June 28th, 2016

Houston, Texas

11:30 PM

I arrived at my hotel before tomorrow’s show less than a half hour ago. Once I was inside and checked in, I was told by the hotel clerk that I had a message waiting for me. I was given something inside of a red envelope. I immediately knew who it was. So did Abel…”Oh this is going to be an interesting night. I hope you’re not too tired from spending time with those brats and the jet lag.”

I thanked the clerk before stepping away, with Abel snooping over my shoulder as I opened the envelope. It was a letter, informing me that my most recent opponent had an answer for me and that she wanted to talk. Followed by an address. Signed, R. Rayne. I had the clerk have my bags taken up to my room before stating that I would be out for awhile. I took a cab and told the driver where I wanted to go. He seemed little a timid but I handed a few extra bills which I feel helped ease the tension.

And now I am standing here, on the outskirts of Laredo, Texas knocking on the door to the Texan home of one Daisy Lee, aka Red Rayne. After knocking, I take a few steps back, as Abel stands beside me, glee painted all over his face, “What the fuck are you smiling about, Abel?”

He shrugs, “Oh well you know…you’re going into the home of the woman you’ve fantasized about strangling to death. I mean, why wouldn’t I be happy? You have a perfect opportunity to make your dream a reality. That is always a good thing, am I right?”

I shake my head, “You have no idea what you’re talking about. Just because I’ve dreamt about it, doesn’t mean that I am going to do it. Especially not in her home. I have no fucking clue who else is inside with her. There could be people in the basement just waiting for her orders to attack and seize someone. She could be waiting to attack me then torture me.”

Abel gets close to me and places his head on my shoulder, “But we would like that. Wouldn’t we?”

I want to deny it but I know better, “Yes we would…” Just then the door opens and before me stands none other than Mr. D’s youngest daughter, Katya. She has been by Rayne’s side for months it seems. Rayne is using her to destroy the old gimp and while it isn’t my way of doing things, I have to admit that I enjoy watching her make Drachewych and his family squirm. Always brings a smile to my face, like the one I have right now as I say, “Hello, Katya. How are you this evening?”

She looks down and away before responding, “Good…”

Abel tells me to touch her but I say no. I remember what happened when Rayne saw me with my hands on little Katya. She threatened my life. I enjoyed it. Rayne intrigues me in ways that I cannot truly fathom at this point, “May I come in? I believe your mother is expecting me.”

Katya simply nods before pulling the door open a little further. I step inside and immediately look around me, scoping out my surroundings. I even look at Katya until she is in front of me, because Abel says, “You may be right so keep an eye out. You don’t want this little bitch jumping on your back and jabbing a needle into your neck. Next thing you’ll know is that you’re strapped down on some sort of table missing a limb or two.”

Katya looks at me before saying, “I will go get Mother…” I then watch as she heads upstairs. I stand in the entrance and look around the house. Not sure what to make of it but I don’t have enough to really process it as I hear a voice call out to me.

“Hello, Mr. Evans…I never thought I’d see the day,” I turn to find Mary Beth Mallory standing under an arch, which appears to lead into the living room. She smirks at me before extending her hand out. I walk towards her and take her hand, before pressing my lips to it. As my lips touch her flesh, I look up and our eyes lock, “Look at you. Such a gentleman.”

I release her hand and smirk, “Looks can be deceiving, Mary.”

Her hand grazes my cheek, “I am sure there is more to you than meets the eye, James. Much, much more. I’d love to find out just how much.”

Mary and I had an exchange over Twitter a few months back. I was drinking at the time and we exchanged a few sexual innuendos. She seemed challenging then just as she does now. The animal…or Abel, in my head wants me to turn her around, place her hands on the wall then fuck her where she stands, but I remind myself and Abel that I have more important issues to attend to, “Maybe one day you will have the pleasure, Mary.”

She flashes her teeth at me, giving a cat like grin, “Maybe. So tell me, why are you here? Coming to hurt my daughter?”

