Violence In Vegas didn’t go too well for yours truly. I was on the wrong end of a German suplex through some cold hard steel and I took the pin while my tag team partner if you could call him that, walked away, waving me off. Jake Starr and I were not on the same page. We haven’t seen eye to eye since probably ever. That was our downfall in our match at the pay per view.

He bashed the fact that I have a working relationship with Kennedy Street. He bashed me, saying that I always drop the ball. I wanted to rip his damn head off instead of worrying about Gable or Autumn. And that is the problem with me. I don’t focus on what is more important. Jake Starr and our little feud isn’t important right now. Beating Gable and Autumn was more important. Yet when I eventually made my way to the back after the match, I looked down and saw my hands were empty.

I could have looked at things and stated that I was going to go after Jake, that I am going to destroy him, but that would be oh so typical. That would be cliché. Jake and I will cross paths sooner rather than later in the Shot of Adrenaline tournament. When that time comes, I will take care of him and pay him back the favor, before leaving him lying on the mat where I can wave him off as he has done me for so long. But before I get to that point, I have to focus on what is coming up. I am returning to the Shot of Adrenaline tournament for the third time, as I find myself being booked against Tyler Tucker.

I have been knocked down. I didn’t make it through the Number One Contenders tournament a few weeks ago. I didn’t win the End of the Year battle royal. I didn’t walk away as newly crowned Tag Team Champion. But just because I have been knocked down, doesn’t mean I am out of this thing. I am not going to quit and I will not stop until I get what I want. These losses have meaning. They are to show me that I still need to grow and develop, that I still have to get better before I can be known as the best and by best I mean the very best.

Tyler Tucker will prove to be a challenge I am sure. He is making a name for himself with Craig Thomas in the tag team ranks. I am not going to brush him off. I just have to show him I am hungrier and prove to him that at Breakdown, I will be the better man. I have to prove it and I have to show it. I am undefeated in this tournament thus far. I will be walking down to the ring looking to keep that record going. I’d take the time to wish Tyler luck, but I will be too busy thinking of ways to take him out, en route to getting myself back on track, getting back to my winning ways.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“So what’s the issue, Daniel?”

James Evans found himself sitting in the head office of the company he had sold to his best friend, Daniel. The company was Evans Inc. but it has since been renamed Evans Global. James wore a white button up with a blue sweater over it and some light blue jeans. Daniel stared at him through his brown framed glasses, sitting in his double XXL three piece suit.

Daniel Smith: “Evans Global isn’t quite the powerhouse it once was under the Evans Inc. name. I called you in because I wanted to bring you back on board so we can do what we originally planned to do.”

James Evans cracked a smirk and shook his head.

James Evans: “And what was that? Refresh my memory for me, please.”

Daniel Smith: “You came to me nearly a year ago, saying that you wanted to take this company to new heights, that you wanted to do things with this company that had never been done before.”

James Evans: “Oh yeah, I remember that now. It seems like such a lifetime ago, but as you know…I was diving deep into the criminal underworld, even when I was running this place. I was getting ready to start doing some gun running and shit. I haven’t the slightest clue as to how to run a legit business, Daniel. That is why I left it to you before I dragged you down with me to get rid of Sanders.”

Daniel Smith: “And I remember that. I didn’t want to get involved with the criminal stuff, but I did. I did it for you because you’re the only friend I have. So do me this solid. Help me turn this company around. Let’s try to be legit and make something of this place, just as you wanted to do almost a year ago.”

James ran his hands over his face and through his hair, letting out a sigh, as Daniel’s words resonated within him. James released a sigh and shook his head, before responding.

James Evans: “It would be nice to try something legit, Daniel. It really would…”

Daniel cut James off before he had time to finish.

Daniel Smith: “But…”

James Evans: “But I just don’t think I have it in me. I am kind of going through some phases in my life. I went to Vegas, got completely fucked up, slept with some random girl I had just met…you know the typical usual James Evans bullshit. The next day I made an ass out of myself while hungover. I am surprised I haven’t lost my fucking job with the SCW because of that shit.”

Daniel Smith: “Oh yeah, trust me. I saw it. It was all over the news and social media. You made headlines. I am pretty sure they had at least five articles posted up those wrestling websites I check out. I read that they took away your music too. They pretty much shit all over you. You should tell them to go fuck themselves and pay for your own entrance music. It’s not like you don’t have the money.”

