’re a champion. This is your night. You need to celebrate.”

I smirk, “How should I celebrate?”

“You need to test yourself.”

I look at him, curious, “Test myself how?”

Abel shrugs, “I don’t expect us to go out and start killing people. I don’t see you walking down the middle of the street shooting people. I wouldn’t want you to dive head first into it. Mistakes can be made. I do suggest you take baby steps. Test your limits.”

I smirk, liking the concept but I remind myself about Kennedy, “Not tonight, Abel.”

He rolls his eyes, “If not tonight, when?”

“Soon, Abel, very soon.”


An Hour Later

“Congratulations, honey,” Kennedy says as I step into her hotel room. I notice that her body has a number of bumps and bruises. I am not sure if it has anything to do with her match with Selena, though I am sure she earned a few of them from it. I follow her as she walks into the living room area of her five star suite.

“I appreciate it,” I say, looking at the SCW World title as it rests on my shoulder. I joke to myself that I am going to get too attached it. So attached that I may have to bring a gun or knife to work and just end the lives of those who want to take it from me. I tell myself that it would be nice to saw off Syren’s head and put it on a stake for all of the world to see. I shake the thought from my head, “I’m sorry for your loss. How are you holding up?”

Kennedy reaches over to the table standing in between us, picking up a glass of wine before she sits down, shaking her head, “This has not been the best of weeks for Keenie, honey.”

“You know you can beat Selena. Don’t let off of her until you get a rematch. Once you do that is when you can destroy her. I know you can do it. I’ve seen what you’re capable of when you put forth the effort. You can be a vicious bitch when you want to be. Not only in the ring, either. I have marks on my back to prove so,” I reply, a part of me hoping it gives her some comfort while the other part doesn’t care.

Kennedy sips some of her wine, “That Ice Bitch got lucky. Keenie had her…Motherfucker...Keenie had her. That damn helmet didn’t do what it was supposed to. Keenie will have to be prepared next time. Next time that Ice Bitch is going to melt. Keenie promises that,” I snicker and shake my head. Kennedy looks up at me and we lock eyes as she asks, “What’s so damn funny, honey? Keenie didn’t crack any jokes. Keenie isn’t Ace, honey.”

I nod, “Thank God for that. The only thing he cracked tonight were his ribs. I was hoping for his spine but like you said, maybe next time. But I was laughing at you because you think you need to be better prepared. You wore a fucking helmet to fight Selena Frost. Trust me, I hate her too and I would love to cripple her when I get her in the ring, but that helmet…it was a stupid idea.”

Kennedy glares at me, “Keenie doesn’t have stupid ideas, honey. Let’s get that fact straight real quick.”

I scoff and shake my head once more, “To me, that just shows that you think you’re weak. If you have to rely on some bullshit like that then what does that say about you? I could have gone that route and hurt Ace with a weapon while the referee wasn’t looking or something but I didn’t. I was going to hurt Ace one way or another. I went out there and showed that I am a dangerous son of a bitch. I showed Ace and all of those who kiss his ass that I wasn’t playing around. That I meant what I said. You need to stop with the kiddie games, Kennedy. You showed you had claws then you put them away. Keep them out and keep them sharp. Draw blood when you can and draw if often. It seems to work for me.”

After I finish speaking, Kennedy gets up off of the couch and wraps her arms around me, kissing me on both cheeks as well as my lips. I just go with the motions before she leans back, her arms around my neck as she says, “That may have been one of the nicest things you’ve ever said to me. It’s definitely a lot better than you saying I have dolphin teeth.”

I break away from her and nod my head a little while letting out a small chuckle, “Yeah well, I don’t always have a filter. I rarely have one in fact. But I am being serious, you need to be more aggressive. I am not talking about when you have Ethan and that bald headed fucking giant of yours with you…”

She looks at me, definitely not amused, “His name is Maximillian and Keenie likes having them around. They are very important to Keenie. I wouldn’t choose anyone over them.”

I step forward, “I’m not telling you to choose anyone over them except for yourself. I could care less if you choose them over me. It’s not like we’re official or anything, but you can get things done without them. I went out there and I beat the hell out of Ace and took this,” I say, taking a moment to look at the World title before returning my gaze to hers, “I didn’t need a chair or Red Rayne to get it done.”