We lock eyes, “Not unless I have to.”

She cackles, “Oh I’d love to see that, Mr. Evans. The two of you…hmmm…the world wouldn’t know what to expect. I don’t know how I’d feel about it.”

“What does that mean, Mary?”

Mary shrugs, “I can’t let my daughter have all of the fun, now can I?” She says again, grazing my cheek once more as she cackles yet again. I laugh as well just for the fuck of it until I hear another voice, which causes the laughter to die down.

“Mother…leave Mr. Evans be,” I look up to see Rayne standing atop the stairs, her eyes fixated on me. Mary nods then pats me on the shoulders before returning into the living room area. Rayne and I look eyes as she smirks, “Come up, Mr. Evans. We have much to discuss.”

I say, “That we do…” Before I make my way upstairs. She stands before me in a black robe. Her tan muscular legs shine in the light of the house. She looks me up and down as I do her. She smiles before motioning for me to follow her which I do. Katya stands by, on the outside of the a room. I watch as Rayne leans down and whispers something into her ear, keeping her eyes locked with mine. Katya nods then walks down the hallway, disappearing around the corner. I follow Rayne into the room, where she closes the door and locks it.

“So, Mr. Evans…”

I stop her, “Please…call me James…”

She nods, “Yes, James…Welcome to my home. I’m glad you could make it on such short notice.”

I shrug, “Yeah about that…what is it that you want exactly? What couldn’t wait until we got to the arena tomorrow night?”

Rayne grins, showing that there was innocence within her one time, as it was with me. But behind that smile, our smiles, our innocence died a long time ago, “This something we needed to discuss before tomorrow night. You mentioned something last week about a truce. Do you remember?”

“Yes, I do. I said it after all. People call me crazy but I don’t forget. I wanted a truce for now. We have common enemies. Together we can break them down before ultimately putting them out of OUR misery. After we do that, we can fucking kill each for all I care.”

She grins once more, “I remember, James. And trust me, I wouldn’t want to kill you. At least not for awhile,” She says, eyeing me up and down once more.

Abel chimes in, “Oh James…look at her. Oh man, look at her! Those legs. Wrap those around your head so we can wear her like the crown that she is. So I can see what she looks like on the inside. What she tastes like…”

“Are you alright, James?” I blink a few times, doing my best to shut Abel up. It is hard to. She is an incredible specimen.

I grin, “More than alright, Red. No worries,” I run my hands over my face and through my beard, before grinning once more, “So why aren’t ready to kill me yet?”

She walks around the room before reaching a desk. She sits down on the desk, putting her things and calves on full display. I watch as she slowly slides her robe up a bit, exposing me to more of her flesh. We lock eyes and she flashes a devilish smile, “I haven’t really had fun with you…James…And I know you want to have fun with me. Don’t you?” She asks, as her smile fades behind her luscious red lips.

I take a few steps closer, “What sort of fun?”

“You know James…”

I shake my head, “Maybe I do. Maybe I don’t. I think we need to discuss business first before we talk about pleasure.”

She nods, “Alright, fair enough, Mr. Evans.”

I cut her off, “It’s James…”

She shoots me a stern look, “We are discussing business, remember? Now, Mr. Evans you have a match tomorrow night against Rachel Foxx. And you know I want to destroy her. She set up me. She needs to pay. I want her to suffer.”

I grin, “We are in agreement. I hate Rachel almost as much as I hate Ace. I’d love nothing more than see her in pain, screaming out in agony,” I close my eyes and picture locking Rachel in a submission and seeing the pain in her eyes as well as on her face as she struggles to break free, struggles to grab the ropes, her eyes frantically searching for a way out. It causes my grin to grow into a full smile as I open my eyes, “But something tells me that you have something else in mind.”

Rayne nods once more, “That would be correct, James. And I know you’re not one to take the easy way out. You have even said it yourself. You will always fight. You give it your all, but I am asking something differently of you for tomorrow night.”