James Evans: “You see that is the thing. My initial reaction was to walk out on the match to give the SCW a big middle finger, but I didn’t. Just like I didn’t go out with that girl a second time while in Vegas. She wanted to go out and party. I wasn’t up for it. I haven’t been up for a lot of shit anymore. Partying like I did left me feeling empty. That is how I’ve been feeling for quite some time now. I don’t want to come back to this place and fuck it up even more.”

The confession struck a chord within James. He felt a sharp stabbing pain in his chest. He knew it wasn’t a heart attack. It was just a pain he had felt off and on at various points in his life when he felt guilt, when he felt down and out.

Daniel Smith: “And I am sure you want to better yourself, am I right? The reason I’m asking is because I’ve heard you say this crap before. I have seen you go through this before. You go through this vicious cycle at least ten times a year, James.”

James couldn’t spew any sort of rebuttal. All he could do was nod his head.

James Evans: “Yeah…I know…”

James watched as Daniel stood from his chair. He watched how Daniel walked around the desk, a cocky arrogant sense beamed off of his best friend and it reminded James of a time when he was that confident in himself. It was a time that, as Daniel said, came in and out of James’ life. It was a feeling that James wanted back and he wanted to retain it for the rest of his life.

Daniel Smith: “Well James, I am here trying to give you a chance to redeem yourself. You get involved with this and you do well. You have it in you to take it higher. You do what you set out to do, I have no doubt that you’ll lose that feeling of emptiness. You will feel the return of your sense of pride, a sense of accomplishment.”

James smirked before pushing himself out of his seat.

James Evans: “You’re trying to fucking sell it to me, Daniel.”

Daniel smirked as well before nodding.

Daniel Smith: “Yeah well you know…”

James Evans: “I’m a fucking mess, Daniel. I may not always be a mess, but sooner or later that fucking mess returns. I am a ticking time bomb. I would be nothing more than a cancer to you, man and you know I’m telling the truth.”

Daniel Smith: “I think it’s true that you don’t have any confidence in yourself. You’re afraid of what you could accomplish. I have always seen potential in you. I saw it when we were at Community College together and even then you pissed all over it.”

Upon hearing Daniel’s comment, James’ smirk faded and his tone turned cold as he replied.

James Evans: “I remember that day. You told me that I wasn’t seeing my potential. You embarrassed me in front of people Daniel. I never forgot that. You were cold and that was one of the biggest reasons why I came to you to take over. I knew you could be a cold blooded bastard when you needed to be. But there was another reason I asked you to come aboard. Do you know what that reason was?”

Daniel shook his head no. James’ smirk returned for a brief moment.

James Evans: “I also brought you abroad because you ended up dropping out of school and working at a factory. You lost that job. I went off to college, sure I got kicked out, but I was still making money. I was making money before I knew I was working for my father. I ended up being successful. This company was just handed to me. I didn’t need it then nor do I need it now.”

Daniel Smith: “Yeah it was handed to you, but don’t lie to yourself. You need this place. The way I see it, you do need it. It was handed to you because you need to dig yourself out of the hole you let your father place you in. The hole you allowed your hands to bury you in. This is your chance to stand on your own, atop the highest peaks. And for as long as I have known you, that is something you’ve wanted to do. Something you’ve always wanted to do.”

James sighed, quite angrily.

James Evans: “Daniel, you’re my best friend but give me a break. You don’t really know me. I have been through shit that I’ve never told you about. What I’ve told you is just the tip of the iceberg so please…stop pretending like you fucking know what I want. Or what I need. I am not going to help you with this place. You’re a smart guy so I am sure you’ll be able to figure something out. I’m out.”

James then turned away and walked towards the office door, only to stop on his heels as he heard Daniel speak to him one last time.

Daniel Smith: “I do know you, James. I’m your best friend. And I know that you’ll be back here, ready to do what you set out to do.”

James locked eyes with Daniel, with his hand on the door handle.

James Evans: “Yeah…we’ll see…”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It was a few days later when James found himself in Beverly Hills. He wasn’t sure of what to think as he had made his way out to California by private jet so he could meet with Kennedy Street. They exchanged text messages shortly after James’ meeting with Daniel and decided it would be good to see one another Friday January 22nd. James was adamant because he didn’t know how Kennedy would react to hearing from him seeing how he had stood her up almost a week before Violence in Vegas. James did want to patch things up, or at least attempt to, as relationships and making things work had never been one of his strong suits.