Kennedy rolls her eyes at me, “Keenie doesn’t need to be violent. That works for you, not Keenie. Keenie is flawless.”

I close my eyes, trying my best not to be annoyed, “Yeah I get that but there is violence in all of us. It separates the strong and the weak. I don’t think you want to be weak, do you? I am fairly confident that you don’t want to walk around with bruises all the time, unless they’re from me but I don’t think I had anything to do with these. And I don’t think Selena gave them all to you. You’re not taking the whole concept of beating oneself up literally, are you?”

Kennedy looks down. The usual confidence fades from her face as she turns away from me, “It’s not important,” She returns to the couch, grabbing her glass of wine. I can tell something is bothering her. A part of me wants to ask, to pry into her business but then the other part of me just wants to leave it be. The part of me that wants her to acknowledge the fact that I am the SCW Champion, that I destroyed Ace Marshall. The part of me that feels annoyed she isn’t worshipping me for doing so.

“I don’t really believe that, Kennedy. You want to tell me what’s going on?” I ask, taking a seat across from her.

“There’s nothing to talk about,” She says, not looking at me as she finishes her wine. I watch as she pours herself another glass and takes a few gulps before turning to me, a forced smile on her face, “Want to get drunk with Keenie then fool around? After all, you are champion. You could fuck Keenie while wearing the SCW title. That would be flawless, honey.”

Before I can answer, she is sitting in my lap. Our lips are locked. Our tongues violently massaging one another. My hands grip her ass, squeezing tightly. So tight that my hands almost become fists, but there is a reason for that. I’m angry, though I’m not sure why. I push her off of me then stand to my feet, “No, Keenie…” As the words slip through my lips, it dawns on me why I’m angry. I remember when I had won the SCW Adrenaline title and I fucked Katelyn a few nights later while wearing the belt. The very thought of it makes me sick. It makes me want to find her and throw her sorry ass out of a twelve story window. I look down for a few moments, gathering myself before looking back at Kennedy.

“What the hell is wrong with you? I can’t believe you said no to Keenie…” She says, looking even more disappointed.

“Nothing is wrong with me. I…” I find myself at a loss of words. I close my eyes again, waiting for Abel to take over, but he doesn’t. I open my eyes, feeling alone, feeling vulnerable which is something that I hate, so I say the only thing that comes to mind, not knowing if there is truth to it or not, “I’d rather we hold off on all the physical shit to see if we have something more real than casual sex.”

Keenie sits on her knees, leaning back on the couch, “But you said we weren’t official, honey. Are you telling Keenie that you want more?”

I fight with all I have over the thought of being in an emotional relationship. I tell myself that I can say something now then go back on it later. Surely, Kennedy won’t notice, I think to myself before nodding at her and smiling, “Yeah…yeah that’s what I’m saying.”

A smile forms on her face. It doesn’t appear to be forced this time. Kennedy gets up from the couch and walks towards me, “Why didn’t you just tell Keenie, honey? Keenie would completely understand. But Keenie would love to get fucked stupid. It would make Keenie feel so much better,” She says, wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me, before biting down on my lip. Hard. I like it. She leans her head back. I feel a sting. I press my fingers to my lip and see blood. We lock eyes, “See…Keenie can be violent when she wants to be.”

I break away from her, putting my hand out to keep her at arms’ length, “Good. Save it for the ring…” I then turn and go to leave.

“Where are you going, honey?”

I don’t look at her as I open the door, nor when I find myself standing in the hallway as I reply, “I have to go, Kennedy. I will talk to you soon. Have a good night,” I say before closing the door behind me. I immediately make a B line towards the elevator. Abel is in hot pursuit. Without looking at him I ask, “What the hell just happened in there?”

Abel shakes his head, “You want to hurt her. Very, very bad, but you didn’t do anything because you want to protect her.”

Eyes forward, I feel confusion running through my body, “Why would want I to protect her?”

Abel rolls his eyes as we enter the elevator, “As it is with your kids…unfortunately…you care about her.”

The elevator door closes. I look down at my feet for a moment, “I don’t think I do.”

Abel fires back, “There is a part of you that does. It is that little boy inside your head, James. I am telling you. He’s going to be a fucking hindrance too. Just like that little bitch, Kismet, was. You need to put him to sleep before he becomes a bigger issue than he already is, James. I am just telling you.”