I give a half ass smirk, “You want me to take it easy on Rachel? I am not as enthused about her anymore. I don’t see her as much of a threat as I once did. As I stated in my promo for this match, I think she’s gone soft. In a way, I feel insulted especially after all of the wars she and I have had. I wanted to pull an Ace and just no show, but I am not going to do that. I will show up and I will decimate the so called Suicide Queen.”

Rayne shrugs her shoulders before we lock eyes once more, “But why put so much effort into something that you could truly care less about? Why not save all of your energy for Ace? I know you will be looking to hurt him just as I am looking to harm Rachel.”

My half ass smirk fades some as I reply, “I will work with you so you can hurt Rachel. I have no problem with that. But I will have my match with her and I will leave her lying. As I said when I addressed Rachel, I’d leave you scraps.”

Rayne’s eyes light up fury as she slides off of the desk and stomps towards me. I tell myself to prepare for a fight but she stops just inches from me. She glares at me as I press my forehead against hers and she says, “I will not take scraps from you or anyone else. Rachel will suffer by my hand. Not yours. Not anyone other than me. Do you understand?”

I crack a toothy grin, “Oh I understand, Red…Fine. Why not come out with me tomorrow night when my match is up. Destroy Rachel but leave some for me. This is your fight, not mine. Mine is with Ace. We can send a message to both of them that when it comes to you and I…they will be nothing more than afterthoughts.”

Her glare fades, but our foreheads remain touching, “I like the sound of that James…”

“Oh, are we not talking business anymore, Red?”

“I think it’s settled,” She says.

“I like seeing you angry, Red. It’s quite the turn on,” I see, peering deep into her eyes, as she stares back into mine, “I’d like to sink my teeth into you.”

“It’s funny, isn’t it…” Rayne asks.

“What’s that?”

“You’ve probably fantasized about hurting me…and here we are…all alone. Neither of us doing anything to the other. Why do you think that is?”

Abel’s words run rampant in my mind, as I continue to stare deep into her eyes, “Take her James…take her now…” And this time, I listen. I quickly grab her by the ass and lift her up, walking towards the desk where I sit her down. By that time, one hand is grabbing my hair while the other is wrapped around my throat, just as her thighs are wrapped around my waist. I reach up and yank her hair back. She looks at me, smiling somewhat, letting me know that there is no pain in this.

Only pleasure.

I flash a grin as well, letting her know the same can be said for me. She then says, “Is this what you call pain, James? You’ll have to do better than that…”

I shake my head, “Oh no…I’m not trying to hurt you. No, no. I’m just having some fun,” I say before letting go of her ass and wrapping my free hand around her throat. We both begin to squeeze as we pull one another closer, feeling the warmth from the other’s mouth, our lips coming ever so close to touching. I want this. She wants this but neither of us will go for it. We quickly let go of one another push one another away.

We stand in silence, in awe of one another, holding excited smiles on our faces, like lion just aching to pounce on their prey until she says, “Good night to you, James. Thank you for coming by. I will see you tomorrow night.”

I take a few moments to gain my bearings and catch my breath, trying to calm myself down as I nod my head and respond, “Yeah. Thanks for having more over. I will see you tomorrow night,” I then turn and walk towards the door. I open it and go to step out before slowly turning and locking eyes with the so called Devil herself as I say, “Until next time, Red…”

She smiles and nods, “Oh yes, James…until next time…”

I then make my exit, telling myself that I guess I made a deal with the Devil. I chuckle at that, as Abel says, “James why did you stop?”

I shrug my shoulders as we make our way from the house, “She’s different.”

He looks at me confused, “How so?”

I shake my head, “There’s a connection. A mutual respect. Our paths will cross again and when they do, there will be no stopping. I think she and I both can agree on that,” I say as we continue walking into the night.