James arrived at the restaurant and told the hostess he was there to meet someone under the last name “Street”. The hostess smiled and led James across the restaurant, away from everyone else before arriving at a table set for two people. It would be James but not the person he wanted to be there, not Kennedy Street.

James Evans: “What the hell are you doing here, Ethan?”

Ethan Von Aaron stared at James and smirked.

Ethan: “I was waiting for you big boy.”

James released a sigh before taking a seat across from Ethan.

James Evans: “Where’s Kennedy?”

Ethan leaned back in his seat as James kept his eyes locked with. The smirk remained on Ethan’s face as he gave his response.

Ethan: “Keenie had some things come up. Keenie is sorry she couldn’t make it to meet you, but Keenie believes that you understand that things happen.”

James shook his head before leaning forward in his seat, placing his arms on the table.

James Evans: “She stood me up, Ethan. You can just come out and say it.”

Ethan: “I could have but it wouldn’t have been as much fun. You were a meanie to Keenie and Keenie doesn’t have time for meanies.”

James Evans: “So she sends you instead of telling me to fuck off? She responded to my text messages and said she wanted to meet me, yet…here you are…”

Ethan smacked his lips and combed his hair back with his fingers.

Ethan: “Yep…here I am. Am I not good enough for you, Jamesy boy? If I actually cared, I would say that I’m hurt. But I’m not.”

James cracked a grin.

James Evans: “Oh trust me, I know. You only have eyes for Ace. Oh wait…I believe that would be your mother. Am I right?”

Ethan’s smirk faded which only made James’ smile grow wider.

Ethan: “You’re about to cross some fucking lines, James. Don’t mock me or my mother. Don’t mention Ace and my mother in the same sentence. Ever.”

James Evans: “But you just did. How does that work? So you’re telling me it’s okay for you to do it yet I can’t? That is about as fucked up as black guys being able to call white people crackers but we can’t call them…”

Ethan cut James off abruptly.

Ethan: “You’re being a meanie, James. This is why Keenie wants nothing to do with you now.”

James Evans: “Like I said…she could have just told me instead of wasting my time, Ethan. I would not have flown out here to see her if I had known she wanted nothing to do with me. It would have made it a lot easier if she had just been honest.”

Ethan: “Yeah maybe you’re right, but maybe Keenie also thinks you should have been honest with her. Did you ever think of that?”

James Evans: “What do you mean by that, Ethan?”

James watched as Ethan leaned forward, waiting for Ethan to say something along the lines of what James was already thinking.

Ethan: “You told Keenie you were coming to see her and then you didn’t. You didn’t tell her that you weren’t coming. Keenie actually waited for you. Keenie wasn’t happy when you stood her up. She was actually pretty upset. I know Keenie and I know Keenie has an interest in you. Well, she did until you fucked it up.”

James sighed and nodded in defeat.

James Evans: “Yeah, I could have done a lot. I could have done a lot with all of my relationships but I haven’t. I have an interest in Kennedy as well and just because I didn’t show up, that doesn’t mean my interest has waned. That’s why I tried to meet up with her today. I wanted to make it up to her, but she sent you to tell me she has stood me up.”

Ethan: “Well, at least she let you know. You didn’t even do that for Keenie.”

James then watched as Ethan pushed himself up from the table, keeping their eyes locked. Ethan scoffed at James, shaking his head in disappointment before turning and beginning to walk away. James sat there for a few moments, shaking his head before calling out after Ethan. Ethan stopped and slowly turned his head as James locked eyes with the man he has never really liked, the man he is tolerating because deep down he does like Kennedy.

Ethan: “Yes James?”

James Evans: “I want you to tell Kennedy something for me. Give me your word that you will.”

Ethan shrugged.

Ethan: “Yeah sure. I can’t promise Keenie will care, but I’ll tell her.”

James Evans: “Give me your word, Ethan.”

Ethan: “I give you my word, James. And unlike you, I am a man of my word. Now what would you like me to tell Keenie?”

James looked away, feeling disappointed in himself despite trying to mask it in front of Ethan. James cleared his throat before looking back up and responding.

James Evans: “Tell her I’m sorry. And before you ask Ethan, I do mean it. I meant it when I said to her over text message and I mean it now. You have my word on that.”

Ethan: “Yeah you need to rethink that, James. You say you’re a man of your word…”

Ethan began walking back towards James as he spoke. Ethan returned to the table, placing his palms down on top of it, as he continued.