I say nothing. I rest against the back wall of the elevator and I look up. I ask myself if there truly was another voice in my head. And if there is, how many are there?


There is nothing but darkness, except for a small amount of light shining down in the center of the room. I step out from the darkness and into the light, my arms outstretched, with the SCW World Heavyweight Championship wrapped around my waist, on top of my shirt and jeans. I stare at the camera, imagining myself in the ring with the fans as well as the entire SCW locker room standing before me. I want them to see the World title around the waist of someone nobody believed would have it. A few moments pass and I lower my eyes, my eyes staring intensely into the camera,”Look at me…I said…LOOK AT ME….”I shout, with a grin forming on my face,”I am your SCW World Heavyweight Champion. In case it hasn’t sunk in yet, allow me to say it once more… I AM YOUR…SCW…WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT…CHAMPION…”

I unwrap the title from my waist and drape it over my shoulder before I continue to speak, “And on my first night as SCW World Champion, I got to see the aftermath of my match with Ace Marshall. Ace you think that I was too weak to break you in half? Well, I’m not sure its humanly possible to break someone in half, but if you want another round, I will damn sure try. Hopefully having drinks with Syren gave you both some sort of insight. Just as I hope that what almost happened gave you some insight as well Syren. Ace, Cassidy, and your beloved Rayvn…they all came to your aide stopping me from doing what I wanted…but then again…did they really? Think about that, Zoe. I also saw my ex, the mother of my children, the old sperm bank Katelyn Buehler running around talking to Ravyn, probably providing her some sort of warning about me. Look at her, thinking about others besides herself. That is too sweet, Katelyn. Everyone saw what I did to Ace at Rise to Greatness and everybody started to lose their fucking minds.”

“I mean, I get it. I nearly killed Ace Marshall, but I didn’t. I let him live. The SCW would crumble without having twelve year old boys trapped in the bodies of thirty to forty year old men running around. Ace Marshall is nothing more than a boy. His ego is too large to give anyone credit especially me. I beat him fair and square. I beat him cleanly in the center of the ring, yet he says I didn’t beat him. I just went farther than he did. He will praise Syren and kiss her ass, not because Ace is a good guy. But because Ace Marshall is a fucking chump pussy. I told him that I was going to hurt him and I proved that I was a man of my word at Rise to Greatness. I did what I had to do in order to win this…” I say, glancing at the SCW Championship and running my fingers over the name plate before returning my gaze to the camera, “Just as I will do whatever I have to do to keep it where it is. Syren can step up and get crippled. Ace Marshall can give it another shot and next time maybe I won’t stop until I break his neck or strangle him until there is no longer a breath in his body. Just as I will do whatever I have to in order to make sure David Miller doesn’t get the win over me at Breakdown.”

“David, I remember a time when you would brag about stepping into the ring against newly crowned champions and beating them in their first match as champion. The notable one was Jason Zero. I am not sure how many times he won the title only for you to soundly defeat him the next Breakdown after he became champ. You would do it and you would brag about it. You had every right to do so, David. I remember sitting at home watching you do things such as that, I would Watch. It. Happen… and then I would wonder to myself, what else could David Miller do? You were beating champions left and right, dominating main eventer after main eventer, but then I realized what you couldn’t do. You couldn’t become a main eventer yourself. You became champion, but even you have downplayed that, saying Jay Gold wasn’t into the match. That is your problem, David. You don’t give yourself enough credit. You show that the only thing you’ve truly assassinated has been your career and your image. You talk a strong game but then when it comes time to execute, you can’t pull the trigger unless you’re the target. I know it is easy to beat yourself up. I’ve done it for years, but I’ve evolved…unlike you.”