Rise to Greatness is drawing closer. Just a few more pit stops before then. It is a shame that is going to be coming to an end. I don’t think I can get enough of fucking with Ace Marshall. More importantly, I don’t think I can get enough of beating him up and causing him just a little bit of pain with each passing week.

This week will be different than the rest however. I won’t be attacking Ace from behind. I won’t resort to his moronic tricks with stuffed animals to attack him. He and I will be in the ring, boots laced up and ready to fight. For the first time, we will step into the ring in opposite corners. He will team with Rachel Foxx and I will team with Red Rayne. Am I happy about this? No, not really. I would have much rather waited for he and I to fight at Rise to Greatness, but the bookers are looking to cash in an otherwise lackluster road to the biggest show of the SCW’s calendar year.

Ace versus James Evans equals ratings. Ace eats it up, because he NEEDS the attention. I just enjoy watching his face eat my fist on a weekly basis. The SCW needs he and I. We are consistent. The hatred we have, it is real. That has been on display for quite sometime. It will be on display this week. Whatever pain I inflict upon Ace is of his own doing. He brought it upon himself. I warned him last week, but Ace will do what he does best. He will bury me and make me look inferior, only for me to go out and beat his ass before leaving him lying in the center of the ring. Unless he treats Rachel Foxx as he did me a few years ago, abandoning ship while his partner gets destroyed. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ace squirmed to the outside while Rayne and I take Foxx apart.

Oh Ace, so fucking heroic…


July 2nd, 2016

New York City, New York

I dream.

Kennedy is lying to me and I can’t look away. My eyes trace the outline of her body. I feel myself grow fond of the dip between her hip bone and ribcage. I want to sink my teeth into it. I gently slide over towards her. I see myself pressing my lips to that dip and I slowly glide my tongue over it, up and down, soft and slow. Her body moves a little bit as she lies down on her back. My lips and tongue meet her tight abdomen

I look up as I see her smiling a little bit, her eyes still closed.

I dream.

I move the front of her thong to the side, drinking in the warmth, but slowly gliding my tongue up and down, up and down, around and around in a circle. It doesn’t take long until I taste the wetness on my tongue. This excites me and motivates me to continue, so I do. I jerk her thong off and pull down her tank top before engulfing her breasts in my hands, gripping them while I continue to let my tongue due its duty. Her body begins to writhe and wiggle slow and steady at first. I feel myself getting bored by this so I squeeze tighter and lick harder and faster, causing her body to begin shaking. The more I do, the more violently she shakes. This excites me even more.

I pull myself up on top of her as she undoes my belt and pants. She smiles at me as she uses her pedicured toes to slide my pants and underwear off. Her hands grip my ass, digging her nails into the flesh a bit as I push myself in. I do it gently. I shove it in. She moans in ecstasy and a little bit of pain.





I repeat the motion, going harder and faster each time, falling in love with her pleasure as well as her pain as times goes on. I then roll over onto my back, pulling her on top. I reach up and grab her throat but tell myself to calm down. I move my hands from her throat to her hair, which I pull down as I thrust up. Her nails dig into my chest. I feel as they break skin, which results in me thrusting harder. Her moans grow into roars of pleasure and pain, to the point of being unbearable. When we come to that point, I pull her down. She slowly moves her hips and ass up and down, as if she is trying regain her bearings, as if she is trying to catch up with me. I place my hands on the sides of her face and lift her head up. We lock eyes, Keenie and I, and she smiles, “Honey…”

I smirk, “Is this what you wanted?”

Kennedy bites her lip but doesn’t say anything. I look into her eyes and read the message loud and clear. I sit up, flipping her onto her back, placing her legs over my shoulders. Our palms touch and our fingers interlock as I pound away in rapid secession. Her wetness increases as I feel it on my thighs and stomach. I look down and see my hands breaking away from hers before making their way towards her throat. I feel as they grip her throat and at first she seems fine as my grip tightens just a little bit. The dream continues with Kennedy’s face slowly getting red as my grip continues to tighten. Before I know it, she is slapping at my arms and hands, which causes me to let go.