Ethan: “But so far you haven’t lived up to your word. You haven’t taken care of Ducky yet as you said you would. She wants to be an even bigger meanie to Keenie and I don’t like that. You say you won’t let anything happen and that you’d be sure to hurt her. You haven’t done that. The only person you’ve hurt has been Keenie. So, whether or not, Keenie believes you is up in the air. But I will be sure to relay the message. But remember what I said…start living up to your word.”

James went to say something but stopped himself. Ethan shot James a smirk before turning and walking away, out of James’ view. James just sat there, placing his elbows on the table as he ran his hands over his face and through his hair, releasing a sigh. He looked around at other people who had been paying attention to his conversation with Ethan. James wanted to flip them off and tell them to go fuck themselves at first, but he didn’t. Taking his frustration out on them wouldn’t do anything to make him feel any better and James knew that. James also knew that Ethan was right even though it pained him to admit that.

He did need to live up to his word.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“So is this you crawling back?”

It was January 24th, 2016 on a snowy yet sunny Sunday in New York. James found himself in the living room of the house owned by his friend, Daniel Smith. Daniel entered the living room after James had been let inside by Daniel’s ex slash roommate, Miranda. James and Miranda never cared for one another so they were rarely in the same room together. Daniel was in a tank top and gym shorts while James was in a hoodie and jeans, looking like death warmed over.

Daniel Smith: “Man you look like hammered dog shit. I’m not sure if I want you to come abroad now. Jesus, you are rough to look at.”

James Evans: “We both know that I could look like shit but still look better than you, you fat fuck. And to answer your question, I am not crawling back, but…”

While James spoke, Daniel walked around to the other couch, opposite from where James sat, with a smile on his face. When James uttered the word “but”, the smile on Daniel’s face faded into a serious expression.

Daniel Smith: “But what…?”

James Evans: “I am back…”

Daniel looked at James who locked eyes with his best friend. James could tell Daniel was pleased. James wanted to admit to Daniel that he felt good about it too. James didn’t want to do it at first, but after remembering what Daniel had said in the office the other day, plus what Ethan said to him, James felt like reclaiming his position as the head of the company was a shot at retribution.

Daniel Smith: “But why the sudden change of heart?”

James Evans: “You called it. I would see the error of my ways and I’d come back.”

Daniel shook his head, letting James know that his friend didn’t buy what he was selling.

Daniel Smith: “Come on…James…it’s me. You know that you can’t shit a shitter and I can bullshit with the best of them. I learned from you back in the day. It seems you’ve lost your touch.”

James Evans: “I’ve lost touch with a lot of things, but as you said, opening this door could lead to a lot of things…maybe I’ll get in touch with shit again. It would sure as shit be nice if I’m just being honest.”

Daniel Smith: “So you will come in under me and we work together…”

James snapped his eyes up at Daniel and cut him off.

James Evans: “Oh no, no, no. Daniel, if I come back, I am not going to under anyone. I am going to come back and resume my previous position as owner. You can be my COO but that is it. You’ll be right hand man.”

Daniel locked eyes with James and looked more than annoyed, but James wasn’t going to budge.

Daniel Smith: “And where do you get the idea that you’re just going to be able to walk in and resume control? You signed the company over to me.”

James laughed.

James Evans: “You see, you said that I couldn’t shit a shitter, Daniel. When I signed the company over to you, it was a temporary deal. If you had read the fine print, you would have seen that. So I may not have lost as much of my touch as you thought.”

Daniel cracked a grin and began to laugh while shaking his head.

Daniel Smith: “You sneaky snake of a fucking bastard. I can’t believe you pulled that one over on me.”

James Evans: “So, do we have a deal, Daniel? I mean, trust me, I can come back whenever I want. I am trying to do this the right way as I don’t want there to be a power struggle big guy. I just didn’t want your fat ass getting any bigger for your britches.”

Daniel Smith: “You just let me believe I was in control…why the fuck would you do that?”

James Evans: “I just wanted to see what you could do. You’ve done well keeping the company afloat, but it could be better. Things could be a hell of a lot better. We both know that.”

Daniel didn’t respond. He lifted his glass, filled with scotch and ice, before taking a few gulps. He released a sigh and wiped his bottom lip.

Daniel Smith: “You have my balls in a vice, James. I don’t really have a choice. I wanted you to come back, but I didn’t expect it to be like this.”