“You can talk about Hudson trained me and how my style is like his as well as yours. I know that you’ve thought that I’ve adapted to your style, but Miller, I have surpassed Josh Hudson in so many ways. Like I said, I’ve evolved. But this isn’t a matter of wrestling styles. I have evolved because I grew tired of feeling sorry for myself. I just go out and fight for what I want. I don’t get it handed to me. That is the Ace Marshall way. No, I go out and I fight. You and I are alike in that regard, but when it comes to getting it done, nine times out of ten, you’re the one walking home empty handed, adding another loss to your record. Hell, the only big win I believe you’ve earned was being able to wrap your arm around Amy Chastaine. And I am sure you will want to step foot into the ring against me to fight for her honor since she and I have had some choice words. I welcome it, David. I want you to be bloodthirsty. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I just don’t know if you can return to form, David. I find it hard to believe that you are the Assassin of old. When I see you in the ring and hear you open your mouth, I catch glimpses of the Assassin, but they quickly fade and that makes me ask myself one question,” I take a few steps closer to the camera, where only my face is in view, “I ask myself if you are truly committed to this sport, if you are truly committed to bettering yourself or if you want to fade away yourself. Do you think you can honestly answer that question, David?”

“Everyone tells you to let go of the past. You buy into it, but I don’t. I look to my past and it fuels me. It fueled me to tear through the Taking Hold of the Flame battle royal. It fueled me to destroy Ace Marshall at Rise to Greatness. You want to let it go. You want to burn things as a metaphor for you letting go, but those ashes crumble into dust and the dust soaks tops surfaces like icing on a cake. The past still remains. There will always be remnants of it. I have my scars and I have my demons. I know that you do too. You refuse to embrace them. I have embraced mine. They remind me of where I came from and what kind of person I have to be to thrive. I love it. I know who I am. I am not pushing forty and still struggling with my identity. I will leave that to you. Just as I will leave you to fear your past, just as you do, because you’re afraid of whom you truly are. You want to be the broken old man who feels sorry for himself instead of the cold blooded killer you once were. And I don’t mean outside of the ring, either. I applaud you for that because I mean…sometimes you just have to put someone in their place. I should have done that with Ace so I didn’t have to hear him run his stupid fucking mouth with his stupid and far from funny jabs. I am talking about the killer in the ring. The one that destroyed champions and main eventers. The one that earned the title of Star of Tomorrow. The one who could have easily became the SCW World Champion in no time and who could have made the Real Speed his bitch.”

“That is the David Miller I want to face, but something tells me it won’t happen. There was a glimpse of hope for you leading up to your World Festival match against Hudson. We will see if it continues. But you will need more than hope if you want to defeat me, David. I am not some punk kid who talks shit to you over social media. Sure I do it, but that is Twitter. This is the ring. I can actually hurt you and I will do so when that bell rings. I will show the world just low I will sink in order to hurt someone. That video recording of me and little Ace Jr, that was nothing. It did what I wanted it to. The young man wanted his piece of shit father to hear it and know he felt about things, so I provided Ace Jr. with a platform to do so. It got under Ace’s skin. Ace wanted to be the center of attention. He wanted to play victim and that is a role you will fill at Breakdown. Because I can’t stand you, David. I don’t like you. I am sure that feeling is reciprocated, but so be it. The entire locker room hates me except for maybe Rayne and Kennedy Street. The entire SCW universe hates me. Hell, I am sure the entire world finds me to be a piece of a shit and I’m okay with that. I could be God with the entire planet on fire and I wouldn’t piss on it to keep everyone from burning alive.”

“Just as there will be no one to save you, David. I told you I am going to hurt you. I am sure you knew coming into this that I would say that. Just as I know you will do something to sell yourself short. I know you’re a fighter. I know you can be dangerous. I also know that you’re afraid to be dangerous. You talk about it but no show it. I talk about it and put it on display. This is a match I wanted since I returned a few months ago, because I feel you want an ending. I feel you want to be crippled in that ring so you will never have the urge to return. I am willing to step up to the plate. You want a hero’s ending, David? I can be sure to write you a tragedy and send you off on a stretcher. This isn’t about Amy. This isn’t about Ace. This about you and me, as well as how bad I have wanted to beat you mercilessly. I am sure Syren will make mention of that when we get closer to Apocalypse. But David I am going to fight to make sure you don’t see that event. You will feel pain. It may not be anything new so I will get creative in the ways I decide to torture you. You will feel pain. You will hear gasps from the crowd. You will hear my laughter and then you will see nothing but…black…”As soon as I mouth the word, I cut the feed. I then take a step back and let out a deep breath, nodding my head as I look over at Abel as he steps out of the darkness. We lock eyes and I know that he sees that I am one hundred percent ready to face Miller, as well as take on the entire company as its undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.