I feel somewhat concerned at first, but that fades quickly as I am pulling her back up but bending her over. I glide myself in and grip her ass, starting off slow and steady before building up a hard and fast pace. I reach up and weave her hair into a ball in my hand as I violently pound away. She moans and groans, asking me to slow down.

She says, “Not so hard, honey…”

But this only annoys me so I choose to ignore it, by continuing to do what I want until I finally climax all over the small of her back. I push her away and fall down on my back. She looks over at me, slightly gasping for air, looking turned on and concerned at the same time. We look over at one another, both of us breathing heavily.

A smile curls up on her face.

Mine as well.

I am awake now. I look at my phone to discover that I had sent the message to Ace. I sit up in my bed and run my hands over my face. Kennedy is still here, still asleep. I get up and walk out of the bedroom, pulling my shirt off of the floor and sliding it back on. I shake my head, because I don’t remember taking it off at all. I step into the kitchen, glancing at my phone again, almost as if I am anticipating a response from Ace.

“He’ll respond, James. No worries,” I hear Abel say as I open the refrigerator door. I grab a bottled water and twist the cap, “Dehydrated? Must’ve had a long night…”

I turn him and look at Abel as he sits on the kitchen counter, “Nothing happened. You saw me. I was back and forth on sending the video to Ace. Other than that, nothing happened. I passed out and slept on the other side of the bed, far from Kennedy…” He smirks. I shake my head before looking at Abel once more, “So do you really think he’ll respond at all?”

Abel nods, “We both know that Ace acts like a tough guy, but underneath it all, he is nothing more than a child in a man’s body. It is killing him to be one upped by you. He wants to run off to his girlfriend and cry to her, because right now, he feels irrelevant.”

I turn away and smirk before taking a few gulps of water, “If he responds, I want him to call. I want to hear his voice. I want to know he is at his lowest. Hearing his voice will help me imagine how broken he is. He needs to be broken. That is one of the biggest goals I have wanted to accomplish since winning Taking Hold of the Flame.”

Abel and I share a chuckle, before he replies, “I’d have to say that you’re accomplishing that little by little, James. My good boy…”

And then Abel disappears. I hear humming. Sounds like it is coming from a female. I tell myself it is surely Kismet. She and Abel are like night and day. When one leaves, another appears, so I say, “You won’t believe this dream I had last night…”

And then I hear, “I can’t believe last night…” Coming from a voice that isn’t Kismet’s, “You were unbelievable, honey…” I look to find Kennedy standing in the doorway to the kitchen, wearing one of my silk buttoned down shirts.

I blink a few times, “What are you talking about?”

She throws her head back and laughs, “Oh honey, you’re hilarious. People need to get to know you better. You’re funny as hell.”

I close my eyes for a few moments, telling myself it was just a dream. Nothing more than a dream. Nothing happened, I repeat over and over in my head, before I hear Abel say, “I told you that you must’ve had a long night…” I open my eyes, realizing what happened. Just as it was when I thought I dreamed someone attacked a couple on the streets….just as I thought it was a dream when someone broke into Katelyn’s apartment…It was Abel, “Oh boy…James…you figured it out,” I hear him say, with a chuckle to follow.

Before I know it, Kennedy is standing in front of me, pressing her body against mine, wrapping her arms around my neck, “Kennedy…what are you talking about?”

She rolls her eyes this time, “Oh honey, don’t play coy with Keenie. You gave Keenie the best sex she’s ever had. You got very rough at times, but Keenie showed you that she could handle it. Keenie got it. You were testing Keenie to see how much she could take. Honey, Keenie can handle whatever you throw at her.”

I hear Abel snicker, “Or into you…”

I pull Kennedy’s hands away from my neck and push her back a bit before taking a few steps away from her, “I can’t believe this is happening. This shouldn’t have happened.”