James Evans: “We both know that when it comes to this sort of business, you have to have a killer instinct. I have that. You have it but you don’t use it. You fold a little too quickly just as you did just now. The two of us…we could make Evans Global the powerhouse that it could be, the one no one thinks that could be. Together, you and I could live up to what I have always wanted for this company. I can’t do it without you, and I won’t do it without you.”

Daniel Smith: “Yet I don’t have that killer instinct. I can’t see the fine print.”

James Evans: “You have it. You just don’t use it. There are things that I don’t see. I fuck up constantly Daniel. You made a believer out of me. You keep me grounded. You brought me back down to reality the other day in the office. I am not going to be able to lead this company without you by my side. You’ve always had my back, always calling me on my shit. I don’t have anyone else to do that.”

James grew silent and just watched Daniel as he took another gulp of his drink.

James Evans: “So you good with this?”

Daniel Smith: “And if I’m not…You’ll what? Fire me?”

James smirked.

James Evans: “I wouldn’t fire you. I would just tell you to get the fuck over it and we’d move forward either way. But I would rather know that you’re good with this so we don’t have to walk around on egg shells.”

Daniel finished off his drink.

Daniel Smith: “Since you put it that way…I’m sold.”

James smirked as the words made their exit from his friend’s mouth.

James Evans: “I am going to make you proud, Daniel. I am going to be a man of my word and we will take this place to new heights.”

Daniel Smith: “I know you can do it. It just depends on whether or not you think that you can do it. You don’t have to make a believer out of me.”

James Evans: “I’ll drink to that.”

James then stood up from the couch and walked over to the mini-bar across the living room and poured himself a drink. A scotch on the rocks. He then refilled Daniel’s glass before lifting his glass up. Daniel followed suit, despite lifting it up with a small ounce of hesitation that James picked up on right out of the gate. They locked eyes and nodded before pressing their lips to their glasses and letting the burning liquid flow over their tongues and down into their stomachs.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

James found himself sitting in the empty head office of Evans Global, a view of the city on each side of the building. James faced the storied and famed Fifth Avenue. He looked out at it as the sun began its descent and the lights of the city started to brighten and engulf New York. James smirked and nodded his head, telling himself that he was living in the land of opportunity and he had to make the most of it. James then slowly turned away from the window and looked at the camera as it rested upon its tripod. James grabbed the remote and held it in his hand as he told himself that despite his recent shortcomings, he still had opportunity knocking at the door in the land of the Supreme. Telling himself that removed the smirk from his face as he knew it was time to get down to business. He lifted the remote and pressed play, with the camcorder cutting on and focusing in on James as he began to speak.

“Before I address Tyler Tucker there are a few things I want to get off of my chest…”

James paused for a moment to get his thoughts in line before continuing to speak.

“At Violence in Vegas, I walked out to no entrance music. Those in charge chose to “punish” me for my behavior at the press conference as well as my constant change in theme. The powers that be in the SCW and I are of different opinions. And I am not going to budge. This company is a strong company. It grows stronger year after year. I don’t agree with a lot of what it does but I cannot deny how strong it is. Those things I don’t agree with are the petty things like theme music changes. I like music. I hear a song and I like it. I think it suits me so I change it. I am not going to apologize. This company can punish me for things like that, but I am not going to fold. I will stand firm in my resolve, so this little war between the SCW and I continues. I am still going to do my own thing just as the powers that be will do their own thing.”

“The war over the tag team championships took a turn. It was unexpected. I got pinned and lost the match while Jake Starr walked out on me, letting me take the fall. That is fine. I could sit here and talk about how I am going to go after Jake Starr and how I am going to do this and that, but I’m not. Jake Starr and I will cross paths within the Shot of Adrenaline tournament. When that time comes, I will deal with him. I will unload every ounce of hate I have for him and then leave him lying in the center of the ring.”

“I am sure that comes off as big talk for a man who hasn’t won a match recently. It may come off like big talk for someone who was pinned during the End of the Year battle royal, someone who got pinned and lost the opportunity to compete for the SCW title…the title he has been vying for since he arrived to the company…the same guy who got pinned after taking a German through a steel chair. Yeah, you may think that is big talk but this is also talk from someone who overcame the odds, beating Tommy Valentine, the same guy who defeated David Helms and Collin Cole in the same night. This is coming from a the wrestler who is undefeated in the Shot of Adrenaline tournament, with his last win coming by defeating the legendary CHBK in the center of the ring.”