Abel says, “What the fuck is wrong with you? You got laid. You did a number on her, James. She wants repeat business. Quit fucking this up. Don’t be such a pussy.”

Kismet walks into the kitchen. We lock eyes as she steps into the kitchen doorway, “I told you that you need to ignore him. He is going to run you then ruin you.”

Kennedy steps into my view, looking a little confused as well as irritated, “Seriously, honey what are you talking about? We had fun. We watched the movie. We slept together in more ways than one. Why are you being weird all of a sudden to Keenie?”

I look down at my feet. I am pissed. I am annoyed. I take a deep breath then look up at her, “I need you to leave, Kennedy. Now as in right now. Get your shit and go.”

There is a slight pause as our eyes remain locked. Kismet walks over and puts her hand on my shoulder. Abel walks around Kennedy admiring her but shaking his head at me. Kennedy breaks her eyes from mine for a few moments. She nods her head then looks back at me and boldly says, “Fuck you…” before she leaves the kitchen. I stand here, listening to her stomp in my apartment. I see her grab her things followed by, “Keenie is keeping this shirt…” And then I hear the door open then slam shut.

I let out a sigh as I hear Abel, “Are you seriously kidding me, James? Do you hate your manhood? Do you despise your cock and balls? I mean, you ruined things with Katelyn. Sure, she cheated on you but you could have kept her around as a fuck buddy. Do to her what she did to you. And now, you have that hottie running around her in nothing more than a dress shirt, yet you throw her out?”

I lock eyes with Abel, “I didn’t want anything to happen with her. She fucked Ace. I barely let her come into my apartment last night. She is lucky I didn’t toss her ass out on the sidewalk as soon as I laid eyes on her.”

Abel shrugs, “I did that to help you out…”

Hearing him say that makes me want to punt a puppy because it reminds me so much of Ace and his bullshit on Twitter, with him trying to give me pointers on getting laid. I step closer to Abel, grabbing him by the shirt collar, “You did that…IN SPITE OF ME!!!” I shout before shoving him back, “You went into Katelyn’s apartment. You took a picture of her ass. You sniffed her pussy. You walked into the room where my daughters sleep. You even contemplated smothering one of them. Who the fuck do you think you are?”

Abel looks at me then at Kismet then back at me, “I’m you, James,” He says, stepping towards me, his finger tapping the side of my head as he continues, “Remember? I am the side of you that wants to hate fuck Katelyn. I am the side of you that resents your kids because they seem to love that fucker Ace more than their own father. I am the side of you that wishes you had never met Katelyn. That your children had never been born…”

And then I do it. The rage fuels me and pumped into the veins pulsing my forearms as I bring my fist across the face of Abel. He drops to the floor. He holds his jaw, as Abel looks up at me, “I would never take back having my children. The only thing I would take back would be not being there for their birth. I care about them. I love them so fuck you…” I say before storming out of the kitchen. I go into my bedroom and begin to pace back and forth, until Kismet walks into the room. I turn to her, “How do I shut him up, Kismet? How do I stop him?”

Kismet shrugs, as she slowly walks towards me, “I don’t know but you’ve done it before, James. You turned us all off at one point. I am sure you can do it again. You can even turn me off if you really need to. I am to the point where I don’t think you need us.”

I blink a few times, feeling a slight sadness forming, “What do you mean by that?”

She shrugs again before taking a seat on the edge of the bed, “I feel like we are doing you more harm than good.”

I just look at her, not knowing what to say now. After a few moments, I walk over to her and wrap my arms around her. I tell her thank you. I tell her that I love her and that I always will.


I hate this match.

I really do.

I have been in wars with Rachel Foxx for the last three years. I have said all that I can really say about her. That is why when Red Rayne and I discussed what we’d like to call a truce, it was so easy to accept. I can’t stand you Rachel and I doubt that I ever will. You skate by, putting forth little effort unless something is truly on the line. That is when you care. That is when you actually give it your all and look what it has resulted in. You’ve held the Underground Championship on multiple occasions. You won the Women’s and Tag Team Championships. You even defeated me for the United States title years ago. But most importantly, you proved that you give a damn, you have it in you to win the SCW World Championship.