James smirked at the camera as the thought of dropping the Heartbreaker with the Middle Finger to the Establishment entered his mind.

“Yeah I am that guy. Those wins came when I had my head in the game. I wasn’t just trying to keep up with people. I was doing my own thing, doing things my way. Those wins showed that I am a dangerous son of a bitch. I mean, I softened CHBK up for Trinity. I didn’t have to beat him like he was Jesus himself. I went into the match with a firm grasp of what needed to be done, of what I had to do. I have to make sure I do that from now on, otherwise, I will drop the ball in this tournament and I refuse to give Mr. Starr the satisfaction.”

“And I am not going to give you the satisfaction either, Tyler. You see, while you may not see it…I do. I know that you have it in you to do some damage, not only to me but to anyone and everyone else in this tournament. You come off like a guy who doesn’t believe in himself which sets you up for failure right out of the gate. But you see, I am not going to sell you short, Tyler. You seem to do that yourself. You have two wins in this thing just as I do. Your wins came off as disqualifications victories and you don’t want to win like that. I used to be like that Tyler. In fact, I would still prefer to pin my opponent or make them submit. And I know that won’t be an easy task when it comes to stepping in between the ropes with you, Tyler.”

“You come off unsure. You come off paranoid. You come off nervous. That can be a shortcoming, but it can also be something else. It is the quiet ones you have to look out for as I’ve been told before in my lifetime. I know of your past in amateur boxing. You did some damage then and I have no doubt you could do some now as I mentioned earlier. With your paranoid, quiet, and unsure exterior, makes me wonder about your interior. Something tells me that when pushed to your brink, I feel like you would showcase a lot more than you or anyone else, including me, knew you had. And Tyler, I am going to push you not only because I can, but because I think you need it. The way I see it, I want to be involved in a match where I not only feel like my opponent has to beat me, but that I have to beat them. That is how I see this match Tyler.

“Just as you have to beat me, I have to beat you.”

James’ smirk faded as he leaned forward in his office chair, as his face filled the camera lens. His mind filled with thoughts of having to take Tyler on, pushing him beyond his own limits, bringing out the best in him. James told himself that he wasn’t trying to give the people their money’s worth. He was trying to give himself more when it came to stepping into the ring.

“ I am sure you didn’t expect that, Tyler but to me, you don’t know what to expect. You are a scared little pup. I am going to make you a wolf, son. Running around with Craig and Stacy isn’t going to get you anywhere. You and Craig as Adrenaline Rush, you have done quite well. You’ve pulled off some big wins. You two managed to do something I’ve never done and that is pin Blitzkrieg. That guy is a fucking monster and the two of you overcame him. Nobody can knock you, but I can knock you for allowing the world to talk more about Craig than they do you. At Breakdown, the world will talk about you son and it will be because of me. I will have done you a favor. I won’t expect a thank you, Tyler. At least not right away.”

“What am I talking about? I have been in a group where I worked hard if not harder than those around me and yet they received all of the recognition. It sickens me when I see someone else allowing it to happen. You are that someone Tyler. I am going to open your eyes even if I have to beat them shut at first. I am going to make sure you understand that in order to survive in this game, you are going to have to be confident in yourself. You cannot be afraid. You have to be fearless. I fear nothing Tyler. I do not fear any opponent I face. I do not fear the consequences I will surely encounter for any of my behaviors, as well as what I am going to do to you. Use that boxing experience of yours. Hit me with your best shot. Use that speed of yours against me. Run circles around me, Tyler. Give me your best so I can bring out even more. I want a challenge Tyler. Lansing didn’t give me one. CHBK tried his best but I was better than him. You need to make yourself stand out, because people are more concerned with Craig Thomas. You deserve your chance in the spotlight and trust me you will get your fair share of it when I beat you from pillar to post before leaving you lying under the ceiling lights, a broken and battered mess. I know you’re a threat and I have to put an end to that threat before it gets to be too much. Tyler you have it in you to beat me, but I am not going to allow you to pull it off.”

“I can’t. I won’t.”

“Tomorrow, I will bring the best out in you. I will show you what you can be. And I will also remind the locker room…the world…just exactly what I am made of. You can bank on that.”

James’ face contorted into a stone cold expression, determination filled his eyes as he finished speaking. He stared at the camera for a few moments before leaning forward and cutting it off, leaving him to be nothing more than a silhouette in the lights of the city outside of his office window.