You went in and you defeated Syren. You managed to pull off the upset, letting the world know that you are still here and you still have what it takes. Yet, after winning the World title, you became complacent. All of that changed, Rachel. You were still here, but you were back to doing what you have made a career out of doing. Half assing everything that you do. Your reign as World Champion was one of those blink and you’ll miss it sort of scenarios. You gave it a good shot against Ace but fell short. After that, you did the same damn thing. It is rinse, cycle, and repeat with you. If it’s not then please tell me, Rachel…what are you doing with yourself?

I actually love when you give an effort, because it makes things more fun. When you give effort, I never know what is going to happen. But effort isn’t really a part of your vocabulary anymore it seems. That is why I agreed with Rayne to let her destroy you and leave you lying in the center of the ring. That is why I shrugged you off and pinned you, picking up the easy win. You’ve allowed yourself to go from being a threat to nothing more than a speck of dirt I can just brush off.

You’re no real queen, Rachel.

You’re a peasant.

You’re just like everyone else now. You’re no monster, yet you want to give me lessons. Go fuck yourself, Rachel. You are in no position to tell me how to do things or who to be. But then again, that is why you and Ace seem to get along so well. You both think you know it all when in the end, you know jack shit. You can call this rambling. You can call me a moron. Yet, you always end up lying on your back, eyes glazed over, staring up at the lights. In the beginning, our fights never ended like that, but as time has gone on, I’ve had your number and took you out. I don’t fight on Twitter. I do it where and when it counts.

I will do the same this week, Rachel, as I pick up another win over you, along side Red Rayne, your personal executioner. It will be a joy to watch her work when she tears you apart.

Just as I am going to do with you, Ace. And I am not telling you this because I want you to be afraid of me. That wouldn’t be as much fun and that’s what you’re all about, right?


You want things to be fun and while I would enjoy seeing you cower in fear of me, I know that I would grow bored of it quickly. I’d feel like what is the point. You know…sort of like how you’d feel about this business in the old days, champ.

I am going to hurt you, Ace this week when the opportunity presents itself. You know this yet you don’t really do anything to defend it. Just like in the parking lot last week. I stood toe to toe, face to face with you, and I locked you in a submission with the blink of an eye. You are not some oblivious bobble head. I know this, despite what you may seem to think. You just make yourself an easy target and I know you’re not like that.

It was FUN however when I had you locked in the hold and having you struggle to break free. You wiggled around but I still was able to control you. I told you what I wanted to say and then you got out of the hold but only because I let you. What did you do afterwards? Nothing. You just stood there. You want to leave it all in the ring, Ace? That is all well and good. That is why I hate this match. You and I don’t really need to be in a ring until Rise to Greatness. But even then, I like to take a little bit home with you. Each time I hurt you, I feel like I take something from you. I am not sure if it is pride or what, but taking from you always brings a smile to my face.

And we both know that I don’t smile much. I’m awkward and anti-social. You know this. You talk about all of the time. You can’t seem to stop talking about it. And I know that even after this week, when I leave you lying in the ring, motionless beside your partner, you will be thinking of things to say. You’re the talker. Always have been. But it is always a nice little incentive when I shut you up even if it is for a brief moment of time.

You have to take what you can get right?

You did that when Katelyn so freely opened her legs and mouth up for all of those years ago. You did that after jobbing to Harmony Fisher and getting gifted the chance to compete in a match to earn a shot at the title you covet now. Yes this was years ago, but you know not much has changed. You get handed things despite not actually earning them.

But what else is new?

Nothing really.

This week will be the same, with me kicking your ass. You’ve had such the memorable reign as champion, Ace. Be proud of yourself. You take punches and getting choked out like a true champ. Your son would be proud.

I know I am.